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Lie huo jin gang (1991) Online

Lie huo jin gang (1991) Online
Original Title :
Lie huo jin gang
Genre :
Movie / War
Year :
Directror :
Qun He,Hao Jiang
Type :
Rating :
Lie huo jin gang (1991) Online

Credited cast:
You Ge You Ge

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Mr. You Ge is one of the most famous actors in China, and he is famous for being like the Chinese equivalent of Jim Carrey, as well as the Chinese equivalent of Gary Cooper.

Mr. You Ge is like Jim Carrey in that both are famous for playing comic characters, but Mr. You Ge is also like Gary Cooper in that both are excellent in playing common people turned unintentional heroes. This movie, steel meets fire, is a close example to the latter, but yet, not quite identical to the latter. The hero was already in the making and audience can pretty much figure it out. However, Mr. You Ge proved that he is adequate for the job.