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Dark Resurrection Volume 0 (2011) Online

Dark Resurrection Volume 0 (2011) Online
Original Title :
Dark Resurrection Volume 0
Genre :
Creative Work / Short / Sci-Fi
Year :
Directror :
Angelo Licata
Cast :
Giuseppe Licata,Elena Cucci,Mattia Stancanelli
Writer :
Angelo Licata,Fabrizio Rizzolo
Budget :
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
Rating :
Dark Resurrection Volume 0 (2011) Online

Master Sorran, is obsessed by his search for an ancient civilization which, according to legend, holds the secret of immortality. After many years he lights upon the wreck of the civilization's most powerful starship: the Resurrection. Sorran ignores the dangers and orders his crew to dock. The explorers and Sorran himself will face the mysteries of the Resurrection and the secret of the origins of the dark side. {locallinks-homepage}
Cast overview:
Giuseppe Licata Giuseppe Licata - Sorran
Elena Cucci Elena Cucci - Nilah
Mattia Stancanelli Mattia Stancanelli - Thor
Fausto Brizzi Fausto Brizzi - Zistor
Nina Senicar Nina Senicar - Nisar
Daniel McVicar Daniel McVicar - Vicar
Fabrizio Fenner Fabrizio Fenner - Nevar
Marco Martani Marco Martani - Ranur
Andrea Strangio Andrea Strangio - Gash
Maria Tedei Maria Tedei - Syl
Renzo Sinacori Renzo Sinacori - Captain Cores
Antonio Toninelli Antonio Toninelli - Daiker
Mario Mesiano Mario Mesiano - General Mesian
Matteo Arnaldi Matteo Arnaldi - Jors
Mattia Criscuolo Mattia Criscuolo - Biodroid

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