» » W817 Episode #5.17 (1999–2003)

W817 Episode #5.17 (1999–2003) Online

W817 Episode #5.17 (1999–2003) Online
Original Title :
Episode #5.17
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy / Drama
Year :
Cast :
Kadèr Gürbüz,Britt van der Borght,Kalina Malehounova
Writer :
Steve De Wilde,Bram Renders
Type :
TV Episode
Rating :
W817 Episode #5.17 (1999–2003) Online

Akke made a love-tester. Kim wants to try it out en it seems she's for 99% Akke's perfect woman. Akke is immediately totally in love with her, but it freaks her out. How can she convince him they don't belong together? Steve's boss doesn't like Steve's new song at all. He has only one chance left, or he will get fired. Carlo says he is the new music wonder. Steve thinks he totally can't sing, but Carlo is persistent. Zoe thinks she's a great psychologist. Tom wants to put it to the test and arranges a patient for her.
Episode cast overview:
Kadèr Gürbüz Kadèr Gürbüz - Birgit Baukens
Britt van der Borght Britt van der Borght - Zoë Zonderland
Kalina Malehounova Kalina Malehounova - Kim De Hert
Govert Deploige Govert Deploige - Steve Mertens
Danny Timmermans Danny Timmermans - Tom Derijcke
Aron Wade Aron Wade - Akke Impens
Jenne Decleir Jenne Decleir - Carlo Stadeus
Robert De La Haye Robert De La Haye - Producer (as Robert de la Haye)
Jorgen Cassiers Jorgen Cassiers - Bert Vermeersch
Mieke Laureys Mieke Laureys - Vampirella
Jeron Amin Dewulf Jeron Amin Dewulf - Johan