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Feed 'em and Weep (1938) Online

Feed 'em and Weep (1938) Online
Original Title :
Feed u0027em and Weep
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Family / Short
Year :
Directror :
Gordon Douglas
Cast :
Darla Hood,Eugene 'Porky' Lee,Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer
Writer :
Jack Jevne
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Feed 'em and Weep (1938) Online

It's Mr. Hood's birthday and he's looking forward to a quiet celebration with his family. But Darla's friends show up with living presents, eat his dinner, argue about Tarzan and Alfalfa croons a special song for the unhappy man.
Credited cast:
Darla Hood Darla Hood - Darla Hood (as Our Gang)
Eugene 'Porky' Lee Eugene 'Porky' Lee - Porky (as Our Gang)
Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer - Alfalfa (as Our Gang)
Philip Hurlic Philip Hurlic - Our Gang Member (as Our Gang)
Gary Jasgur Gary Jasgur - Junior Hood (as Our Gang)
Leonard 'Percy' Landy Leonard 'Percy' Landy - Percy (as Our Gang)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Johnny Arthur Johnny Arthur - Johnny Hood, Darla's Father
Wilma Cox Wilma Cox - Mrs. Hood, Darla's Mother

While Darla Hood's father was celebrating his 32nd birthday in this film, Johnny Arthur, the actor who played him, was actually 54, at the time of production.

First of five Our Gang comedy shorts without top series' marquee star, George 'Spanky' McFarland. Spanky was away acting, in theatrical movie, Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus (1938) was occurring. Spanky was absent from the Our Gang series from April to until July of 1938, during the remaining five shorts for the 1937-1938 theatrical season were filmed and shot, and also during this time, producer Hal Roach sold the series to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. When Spanky returned to the series (by then, it was, at a new location at M-G-M. Aladdin's Lantern (1938), was his first entry of the 1938-1939 season. All 5 "Little Rascals" & "Our Gang" shorts filmed without "Spanky", this era were Feed 'em and Weep (1938), The Awful Tooth (1938), Hide and Shriek (1938) & (the last three with Little Rascals nickname). The Little Ranger (1938) and Party Fever (1938), were the first two after Hal Roach sold the group of children out to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Johnny Arthur acted as 'Spanky's dad, in Anniversary Trouble (1935), two to three years earlier.

Although he appeared in many other Hal Roach films, this was Philip Hurlics only appearance in a "Little Rascals" short.

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An OUR GANG Comedy Short.

Darla's dad is celebrating his 32nd birthday & wants nothing more than a quiet evening at home with his family, enjoying his mock turtle soup, roast chicken & cake. Serenity is shattered, however, by the arrival of Alfalfa, Percy & Porky. To his infinite disgust, all Mr. Hood can do is FEED 'EM AND WEEP...

This little film has a few good moments, mostly dealing with the Rascals. Johnny Arthur, as Papa (a champion whiner), actually turned 55 the year this was filmed. Wilma Cox is levelheaded Mama. Alfalfa warbles `Many Happy Returns Of The Day'.
adventure time

adventure time

The title of this film is shared by another film from Hal Roach Studios--a Max Davidson film from 1928.

The short begins with Johnny Arthur talking about how hungry he is and how he's looking forward to his birthday dinner. However, when the gang shows up, Arthur is visibly saddened--he just wants to eat! But throughout the film, he's prevented again and again from eating and the kids drive him crazy while they try to wish him the happiest of birthdays. Considering that eventually Alfalfa sings for him, you really have to feel sorry for the guy! This is a decent short--even if you have to endure Alfalfa's singing. Arthur's reactions are funny and serve to make a pretty ordinary film just a bit better. Worth seeing.

By the way, this is the first Our Gang film without Spanky in some time. All the last Our Gang films from Hal Roach lacked Spanky--but he returned to the series when rights to the films were sold outright to MGM (who previously had just distributed them). Now, starting in 1939, MGM would begin making their own Little Rascals films. These were very popular on TV when I was a kid but they are unavailable today--just the earlier and superior Our Gang comedies. Also, Buckwheat is replaced by a new black kid (there always is at least one in their films)--and I have no idea who this kid is.


" . . . a GOOD dinner!" the beleaguered Hood Family Patriarch and birthday celebrant John screams as FEED 'EM AND WEEP closes. "Our Gang" has just chowed down on John's special birthday supper, as Mrs. Hood appears to be angling for a quick divorce by enabling this culinary disaster to take place with her explicit encouragement on her husband John's natal day. The only question on viewers' minds (other than how soon will John be freed from this demeaning wench) is whether the disrespected dad will steer his automobile to the nearest Steak & Shake, White Castle, or A & W (America's three main chains of eateries prior to World War Two). Since John's averse reaction to the "Little Rascals'" white gift cat proves that he's not only a canine owner (as evidenced in the background) but a True Dog Person, my guess is that John winds up at White Castle for sliders. Fido's Best Friend will probably turn up his nose at "steak burgers" or (Heaven Forbid!) hot dogs. Certainly a key dog-like characteristic is returning to its upchuck, and what better example of this is available in America's Restaurant World of Yesteryear (or Today, for that matter) than sliders from the Ivory Battlements?


This Hal Roach comedy short, Feed 'em and Weep, is the one hundred sixty-seventh entry in the "Our Gang/Little Rascals" series and the seventy-ninth talkie. Darla's dad just wants to have a quiet dinner on his birthday. It seems he's having just that with his daughter, son Junior, and his wife...until Darla's friends of Alfalfa, Porky, and Philip arrive! I'll stop there and just say this was funny from beginning to end and Johnny Arthur was a big reason for that. He reprised his role as Darla's father here which he previously played in Night 'n' Gales. He was also Spanky's dad in Anniversary Trouble. So on that note, I highly recommend Feed 'em and Weep. P.S. This was Johnny Arthur's final appearance in the series but he'd continue to appear in various comedies until 1947. He died on December 31, 1951. For some reason, Buckwheat wasn't in this one so he's replaced here by one Philip Hurlic who had appeared in some shorts in this series before and would appear in one after. He'd also appear with Oliver Hardy in one of his few solo projects in Zenobia the following year. He died on July 7, 2014. And this marked the first gang appearance of one Leonard Landy who plays Percy here.