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Sundered Ties (1912) Online

Sundered Ties (1912) Online
Original Title :
Sundered Ties
Genre :
Movie / Short / Drama / War
Year :
Directror :
Francis Ford
Cast :
Francis Ford,Rodd Redwing,Jack Conway
Type :
Rating :
Sundered Ties (1912) Online

John Stevens, lieutenant in the regular army, U.S.A., arrives at his Southern home just before the war, when brave and intelligent men all over the land were at the parting of the ways. Every conceivable influence is brought to bear upon him to renounce allegiance and faith long established by his vocation and mature development. A mother pleads; a father reasons; a sweetheart entreats; and their welfare as well as their desires concern him deeply. They have all habitually influenced his mind, but he cannot be turned from what his own moral sense has pronounced to be his duty. He might shrink from any violation of a principle from purely benevolent purposes under ordinary circumstances and reach a decision without effort, but here is a case with much to approve on both sides, with a great preponderance of affection on the rebellious one. It takes the highest form of courage for him to renounce all that he holds dear for a principle, but his strength of character decides for him and he...
Cast overview:
Francis Ford Francis Ford
Rodd Redwing Rodd Redwing - (as Red Wing)
Jack Conway Jack Conway
Grace Cunard Grace Cunard
J. Barney Sherry J. Barney Sherry
Ethel Grandin Ethel Grandin
Frank Dayton Frank Dayton

First release from the Broncho Motion Picture Company, which advertised "A Broncho film every Wednesday, the best film in the world".

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This drama of the war between the states contains a battle which is so utterly convincing and so carefully worked out in its details that the film ranks very high among exceptionally good productions. From the first view of the field of action to the final one in the field hospital the picture unfolds a succession of gripping scenes and dramatic incidents. On such background is depicted the struggle of a young Union officer whose convictions have kept him in the Northern army against natural family ties, which would bind him to the Southern cause. At the outbreak of war his sweetheart turns him away, his father joins the Confederate army and later his brother, a small boy, is killed during the battle, which occurs near his home. No legitimate opportunity is lost to show the constant clash between the hero's sense of duty and love of his people. The story moves logically and easily, it is nowhere marred or strained by irrelevant accidents, and the acting is evenly balanced throughout. Comic relief is introduced through an old, black butler and the inevitable "mammy," and they handle their parts particularly well at the closing scenes, which show the happy reunion of the sundered family. There is no other answer to the whole production than one of sincere praise. - The Moving Picture World, September 28, 1912