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Act Naturally (2011) Online

Act Naturally (2011) Online
Original Title :
Act Naturally
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Drama
Year :
Directror :
J.P. Riley
Cast :
Katie L. Hall,Liz Lytle,Susan May Pratt
Writer :
Katie L. Hall,Annie Levine
Type :
Time :
1h 30min
Rating :

When two estranged stepsisters inherit their father's nudist colony, getting back to nature has never been so completely unnatural. A FilmBuff Presentation.

Act Naturally (2011) Online

When two estranged stepsisters inherit their father's nudist colony, getting back to nature has never been so completely unnatural. A FilmBuff Presentation. {locallinks-homepage}
Credited cast:
Katie L. Hall Katie L. Hall - Leah Collins
Liz Lytle Liz Lytle - Charlie Tillerman
Susan May Pratt Susan May Pratt - Kristi Lerner
Alan Cox Alan Cox - Cory Beck
Joshua Ryan Joshua Ryan - Trevor Wilson (as Josh McVaney)
Courtney Abbott Courtney Abbott - Lauren Chambers
Rob Roy Fitzgerald Rob Roy Fitzgerald - Rusty Carter
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Sadie Alexandru Sadie Alexandru - Natalie Cloonan
David Cheek David Cheek - Old Man 'Butt'
Gloria Coco Gloria Coco - Priest
Mike Dolan Mike Dolan - Dusty Cloonan
Dan Foster Dan Foster - Roomates Boyfriend
KC Gleason KC Gleason - Kristi's College Roommate
Becki Kilborn Becki Kilborn - Hula Hoop Girl
Bobby Kilborn Bobby Kilborn - Groundskeeper

A majority of the scenes for this film were shot at Olive Dell Ranch nudist resort in Colton, California. In fact, Becky and Bobby Kilborn, who play the hula hoop girl and grounds-keeper, respectively, are the real-life owners of Olive Dell.

Many viewers have complained that it looks like the characters are drinking from glass bottles in the hot tub - a BIG prohibition in almost any nudist/naturist club (or most regular resorts for that matter). The director explains that the bottles are actually plastic.

User reviews



Act Naturally is about two sisters, one biological and one adopted, that first meet upon the death of their father. Leah Collins (played by Katie L. Hall, who also co-produced and co-wrote the movie) is the adopted daughter while Charlie Tillerman (Liz Lytle) plays the biological daughter. At the beginning of the movie Leah gets a call from Charlie. During their introductory call, Charlie tells Leah that her father has died, and that they have to take a road trip together from Florida to Arizona to claim their father's remains.

When the two sisters arrive at their destination, they are both surprised to find themselves at a nudist resort. The women then discover that not only was their father secretly a nudist, but he also owned the resort! If that was not enough of a surprise, they soon find out that the nudist resort is their inheritance, which they now own. It seems like the only thing they can agree on is that neither one of the wants to take their clothes off, and that they both want to be done with this experience as soon as possible to get on with their lives. The resort staff recognize this discomfort, and try to get them feel as comfortable as possible in their new environment basically to keep sisters from selling or closing down the resort. Most of what I have described is the introduction and setup, while the remainder of the movie deals with a fish out of water style comedy as the two sisters deal with their new environment.

The movie has both funny and serious moments. Some of the serious moments explore the characters who work at the resort, and their individual reasons for choosing to live in a nudist environment. As such I think it pretty much succeeds in one of its main goals to honestly depict a non exploitational story of who nudists really are, and how two non-nudist women adjust to an unexpected and forced immersion into a nude environment.


While not the best film ever made, for independent with nudism as a central theme, it was very well put together. The reactions of the two non-nudist characters were very believable especially for an American audience which really helps to relate with.

The only reason "Act Naturally" loses a star in my book is because of the sexualized nature of some of the plot especially around the open bar party scene.

"Act Naturally" was most definitely written for those accustomed and okay with nudity with not much easing into the idea, but really, it's entertainment, not therapy. A good watch and recommended for repeat views.


With all the films in Hollywood that glorify nudity as sexual, it's nice to watch a film that has more in common with the innocent Doris Wishman movies of the 60s than modern day porn flicks. I just wish that the film itself was as interesting as its premise.

The story itself is quite low-key, and even boring at times given that stakes are quite low: Leah and Charlie want to sell the nudist resort, but the nudists want to keep it, so they try to convince them otherwise. They live fairly comfortable lives before they arrive, and the character arcs in which they go are quite contrived.

The characters are all quite diverse, and the actors are all convincing in their parts. Yet, this doesn't yield as much drama as one would think. Leah and Charlie are both quite different characters, yet the actresses don't seem to have much chemistry together, and despite their different philosophies on life, don't particularly have interesting scenes together.

In terms of technical specs, the cinematography and sound are satisfactory. It's an indie pic, so the low budget look of the film falls more in line with a hipster music video, which certainly aids the film's flat, laid-back feel. It's just a shame a location that is not typically seen much in film is not filmed to be more interesting.

Above all, I think what really weighs the film down it that it's not particularly funny even though it's a comedy. The lines are not zingers (even with a gay character!), and it's hard to really laugh at the same joke over and over again. They're naked! The girls are uncomfortable! But, in the end, it's hard to be completely mad at the film. It's tone is quite pleasant, and the performances are pretty good. Just don't expect anything really earth shattering, given the subject matter.


Like several other reviewers I found it refreshingly pleasant to see a film which has people nude for none sexual reasons and generally a reasonably enjoyable film to watch. However despite several favourable comments on the extras portion of the DVD from people who are reputedly real nudists I didn't really feel that it portrayed nudism very accurately. Firstly nudism is usually promoted as a family activity, in this film all the nudists appeared to be single, an almost complete lack of any families, only in the final few seconds were a couple briefly seen with kids in there arms, maybe they were real members of the club used in the film. My other reason for deleting points out of ten is the the foul language frequently used by the two women who were the central characters, this was totally unnecessary, if it wasn't for that I would have said it was a movie the whole family young and old alike could have enjoyed. In some ways the movie parodied the nudies from the 50's and 60's where there always seemed to be some object which just happened to be in the right place to obscure the view, which seemed to be done more for comedy than anything.


I watched "Act Naturally" last night. It is now well and truly one of my all time favorite movies - I can imagine myself in forty years pulling out the DVD to watch it yet again. It was funny, heart warming and the characters were real and honest. I could imagine being friends with them. The nudity was not gratuitous in any way - it was for a point - to explore how people perceive and judge their own bodies - it even had me thinking about my own self image and what example I am setting to the children in my life (I need to change what I think, do and say!). It is not an action packed movie, I know it doesn't appeal to everyone, but for me it was refreshing and I loved it. Give it a look - what have you got to lose? Other than your clothes perhaps...:-)


This is a fun picture--a lightweight entertainment with lots of eye-candy. It is a very modern homage to a classic genre from the past.

When their father passes away, two young women are surprised to learn that he has left them an unusual inheritance: a nudist resort. So naturally they have to go there and find out what they have.

Initially reluctant to "go native", they gradually get over their inhibitions.

Unlike most modern movies with nudity, there is very little frontal exposure, and not much sex. Like the classic "nudie cuties" of the 1960's, there are generous displays of good-looking T & A.


I had the opportunity to see one of the advanced (clothing optional) screenings at a Naturist Park I was working at. The movie was amazing! Entertaining, funny, and an appropriate accurate representation of Naturism. Tastefully done! We need more of this in the media! Would love to see it again and would recommend it to friends interested in learning a little bit more about naturism! Some of the cast and crew was visiting with us when they came to premier the film. They were a pleasure to be with, and extremely humble. This group has worked very hard and should feel very very proud for all they have accomplished! I look forwards to buying this video on DVD and sharing it with others. A great independent film!


This is a great representation of the nudist lifestyle. The sexual subplots might discourage some people, and it should be noted that nudism isn't about sex. These scenes do, however, seem to tie sexual activity to an emotional connection between characters, and not as a free-love orgy. It is also good to see that sex is not actually simulated on screen.

The Naturist Society and the American Association for Nude Recreation are very useful resources for information on the nude lifestyle as well as endorsements of campgrounds and resorts which fit the nudist philosophy.


It's a thoroughly enjoyable movie. If anybody is looking for an introduction into the naturist way of life, this gentle comedy is a great way of easing you into it.

The film begins when businessman Ned Tillerman is killed in a boating accident. He has two estranged daughters who are called by the management of his own nudist resort Bear Lake to pick up his belongings. Neither of them are aware of the fact that when they arrive at the resort that it is a nudist venue and their father had allocated the property for them to inherit upon his death. The adventures begin from there....

It's funny without being overly gratuitous or sexually exploitative, and focuses on the problems that nudists often have with being accepted by mainstream society, and non-nudists trying to understand what this lifestyle has to offer them.

Highly recommended for most people to watch.