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Pentatonix: On My Way Home (2015) Online

Pentatonix: On My Way Home (2015) Online
Original Title :
Pentatonix: On My Way Home
Genre :
Movie / Documentary / Music
Year :
Directror :
Devin Chanda,Matt Mitchenor
Cast :
Pentatonix,Danny Graham,Mitch Grassi
Type :
Time :
1h 30min
Rating :
Pentatonix: On My Way Home (2015) Online

Grammy Award-winners and platinum selling artists Pentatonix are bringing their concert documentary On My Way Home to their fans to see. The documentary follows the group on their 2015 sold out North American tour. Since bursting out onto the scene in 2011, Pentatonix has sold more than 2 million albums in the U.S. amassed nearly 1 billion views on their YouTube channel with more than 8.1 million subscribers. Their last holiday album - That's Christmas To Me - sold more than 1.1million copies in the U.S., becoming one of the only four acts to release a platinum album in 2014.
Credited cast:
Pentatonix Pentatonix - Themselves
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Danny Graham Danny Graham - Himself - Live Producer
Mitch Grassi Mitch Grassi - Himself
Scott Hoying Scott Hoying - Himself
Avi Kaplan Avi Kaplan - Himself
Kirstin Maldonado Kirstin Maldonado - Herself (as Kirstie Maldonado)
Kevin Olusola Kevin Olusola - Himself

On My Way Home is actually a Pentatonix original song

User reviews

generation of new

generation of new

I am a big fan of Pentatonix and I have seen pretty much all of their stuff (interviews, performances, music videos, etc.). I also follow them all on social media and I see that ALL of them think very highly of each other. But I saw a review on here, by a user named sarah-927-728242, that suggested that the band members (other than Mitch and Scott) aren't tight and that Mitch and Scott hate Kevin who only wants to be friends with them. Are you serious? I don't know what could make you think that because Mitch, Scott, and Kevin are great friends. If you follow them on social media or have seen other interviews and such, you would see that Kevin, Scott, and Mitch are great friends and constantly hanging out with each other. Scott and Kevin are usually seen joking together and acting like best friends! It is clear that if you think there is strife within the group you haven't seen all of the stuff that I have and haven't followed them closely. I just hope that bad reviews from cynical fans won't deter you from watching this documentary and liking Pentatonix.


I am shocked reading two rude comments below.

I like this documentary, I am such a big fan of their work and I think watching this documentary made me know them better. I love how funny Avi really is in real life and how close he is to Esther. I love how close Scomiche is. and I love how they appreciate us fans so much.

can we talk about how great Standing By is? the first time I ever listened to that song I was amazed and almost in tears, and when I know how meaningful this song is to them, I like it even more. I sing this song to my baby almost everyday and it seems to calm him down every time.

hats off to PTX, you are much bigger than you ever dreamed. and you will only getting bigger.


hello, another fan from Indonesia here.

I don't get why people can write such rude review here. I think the documentary is really fun and easy to watch, I like how they show us what happened behind, after, and before the concert.

I like how they communicate to each other and how close they become. I laughed my ass off when Avi was about to enter Mario's room and asked "hi my name is Avi, is anyone naked?" LOL

If you like to watch this, you may want to watch their Ptxvlogs on Youtube too. you get to know them, grow with them, and watch how they really work their ass from and climb from the bottom to the top. they are often under appreciated, because they put so much more effort than those other pop stars.


My wife introduced me to Pentatonix a few years ago, and I can NOT like them. I was also a choir nerd, and let me tell you guys that yes, they are that talented.

Avi is an excellent bass, his rhythm is flawless, and apparently he is also a fun dude who loves food. how can anybody not love a person like this? in this documentary a lot of his personality is revealed, and I would love to meet this guy in person.

Mitch. Mitch is perfection. and nobody should tell you otherwise. can't shake the feeling that you look really tired when you went to get soup with Avi.

Kevin is a really humble guy, how can he think that he's not as talented as the others? Kev, you have lots of potential, you even speak Chinese for God's sake. looking forward to hear more singing from you.

Scott seems like everybody's friend. his baritone is so American, and his personality is so fun and positive.

Kirstie, I hope you don't get sick as much in the next tour.

See you guys at your World Tour in London! needless to say that me, my wife, and our family will be watching.


finally I can watch this on Netflix, and I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. here we can see how hard they work, what with touring AND recording at the same time. they must be working their ass off since 2011.

I love how we can see small intimate moments between the members, and how perfect Avi is to be a narrator. He's like the Morgan Freeman of the group if you ask me. the description of Standing By hits me hard. the song means something to me, it helped me get over depression.

cheers to you, PTX. you guys are the most hardworking, goal-oriented group I've ever seen. and I love how your each unique qualities complete each other.

hurray to PTX! please come to South East Asia for another tour, because I missed the last one :(


I'm a casual fan of Pentatonix: I liked their Daft Punk mashup, and their work with Todrick Hall seemed fun, so when this popped up on Netflix I thought I'd give it a go. (And I tend to like band documentaries - I loved the Eagles one, for example, even though I'm too young to remember their heyday and never really liked their music that much.)

But I found this movie so uncomfortable to watch I only managed about 65 minutes before I turned it off. I think it was done with the band's permission, but if so I'm not sure how they allowed it to be released.

Scott Hoying clearly sees himself as the band's 'leader', and he and his super-BFF (and possibly boyfriend? it was hard to tell) Mitch Grassi are always palling around and laughing together, mostly to the exclusion of everyone else in the band. It was kind of tragic watching scene after scene in which beat-boxer Kevin Olusola tries to talk to Hoying, and get ignored or brushed off every time.

Kirstie Maldonado spends much of the film talking about how sick she is, but we don't find out why or how this affects her performances, or what's wrong, or whether the rest of the band knows or cares how she's feeling - other than performances and singing practice, none of the other band members seem to interact with her.

Avi Kaplan comes across as 'the other guy' in a boy band: Cheerful, good at his job, happy to have that job - but ultimately expendable the minute he asks for one penny more than Hoying and Grassi want to give him.

I know others have complained there wasn't enough performance footage; I actually thought there wasn't enough of anything else: It was light on backstory, band history, how they managed to go viral, how they will transition from covers to original songs, etc. If I want performance footage, there is plenty on YouTube - I was hoping to learn how a marginal acapella group had managed to achieve mainstream success.

The band seemed more like a self-promoting business machine (if I heard them mention their Grammy or their 'sold out' shows one more time, I was going to kill myself) than anything organic, and I was left feeling that while Hoying and Grassi were clearly super-close, the rest of the band was largely ambivalent toward each other (and I'm pretty sure Hoying and Grassi hate Olusola, who just kept trying to be their friend).

If you like Pentatonix, by all means watch this - but be prepared to have your illusions shattered.


I am updating my review and lowering my vote to "1" for this self- aggrandizing documentary. Why? because in recent weeks several friends of the musical groups have established accounts with fake locations to make the documentary seem worthwhile. Each of them rate it "10" and praise it greatly. Each of them has exactly one review, set up to prop up this documentary.

This type of dishonesty is pathetic and just goes to prove that the filmmaker of this documentary will go to any length to make it seem worthwhile.

It is NOT! Unless you happen to already be friends with the band members.

I watched this on Netflix streaming and came away disappointed. I was hoping to see and hear them performing, sadly there is very little. I don't blame Pentatonix, I blame the person who produced and edited the 90-minute program.

I am a musician, I have been in a cappella groups, singing Barbershop. I saw Pentatonix on the TV competition show and I also picked them as my favorite. They sing and blend beautifully, they add novel twists to their selections, and it is no surprise to me that they have become an international sensation of sorts. They are probably living out their dreams far beyond what they grew up with in Texas.

So, for a 90-minute documentary, it is very very short on their performances. That was my disappointment. Yes it is interesting to see where they came from, in small doses. Yes it is interesting to see some of their rehearsals, in small doses. But I was longing for more singing.

I just found myself really wanting the Pentatonix documentary to feature more of their performances. It is interesting only for those who want to know more personal details about the group members.
The Apotheoses of Lacspor

The Apotheoses of Lacspor

How can anyone dislike this? I am a music nerd myself, and I can assure you that PTX consists of 5 truly talented people. come on, their harmony is out go this world.

It's so fun to see how they work and what they do while they are in tour. I watch almost all episodes of Sup3rfruit and PTXperience and PTXvlogs and basically any other interview they had, but I have to say this documentary is my favourite. favourite scene is when Avi sang Standing By and any other time the group were joking around each other, looking all relaxed and like a family.

I cannot wait to watch their World Tour concert, and hopefully they will make another documentary like this one! this documentary is the sole reason I finally gave in and register to Netflix.