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Echelon Down (2014) Online

Echelon Down (2014) Online
Original Title :
Echelon Down
Genre :
Movie / Short / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Ian Padfield
Cast :
Anna Alfieri,Jonathon Xavier Coudrille,Tony King
Writer :
Jonny Dry,Ian Padfield
Budget :
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Echelon Down (2014) Online

Their mundane life is interrupted by Ralph, a crude and impertinent man handcuffed to a suitcase, who demands shelter. Upper class toff Berto plans to ask bohemian Iga to marry him this evening. Berto is so pathetic that he is unable to assume control in his own house, which irritates Iga. Berto is called by his boss, Mr Cecilio, who insists that Ralph can stay. Bad timing, but that's Berto's job. He runs this house for Mr Cecilio, as a safe place for criminals to hide out occasionally. Mr Cecilio turns up looking for his suitcase, but where has it gone? 'Echelon' means class, or position, and there are a variety of classes represented here. But they do not relate to their character's positions of power. The mysterious lowlife Mr Cecilio being at the top, and sweet but ineffectual Berto at the bottom. The script includes the seductive Peppino, a cheeky young transvestite, who also works for Cecilio and turns up and joins in the chaos. Peppino has a strong positive presence; an aura, a...
Credited cast:
Anna Alfieri Anna Alfieri - Iga
Jonathon Xavier Coudrille Jonathon Xavier Coudrille - Mr. Cecilio
Tony King Tony King - Berto
Matthew McLeod Matthew McLeod - Mr. Cecilio's escort
Joseph Sieveking Joseph Sieveking - Peppino
Rory Wilton Rory Wilton - Ralph

Agatha, the cat was pregnant during the shoot and gave birth to 5 kittens the day the film was finished. Ashton, casting assistant on the film adopted one of them.

Anna, the leading actress, was forced into collapsing onto gravel several times in a knee length skirt without protection (and without complaining).

For the love scene in the bedroom, DOP Lewis and the director Ian invented the 'beam shot', consisting in the DOP hanging from a beam above the bed.

During the second take for the love scene, the bed collapsed when Anna was thrown by Rory onto it and about 1 hour was taken to repair it.

The revolver used as a prop was a real, deactivated, gun.