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The Girls on the Beach (1965) Online

The Girls on the Beach (1965) Online
Original Title :
The Girls on the Beach
Genre :
Movie / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
William Witney
Cast :
Noreen Corcoran,Martin West,Linda Marshall
Writer :
Sam Locke
Type :
Time :
1h 20min
Rating :
The Girls on the Beach (1965) Online

The girls of Alpha Beta need to raise $10,000 in two weeks to save the sorority house. Among their schemes to raise the funds are a beauty contest, a newspaper puzzle, and a baking contest. But when three guys hit the beach with love on their minds, bragging that they know the Beatles, the girls plan a concert with the Fab Four as the main attraction.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Noreen Corcoran Noreen Corcoran - Selma
Martin West Martin West - Duke
Linda Marshall Linda Marshall - Cynthia
Steven Rogers Steven Rogers - Brian
Ahna Capri Ahna Capri - Arlene (as Anna Capri)
Aron Kincaid Aron Kincaid - Wayne
Nancy Spry Nancy Spry - Betty
Sheila Bromley Sheila Bromley - Mrs. Winters
Lana Wood Lana Wood - Bonnie
Mary Mitchel Mary Mitchel - Emily
Gail Gilmore Gail Gilmore - Georgia (as Gale Gerber)
Peter Brooks Peter Brooks - Stu Rankin
Lori Saunders Lori Saunders - Patricia Johnson (as Linda Saunders)
The Crickets The Crickets - Themselves
The Beach Boys The Beach Boys - Themselves

Lesley Gore says she filmed all her scenes very quickly, but unfortunately had unknowingly contracted Rubella (German measles) before arriving on the set. She later infected most of the crew members.

In 1966, Paramount Pictures distributed this film on a double bill with Young Fury (1965) starring Rory Calhoun and Virginia Mayo.

User reviews



This inoffensive little film, made as a clone of AIP's beach-party films, is less affected than some entries in the official series and is notable for being told from the female's point of view for a change.

The plot is forgettable fluff, but the film features more beautiful actresses on one beach than AIP could ever muster. The cast includes several familiar faces from television, including a grown-up Noreen Corcoran (from "Bachelor Father") and Lori Saunders (here billed as Linda Saunders and soon bound for "Petticoat Junction").

Music fans are also in for a treat: the film features the most extensive Beach Boys performance in any feature film, as well as appearances by Lesley Gore and the post-Buddy Holly Crickets.


Forget those AIP Hollywood Beach movies with Annette and her girl friends wearing those Mother Hubbard swimsuits along with Frankie Avalon who somehow never came across as a true hodad, try as he might.

Trust a major studio like Paramount Pictures (yeah, go figure) to deliver a teen beach movie that rocks. Not only does this movie deliver less swimsuit per girl per frame, but the music scores as well.

Featuring The Beach Boys during their initial crest atop the surf/custom car sound (complete with a handsome,tanned and confident Brian Wilson at the helm), they provide the theme song as well as a casual lip-sync to their breezy 'Little Honda' lifting this movie genre beyond the usual Hollywood Tin Pan Alley vs.America's teenagers.

Lesley Gore(the perfect singing role model in handling teen angst) captures the mood of this movie which clearly represents the feminine point of view through a group of bubbly, buxom girls who need to raise money for their sorority. Sure, familiar plot but it glides past the viewer like the swirl on Noreen Corcoran's bottled blond bouffant styled hair. No longer John Forsythe's niece to his 'Uncle Bentley', Noreen fills her role as a California college cutie in this flick as well as she fills her bikini. Not to be outdone, Lori Saunders(credited as Linda Saunders,soon to be the prim and proper Bobbie Jo Bradly on 'Petticoat Junction')delivers a bumpin' bikini belly dance in a beauty contest judged by a group of hot and bothered middle-aged men. Well, no wonder those poor judges are working up a sweat, wearing dark suits and ties on the beach. Anyway, that scene is worth its weight in woodies.

Add the constantly peeved Dick Miller performing yeoman duty as a bartender at the beach hangout and Sonny Curtis revving up the house band(the original 'Crickets'no less),well, you won't find any gremmies on this stretch of sand.

Surf's Up!


Sorority beach babes in Balboa, CA have to raise $10,000 to save their order, eventually resorting to desperate measures such as entering a cooking contest, a beauty contest and trying to get The Beatles to perform at the local hot spot. Charmingly dim-witted surf-sand-&-sexy girls opus, obviously a knock-off of the "Beach Party" cycle--and better produced--but not as charismatic. The flick spotlights a bevy of energetic ladies, guest stars The Beach Boys and also Lesley Gore (it's unclear if Gore is visiting royalty or if she's just one of the gals). Though it isn't fresh, it is noodle-headed fun given a fast pace and a good soundtrack. ** from ****


There have been some good comments on the film The Girls On The Beach. Some have been quite critical, and that is sad. Fans of AIP(American International Pictures) will surely love this film. Following the format Paramount gave AIP the ultimate compliment. Yes, much slicker than AIP, just as corn ball, this is an innocent teen movie of the time. Those who may be interested should also take the approach as the studio did. You went to see this movie for the music,good looking people, and the acting really didn't matter much. I have seen this movie available on DVD, a bit steep for one disc at $29.00 new, or VHS for $25.00. A rare movie indeed, and certainly about life and music of the 1960's generation surely to bring a smile.


Girls on the Beach is one of the most satisfying films of its genre. A beautifully realized screenplay of straight-to-the-point dialogue and acting that borders on Kabuki theatre. And of course there's the great songs of Leslie Gore and The Beach Boys. The ending is pure magic realism.


I saw this one recently on AMC and all I can say is this: If you can wade through the insipid plot, even by Beach Movie standards, and worse acting, you'll actually get some pretty good performances by the Beach Boys, Leslie Gore, and the original Crickets, Buddy Holly's backup group. Alas, you have to put up with the one to get at the other. Musically, I give "Girls on the Beach" a 10, otherwise one half of one! It's hard to believe a major studio like Paramount could have gone the AIP route with this one.


This movie is a must-see for the Beach Boys at the top of their early form and for Lesley Gore. It doesn't have the fantasy elements of the Eric Von Zipper movies, but being from a female point of view wins points. Especially lovely are the beach beauties, and watch for the sister of Natalie Wood, Lana. They don't come sweeter!


I don't know where you grew up but NY, PA and OH: Yes, girls had boufants and ratted hairdos, boys had short hair and sport coats in 1965. In fact in 1968, there was only one guy with long hair (over ears) in my whole school. Unfortunately, we didn't have any surfboarding either in suburban NY. Lame movie... good soundtrack.


American International Pictures wasn't the only studio that tried to cash in on the short-lived "beach movie" semi-craze. To this film's credit it does not exactly follow the formula of AIP's pictures. But the result isn't much different--or much better.

It's ironic that the plot revolves around the (completely absent) Beatles, since that group and the others in the "British invasion" of 1964 pretty much killed off the scene depicted in this movie. Practically before it got rolling the beach movie was old hat and dead as a genre.

This may be the only beach movie to actually feature the Beach Boys, whose musical influence permeates all of the films of this type. The title song is not one of their better numbers but it does reflect their sound at a time when Brian Wilson was in complete creative control. More effective are Wilson's ballad "The Lonely Sea" and "Little Honda." During the latter song's performance it's amusing to watch Dennis Wilson, the noted hedonist, who is mightily distracted by the nearby dancing girls. As far as the other musical names in the film go, I never much cared for Lesley Gore and the Crickets without Buddy Holly are just...the Crickets.


This is not only a very bad "beach party" type movie, it attempts to cash in on the Beatles craze at the same time in the plotline. Silly, gyrating girls in swimsuits think they are going to raise money by getting Beatles to play at their benefit held at the beach. This was 1965 folks, teens were not wearing bouffant, ratted hairdos anymore, the clothing was outdated (high heels and a demure frock? - I think not). The girls are silly and prudish (except for their gyrating when they dance) and the boys are typical on the make studs in sports jackets, short haircuts- this is not 1965. Only bright spot is Lesley Gore's singing. This movie is too awful to even be considered good camp.