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Cheyenne The Outlander (1955–1963) Online

Cheyenne The Outlander (1955–1963) Online
Original Title :
The Outlander
Genre :
TV Episode / Western
Year :
Directror :
Richard L. Bare
Cast :
Clint Walker,Doris Dowling,Onslow Stevens
Writer :
R. Wright Campbell,Douglas Heyes
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Cheyenne The Outlander (1955–1963) Online

Cheyenne arrives at the town Paradise Springs. The sign at the edge town says it is a town of friendly people. He stops at a hotel/bar for a meal. As he finishes his meal three men enter to confront him. They inform him he should move on before night fall. When Cheyenne returns to the stable to check on his horse, the same three men knock him out and haul him out of town in a wagon. The next day he returns to see who they are. They work at a ranch owned by the wealthiest man in the area who developed the town and area. Cheyenne confronts the leader of the three men George MacDonald resulting in a fight Cheyenne loses when the ranch hands grab him. The owner Judge Dana Culver has Cheyenne arrested and presides over his trial the next day. A lost case for Cheyenne turns around when the newspaper editor confirms Cheyenne's story. Culver hires Cheyenne who is looking for work and now wants to figure out what is going on. McDonald and his two buddies are under arrest but they escape after ...
Episode complete credited cast:
Clint Walker Clint Walker - Cheyenne Bodie
Doris Dowling Doris Dowling - Cora Culver
Onslow Stevens Onslow Stevens - Judge Dana Culver
Leo Gordon Leo Gordon - George MacDonald
Jack Pepper Jack Pepper - Whiskey
Dub Taylor Dub Taylor - Hoyt (as Dubb Taylor)
Thomas Browne Henry Thomas Browne Henry - Editor John (as Tom Brown Henry)

Clint Walker and his adversary in this show[The Outlander (#1.5)], Leo Gordon, later appeared together as adversary's also in the 1966 film 'The Night of the Grizzly'.

Clint Walker does not take his shirt off in this episode.

User reviews



Thats what the sign read as Cheyenne Bodie headed into town looking for work. Stopping off at the saloon to get a square meal after a hard day's ride, he was kinda surprised to be told to move on by a ranch foreman by the name of MacDonald backed up by his ranch hands.

MacDonald, played menacingly to good effect by screen heavy LEO GORDON, does not convince our hero to hit the trail and later corners Cheyenne in the Livery stable. Outnumbered, Bodie succumbs to the flying fists of his adversaries.

So I guess it seems that Prairie Springs is not so friendly after all, but you can't keep a good man down and this just strengthens Cheyenne's resolve to find out what gives and to pay Macdonald back in kind.

From this point on the story begins to unfold, and the reason for MacDonald wanting to keep Bodie away becomes only too clear!!! An enjoyable oater, but what has Cheyenne done with his sidekick Smitty, he does not appear in this episode?