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Contrasto (1913) Online

Contrasto (1913) Online
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Genre :
Movie / Short / Drama
Year :
Cast :
Hesperia,Augusto Mastripietri,Pina Menichelli
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Contrasto (1913) Online

The Duke of Lanzi is a young man who has gone the pace and exhausted every possible pleasure. He is tired of his useless, gay bachelor life and seeks some more abiding road to happiness. His usual associates bore him, his women acquaintances fail to give him any pleasure by their society, and he is fast becoming a misanthrope. On the other hand, Hesperia, a charming young lady, lives in deadly quietness and monotony with her parents, going through her ordinary duties, day by day, and, although surrounded by every luxury, she has no amusements or gaiety to enliven her existence. A mutual lady friend determines to bring the two together, believing that the two opposites would make a happy pair. She writes to the duke and piques his curiosity by describing Hesperia as a suitable wife for him. He is charmed by the description and at the first opportunity seeks an introduction. They are mutually pleased with each other, and soon a marriage is arranged. After the wedding Hesperia finds that...
Cast overview:
Hesperia Hesperia
Augusto Mastripietri Augusto Mastripietri
Pina Menichelli Pina Menichelli
Ignazio Lupi Ignazio Lupi