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Maclovia (1948) Online

Maclovia (1948) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Drama / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Emilio Fernández
Cast :
María Félix,Pedro Armendáriz,Carlos López Moctezuma
Writer :
Emilio Fernández,Luis Marquez
Type :
Time :
1h 45min
Rating :
Maclovia (1948) Online

On a small Mexican island dwells a group of Indians who live in the traditional manner and who disdain outsiders. The beautiful Maclovia and the poverty-stricken Jose Maria are in love, but her father refuses to allow their marriage, or even any communication between them, due to Jose Maria's lack of means. The young man strives to educate himself and earn enough to purchase his own fishing boat in order to win her father's favor. At the same time, a batallion of soldiers is posted there, and the brutal sergeant develops eyes for Maclovia. The conflicts come to a head on the Night of the Dead.
Complete credited cast:
María Félix María Félix - Maclovia
Pedro Armendáriz Pedro Armendáriz - José María
Carlos López Moctezuma Carlos López Moctezuma - Sgt. Genovevo de la Garza
Columba Domínguez Columba Domínguez - Sara
Arturo Soto Rangel Arturo Soto Rangel - Don Justo, maestro
Miguel Inclán Miguel Inclán - Tata Macario
Eduardo Arozamena Eduardo Arozamena - Cabo Mendoza
José Morcillo José Morcillo - Don Jerónimo, sacerdote
Roberto Cañedo Roberto Cañedo - Teniente Ocampo

User reviews



Certainly one of the most romantic films of the classic period, with full-bodied performances, charming detail, and glowing photography. The famed native Mexican director "El Indio" presents archetypal characters and situations without descending into melodrama, very similar in style to John Ford or Jean Renoir (particularly in the use of dramatic long shots and strikingly lit close-ups). Although he portrays the Indians as unspoiled and noble, he is not afraid to critique their own prejudices, as well as present both villainous and sympathetic white Mexicans.


Emilio Fernández was one of the best directors of Mexican classical cinema, Maclovia is a masterpiece of art work; but, i wonder?... and the cinematography?...Patzcuaro's Lake is one of the most beautiful places in México...I'm Michoacano, so was a great honor for us: Mr. Fernández was making the film, taking to the world the magnificent charming of this piece of land and water that is Patzcuaro Lake and his islands: Yunuen, Janitzio, La Pacanda y Uranden, and the famous fishermen with his "canoas" and the characteristic butterfly web. Maclovia take on a strong drama, the passion, the love and the jealousy of a poor men, for his pretty and young woman.


Maclovia presents a paradox of human nature. The authority that is supposed to impose the law brings chaos and injustice, and an action that represents compassionate and selfless sacrifice is punishable by death. Emilio Fernandez, one of the best directors not only of Mexican cinema but of the whole world, presents a web of human evil with a background of enormous beauty,the Lake of Patzcuaro and the Island of Janitzio. Ironicaly, Maclovia's beauty (Maria Felix) is also a curse since it inflames the crudest passions of Sgt. Genovevo de la Garza, magnificently represented by Carlos Lope Moctezuma. Jose Maria (Pedro Armendariz) represents an opposing force, and he attempts to educate himself in an effort to deserve the beauty and purity of Maclovia,but the presence of evil remains incomprehensible.