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Vuxna människor (1999) Online

Vuxna människor (1999) Online
Original Title :
Vuxna människor
Genre :
Movie / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Felix Herngren,Fredrik Lindström
Cast :
Felix Herngren,Karin Bjurström,Cecilia Ljung
Writer :
Fredrik Lindström
Type :
Time :
1h 31min
Rating :
Vuxna människor (1999) Online

Frank leads a respectable yuppie life working at a noted Stockholm law firm. He has also been married for eight years to his beautiful wife Nenne, who runs an upscale boutique. Yet Frank is deeply bored with his life and is supremely randy. He even fantasizes about the marriage counselor that he and Nenne visit weekly. Eventually, Frank shacks up with a young fetching art student named Sofia, though the experience wracks Frank with guilt. Meanwhile, Nenne's friend and co-worker Rosie suspects that Frank is having an affair, though she does not have the nerve to tell her. Little does Rosie suspect, however, that her friend is sleeping with her lover Georg, an uptight journalist with an ego the size of Finland. Soon wires get crossed, and all hell breaks loose.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Felix Herngren Felix Herngren - Frank Philgren
Karin Bjurström Karin Bjurström - Nenne Philgren
Cecilia Ljung Cecilia Ljung - Rosie
Mikael Persbrandt Mikael Persbrandt - Georg
Källa Bie Källa Bie - Sofia
Fredrik Lindström Fredrik Lindström - Markus
Alvin Nyström Alvin Nyström - Robin
Magnus Härenstam Magnus Härenstam - Frank's boss
Annakarin Johansson Annakarin Johansson - Babysitter
Ann-Sofie Rase Ann-Sofie Rase - Therapist No. 1
Ulf Björnbom Ulf Björnbom - Older Client
Anders Eriksson Anders Eriksson - Younger Client
Isidor Torkar Isidor Torkar - Realtor
Sanna Krepper Sanna Krepper - Receptionist (as Sanna Nygren)
Karolina Tengstrand Karolina Tengstrand - Girl on Subway Train

When Sofia calls Frank on his cell phone at home, she really does call him, from the other room.

User reviews



This is a very funny movie! I have no idea whether it translates well into other languages or not. However, I do think men all over the world can identify with "Frank" and his thoughts to some extent! These thoughts are hugely entertaining and women will also enjoy this movie I'm sure!

All cast members perform well, and this film could have been a tremendous hit all over the world if it was made in England or the US. But for those of you who are fortunate enough to understand Swedish, you are in for a treat!

Highly recommended.


This sharply-scripted debut comedy comes off largely by virtue of writers-directors-actors Fredrik Lindström and Felix Herngrens' remarkable ability to create funny situations and hugely likeable characters.

Felix Herngren plays Frank, a bored 30-year-old lawyer whose life crisis prompts him to an affair with a young art student he meets at his eccentric friend's (Fredrik Lindström) art gallery. Frank's wife on the other hand falls for the suave journalist Georg played by Mikael Persbrandt.

Through a consistent use of voice-overs blending Frank's sexual fantasies, obsessions and guilty conscience we follow his search of an eventful, unpredictable new life.

Cecilia Ljung is particularly good as Nenne's increasingly worried best friend Rosie, Persbrandt hilarious as her unfaithful husband and Härenstam brilliant as Frank's prim , dry boss. But the film belongs to the excellent Felix Herngren, funny and moving in an apt and well-written part.

One of the best Swedish comedies in recent years.


This is truly the greatest Swedish movie of all time. Not only is it revolutionary in its narration, but its also among the first movies to feature the next generation of Swedish humor and Swedish comedians. Felix Herngren and Fredrik Lindström are two of the most intelligent and witty filmmakers in Sweden today, and this film really puts that on display.

"Vuxna människor" (Adult People) is a warm-hearted and hilarious story about adulthood, and the question if we wouldn´t be better off without it.


This is a wonderful film... First impressions of cynicism and crassness are soon dissipated by a fun loving display of how men and women's baser motivations diverge (Vive la difference !)

You can love people despite and sometimes because of their weaknesses. Human beings are a bit rubbish really, but we have big hearts and we try our best, despite temptation. It's not our fault when sometimes temptation can't be resisted, that's just who we are.

There is a consistent stylishness from start to finish; crisp photography and sharp composition, very pleasant viewing when you add provocative content, well suited music and laugh out loud scripting.

Watch out for the very young "lone wise voice"... brilliant; wisdom from innocence balancing comedy from the human condition.


For me this is a story that starts with some funny jokes regarding Franks fanatasies when he is travelling with a staircase and when he is sitting in business meetings... The problem is that when you have been watching this movie for an hour you will see the same fantasies/funny situations again and again and again. It is to predictable. It is more done as a TV story where you can go away and come back without missing anything.

I like Felix Herngren as Frank but that is not enough even when it is a comedy it has to have more variations and some kind of message to it's audience....


I like this movie, because I can see myself in many scenes, like when you see a girl on the street, and wonder how it would be... First when I saw it was a Swedish movie, I was a bit sceptic, because many Swedish movies are strange and boring, not all of them of course! But I really recommend it!