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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy The Power of Pink (1999–2000) Online

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy The Power of Pink (1999–2000) Online
Original Title :
The Power of Pink
Genre :
TV Episode / Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Ryuta Tasaki
Cast :
Archie Kao,Reggie Rolle,Danny Slavin
Writer :
Judd Lynn,Saburo Yatsude
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy The Power of Pink (1999–2000) Online

The Space Rangers get a tour of Terra Venture from the Galaxy Rangers. Psycho Pink survived the battle and manages to find a sword that has increased her powers. Kendrix and Cassie battle Psycho Pink. Psycho Pink manages to damage Cassie's morpher, and starts a chain reaction. Kendrix makes the ultimate sacrifice to stop the ensuing vortex.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Archie Kao Archie Kao - Kai Chen / Blue Galaxy Ranger
Reggie Rolle Reggie Rolle - Damon Henderson / Green Galaxy Ranger
Danny Slavin Danny Slavin - Leo Corbett / Red Galaxy Ranger
Valerie Vernon Valerie Vernon - Kendrix Morgan / Pink Galaxy Ranger
Cerina Vincent Cerina Vincent - Maya / Yellow Galaxy Ranger
Russell Lawrence Russell Lawrence - Mike Corbett / Magna Defender
Amy Miller Amy Miller - Trakeena
Tracy Lynn Cruz Tracy Lynn Cruz - Ashley Hammond / Yellow Space Ranger
Patricia Ja Lee Patricia Ja Lee - Cassie Chan / Pink Space Ranger
Christopher Khayman Lee Christopher Khayman Lee - Andros / Red Space Ranger
Roger Velasco Roger Velasco - Carlos Valerte / Black Space Ranger
Selwyn Ward Selwyn Ward - T.J. Johnson / Blue Space Ranger
Tom Whyte Tom Whyte - Commander Stanton
Vicki Davis Vicki Davis - Psycho Pink (voice)
Bob Papenbrook Bob Papenbrook - Deviot (voice)

This episode marks the final unmorphed appearances of Carlos and Ashley and the final appearance of the Astro Megazord.

This is the only crossover episode where the Megazord battle consists of original footage.

Valerie Vernon was diagnosed with leukemia, so Kendrix had to be written out of the show, making her the first Ranger to die on screen. Vernon will still be credited in the intro for the remainder of the series.

It was originally intended for Cassie to replace Kendrix as the Pink Galaxy Ranger for the remainder of the season. However, Patricia Ja Lee and Saban had salary disputes. This episode's ending had to be re-shot, which is why the Space Rangers appear morphed during the scene.