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Workaholics The Nuttin' Professor (2011–2017) Online

Workaholics The Nuttin' Professor (2011–2017) Online
Original Title :
The Nuttinu0027 Professor
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Kyle Newacheck
Cast :
Blake Anderson,Adam Devine,Anders Holm
Writer :
John Quaintance,Blake Anderson
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Workaholics The Nuttin' Professor (2011–2017) Online

When the trio orders online their favorite porn tape, The Nuttin' Professor, it gets stolen, so they start a neighborhood watch, which catches no thief but accidentally recruits no less wacky members. Having no luck with staking out their home, they have a copy delivered at the firm, but didn't count on delivery to Alice, nor her locking up her office when Ders launches a fake fire alert. When someone tries to run away with the tape, the horny vigilantes set chase, despite horrible boners and Adam getting blinded. They corner the tape's male lead, Dan Yella, who wants to eliminate all traces of his 'dirty past' with his wife before their baby is born, and strike a saucy deal.
Episode cast overview:
Blake Anderson Blake Anderson - Blake Henderson
Adam Devine Adam Devine - Adam Demamp (as Adam DeVine)
Anders Holm Anders Holm - Anders Holmvik
Jillian Bell Jillian Bell - Jillian Belk
Maribeth Monroe Maribeth Monroe - Alice Murphy
Rob Corddry Rob Corddry - Eric
Rob Huebel Rob Huebel - Sam
Matt Besser Matt Besser - Dan Yella
Ify Nwadiwe Ify Nwadiwe - Dr. Heals Good
Cameron Clapp Cameron Clapp - The Total Package
Stephanie Jackson Stephanie Jackson - Brenda
Kevin Etten Kevin Etten - Dean

Jillian is shown eating Let's potato chips in this episode. Let's potato chips are a popular fictional chip brand used in many TV comedies such as It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Mac Day) and multiple episodes of Community.