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Simon vs. Fear (2018) Online

Simon vs. Fear (2018) Online
Original Title :
Simon vs. Fear
Genre :
Movie / Documentary
Year :
Directror :
Georgi Tenev
Cast :
Vesela Babinova,Penko Gospodinov,Anastasiya Lutova
Writer :
Georgi Tenev,Georgi Tenev
Type :
Time :
1h 19min
Rating :
Simon vs. Fear (2018) Online

It wasn't done before, it is for the first time that we open these particular files from the archives of Communist State Security. There is a video tape enclosed. In 1989 Simon Varsano was interrogated before the camera. Shot in the legs, freshly undergone complicated surgery, he is lying on a bed in a guarded police hospital. And he answered the questions of the interrogator, a State Security officer. The accusation was that the young photographer Varsano has written on the walls. Subject of writings: slogans against the communist totalitarian leader. Tool: "Salamander" shoe polish. It was on the eve of the big political transition. The communist regime in Bulgaria fell in a coup "inside" in the party. Revolution without gunshots. The only person shed blood was Simon Varsano - Recently Simon saved a drowning man and said that he had slept like a baby after that. He admitted the only time he had felt like this was after having written on the walls. What should a man do nowadays to ...
Credited cast:
Vesela Babinova Vesela Babinova - (voice)
Penko Gospodinov Penko Gospodinov - (voice)
Anastasiya Lutova Anastasiya Lutova - (voice)
Simon Varsano Simon Varsano - Himself
Anani Yavashev Anani Yavashev - (voice)