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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
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TV Series / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Cast :
Mark Robert Edwards,Katie Griffin,Seán Cullen
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TV Series
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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Online

Set as a prequel to the two Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs movies, the series focuses on the adventures of Flint Lockwood and Sam Sparks as best friends in high school. While Flint wants to be a successful inventor, Sam longs for fame as a reporter.
Series cast summary:
Mark Robert Edwards Mark Robert Edwards - Steve / - 82 episodes, 2017-2018
Katie Griffin Katie Griffin - Sam Sparks 82 episodes, 2017-2018
Seán Cullen Seán Cullen - Mayor Shelbourne / - 57 episodes, 2017-2018
David Berni David Berni - Baby Brent / - 45 episodes, 2017-2018
Patrick McKenna Patrick McKenna - Gil / - 37 episodes, 2017-2018
Clé Bennett Clé Bennett - Earl Devereaux 34 episodes, 2017-2018

It is unclear if Flint and Sam were friends before the movie. However, in "And the Winner Is..." Flint says that if Sam ever moves away from Swallow Falls, he will invent a memory eraser.

The show is said to be a prequel to the film.

This show is notable for having a recon of the events of the first movie.

In the show, Earl Devereaux is voiced by Clé Bennet, who is the third different actor to take on the role. In the first Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs movie, Earl is voiced by Mr. T, while in the second movie Terry Crews brings the character to life.

User reviews

Road.to sliver

Road.to sliver

Why? Why did this need to be made? Maybe to somebody at Cartoon Network, they saw some merit in a show like this, but was anybody really demanding a show from this? In case you aren't aware, I'll give you a quick summary. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs started out as a very popular children's book that I still love to this day. In 2009, Sony decided to adapt the book into a movie that was pretty entertaining and fun. It had a sequel in 2013 that was disappointing and boring.

So after all the time has passed for these movies, CN decided it needed to have a TV show. So the main question is this; why? If this had come out during the time of movies, I could understand it, but this show came out in 2017, 4 years after CwaCoM 2 came out. By that point, you could easily find both movies in the Walmart bargain bin. But yet CN went ahead and had this show made.

Serving as a prequel to the two movie mentioned before, the show basically ends up being another one of those high school shows, but focusing on Flint, his friends, and his inventions. In a way, this show kind of reminds me of Jimmy Neutron with some of the premise and the genius main character and wacky inventions. It's a real shame this show couldn't be as good as that show.

Many of the episodes usually play out the same way. Flint makes an invention, it goes wrong, he has to stop it in some way, and the day is saved. To be fair, there are some episodes that don't involve Flint's inventions going nuts such as him and Sam babysitting Brent (Yes, that is real and it's as bad as it sounds) or about how Steve wins the lottery. The problem though is that these episodes play out in a very simplistic way with no real twists or anything unique to them at all. All the plots are just boring messes that won't entertain at all.

The voice acting is nothing to write home about either. None of the cast from the two movies come to reprise their roles, so they got new people instead. They do a decent enough job with the scripts given, but nothing about the voice work is that good. It sounds like they're just going through the motions and giving little effort.

The jokes are no better at all. Some of them are okay, but a lot of the jokes either are weak, or ones you can see from a mile. It either does forced in jokes, references, or even some crude humor. None of it works at all in this show at all.

Perhaps the biggest problem this show ultimately suffers from is how generic and boring this show is. Everything about this show feels so uninspired in every way. From the plots of each episode, to the jokes, to the characters being so bland and one dimensional, and to how everything plays out in each episode. There's no variety, twists, or anything unique about this show at all. The lack of creativity and overall blandness really makes this show an utter bore.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is a reminder that just because you can make a TV show based on an animated movie, doesn't mean you should. If it's not boring you with it's tiresome stories, it's making you cringe with it's bad jokes. It's an extremely bland show with nothing unique to it at all, and serves as nothing but a terrible and very late attempt to get in on the popularity of a movie franchise. It was uncalled for and never should have been made at all.

If you want to see a show about a genius and his inventions, go watch Dexter's Laboratory or Jimmy Neutron. If you want to see a good show based on an animated movie, go watch one of those Disney shows like Aladdin or The Little Mermaid. If you just really love Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, just stick to the movies and book instead. This show is just another mark in the growling list of failures from CN, and something they need to pull off the air ASAP.


-Might contain spoilers- My real problem with the new series is that i was shocked at how out of character Sam was. I have always loved her for being her usually genius self but they portrayed her in a really girlish way that doesn't fit her at all. The plots were just not exciting and I think this is just a way to exploit these characters and try to appeal to those who have not seen the movies and don't know how far off it is


I love the original Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs movie. Hell, I also think the sequel is as good as the original! But this... is far from good, but still acceptable. The animation is below average, but the colour palette is great. The writing needs some improvement, and I understand that it's trying to find its' identity. The characters... are flanderized. And it doesn't follow to the continuity. Teen Titans Go is completely mindnumbingly vapid. But Cloudy's cartoon series and My Knight and Me are still newbies and trying to find a way to create a good story.


It's common today to see Hollywood remake movies and TV shows be remade as well. One of those remade shows was Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs, a show based on the 2009 film, which I praised in the past. The show has all the familiar characters from the films, Flint, Sam, Steve, and so on. Where the show starts to fall apart though is that the humor in this show barely has any humor in it and most of the jokes in this show are poorly done or are bad puns. The artwork and animation while not terrible, could have been done so much better, it can get choppy from time to time, and the main color this show has is grey, I know this is a ghost town, but why is 90% of the show in grey? It makes it look dead. The characters are barely funny and the humor they actually provide that is funny is very rare and its so boring. The only characters who stayed the same were Steve and Tim. There was plenty of potential for this show, but C.W.AC.O.M. proves that like most spin-offs, the original is way better. Go watch the original films, It's WAY better than this junk. If you do see this show on TV, make like Flint's food raining invention and fly away from this terrible remake of a classic.


Look i like the movie but the show sucks. The show is nothing like the movie at all and all the characters are very stupid. The animation freaks me out, Flints nose looks like birds peak. the whole show makes me feel like twisting my neck. This show has a lot of fart jokes. This show brings back my childhood nightmares And no one asked for this show. So great job C.N your very "smart" to put this instead of another show that doesn't air a lot(We bare Bears, Adventure time) So please don't watch this show it'll be a waste of your time


I'm only setting my vote to 10/10 so that this show can have a better score that just a 3. In my honest opinion it's a 5.5.

I think that the show stays true to the humor that the movie had and the style is rather charming! The writing isn't the greatest sometimes but in other times it can be pretty alright. It's not a great show but it definitely doesn't deserve a 3.0. It is a bit odd that they didn't recast the original voice actors but the ones they have now are passable. Then there is the continuity error with the movies that Sam lives in Swallow Falls, while in the movies she only just came there. I can't recall it entirely but I remember Flint saying that he would erase Sam's memory if she ever moved.

This review isn't the greatest, but the show just needs some more recognition.


I was fine with the cloudy with a chance of meatballs movies but wow this show is terrible i mean the animation is ugly flint nose is a shaped of a bird nose and steve is the same as always sam is not even a weather girl she just care do something else baby brent: is just some weird character in the show he thinks random stuff earl: is not a police officer he just watch the town if bad stuff happen. flint: is the same he invent inventions like usually Overall: Terrible Dont watch this.


The show is bad enough as is, but it just doesn't make any sense in relation to the movie. 1. Why do Sam and Flint know each other in high school, yet they're complete strangers in the movie? 2. In one episode Sam says her glasses aren't really prescription, but that doesn't make sense since in the first movie she says that they ARE prescription. 3. Why is Sam dressed the way she is? In the movie when she's still wearing her glasses, she's like 5, and it was around that point that she took them off. So if she's in high school in the show why is she still wearing them? 4. What happened to Sam? Why is her personality so weird? She seems like a girly girl... 5. How does Flint make so many working (more or less) inventions so quickly in the show, when in the movie it took him a LONG time just to make that food thing. 6. Where is the mayor's son in the movie? 7. Why is Earl a teacher? 8. Why is Flint smart and unintelligent at the same time? Pick one or do both right.

Just to name a few.

Some of the storylines are so ODD. They make me wonder WHERE they came from! Like the episode where Sam apparently was a famous horseshoe thrower... Why was that included? They make things up just for ONE episode and have few running concepts. The running concepts they DO include are WAY overused and now annoying, like the old man. It's not funny. And the animation hurts my feelings! Really, it's not great. But I get it, I mean they made a self aware joke in one episode about trying to get a certain amount of money for the animation and being rejected, so that explains that.

Speaking of jokes, they're rarely funny. The self aware ones can be quirky and occasionally earn a chuckle, but that's about it.

And the show is just so BLAND. It's like they had an idea for ONE episode and decided to make an entire series because of it. Every episode seems like the writers were burnt out while writing it. There's no passion, and over all the show lacks the ~*whimsy*~ of the first and even second movie. It's so dull.

And the overused formula of >Flint makes invention >invention goes wrong >Flint and Sam fix it With some "comic relief" (if you can even call it that) sprinkled in here and there.

So, I just think they did the show incorrectly. It had potential, but it was about 7 years too late. Even then, with some THOUGHTFUL writing it could potentially have been great. But shows when based off of movies are kind of supposed to continue the movie, or at least reference it enough so that you'd KNOW that it's from the movie. Like the Big Hero 6 series continued the movie, the How to Train your Dragon series continued and referenced the movie, but the thing that sets these two shows aside from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is that they weren't to blatant. They didn't seem to be trying to hard. HTTYD the series was far from perfect I'll admit, BH6 the series has only released one episode but BOTH SHOWS were better that this. If you subtract how good HTTYD the series was from how good BH6 the series is, it would STILL BE BETTER THAN CWACOM THE SERIES.

I loathe this show. When I'm bored and it comes on, I turn the tv off and stare at the blank screen because I prefer that to being DISGUSTED by this show.

There was even vore in one episode. Like what the heck?


I am going to be honest I was actually excited for this show I love cwacom. Then I saw an episode and didn't think much of it other than it being boring. Then today I saw another episode and oh god... why. First of all let me go through the characters:

Flint: Not too interesting he's pretty much trying to be jimmy neutron but not as good, he isn't cool like he was in the movies.

Sam: God she is just boring! She is girly and uninteresting she's not at all like she was in the movie. (I may have over exaggerated here)

Earl: Man what did they do they turned this guy into a teacher and did nothing with his funny tough personality he's now a man child who just teaches and isn't even a main character.

Steve: they actually didn't change much about him but he isn't with flint as much.

Tim: Same as Steve.

Brent: Him and flint aren't even friends anymore he is basically the school bully stereotype.

Mayor: He is the modern mr. Krabs OK maybe not that bad but he is up there he is i think the principal. Also didn't he ditch everybody and escape in the first movie? I wish he would've drowned.

Alright that's the characters now to the episode I watched. The main joke was farts... why? Just why did they do this flint makes a bean that makes him fart so he can add something to the school. And they have equations and stuff that says grossness can be used to convince someone to agree with you? Again why did this go into the writers nonexistent heads? Overall its not the very worst cartoon so I gave it two stars for trying because not all the jokes are farts like some cartoons... cough ttg cough but I would stay away from it if you liked the movies


Now instead of doing the same that I do in my cartoon reviews, or movies, That's talk about the the plot than the Pros & Cons, I'm instead going to review two episodes and then I'm going to say the things it needs to improve. Anyway, today I'm going to review the most recent show by CN, Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs, now if you wanna know my history with the Cloudy movies, I thought the first film is pretty decent, sure the humor wasn't to funny, but I personally think it's decent and I watched over and over as a toddler, and it's sequel was also good (well, it's mine 10th guilty pleasure, what did you expect), and now let's talk about the series, and the episodes that I'm going to review today are the first two episodes that I've watched, And the winner is... and Bacon Girl, but before we review those episodes, let's talk about the intro and what I see, first off, the intro is nothing but a tour at Swallow Falls while Flint is ridding a rocket, second of all, in the end of this tour we not only see the title, but we also see a Ratbird, even doe, the Ratbirds only exist when Flint make them as an adult, and last but not least, the animation of this show feels like it was imported from a Netflix show instead an animation that is used for a show that's aired on television, anyway, let's review these episodes shall we, starting with And the winner is..., And the winner is... is about a science fair happening on Flint's school and Sam and Flint start competing against each other in order to see who the winner is, while this is going on, Sam and Flint start bounding a relationship, and not only we learn that Flint and Sam met when they where teens, even doe, they've met when they were adults, we also learn that the mayor is the principal of this school and he has a child, wait a minute, he has a kid? Didn't he said in the first film that Brent (and later on Flint) was like a kid to him, oh god, I'm getting a feeling that these creators have never watched the first movie, and not only that, we also learn that Earl is a teacher, wasn't he just a cop, and we also learn that Sam has moved to Swallow Falls, even doe, she only came for an interview, but this is not the worst part, the worst part is the ending, by god, the ending is one of the dumbest endings that I've seen, well the ending is about Flint and Sam creating two machines that ends up creating a tornado and it's revealed that the winner of the fair is the mayor's son since he created a sardine sauce fountain for sardines, now I ask you guys, does that even has to do with science? No that doesn't! Overall, this episode was very bad and it's definitely one of the worst ways to start a TV show, now we move on to the next episode, Bacon Girl, the episode is about Sam hating sardines, and because of that the mayor and his son fire her, and in order to get her job back, Flint creates a machine that changes taste, and the taste they choose is bacon, but Flint doesn't get why they choose bacon, so Sam shows him a commercial that reveals that we have bacon braces, bacon flipflops, bacon shirts and any bacon merchandise, Flint still doesn't get so he eats a bacon and goes into a drug trip (wich I do admit, it's pretty funny) so he changes the taste of the sardines and she get's her job back, but Sam turns into a bacon because the machine not only changes the taste, it also turns you into a food, so everybody of the school turns into zombies that want to eat Sam (wow, cannibalism in a kid show, what a surprise) and to turn Sam back to normal, she has to eat sardines, and she does (but we can't see), but it's revealed that Flint changed the taste again, this time the sardine has taste of pizza, and it ends with Sam getting a pizza butt and Brent turns into a zombie.

What more can I say, this is crap and it destroyed my childhood, oh I have one more thing to say, every time Flint invents a machine he says the name of the machine and then he says "by Flint Lockwood" and it gets annoying in like the 3rd time they use this sentence, but look at the bright side, it's not one of the worst cartoons I've seen, but it's definitely one of the worst CN shows that I've seen.


I know this show isn't as good as the movies but when is that ever the case? Movies have budgets way, way higher than TV shows do, and they have star talent for voices, and so on. Also I think this show is meant for much younger kids who don't have the same demands for good story and so on. This show is fine for little kids and we adults don't have to watch it (it like many other shows can get annoying with the silliness and over the top sounds and so on).


I love it! It is cloudy but there is a chance of meat balls! What kind of stuff is going on here?