» » Fantastyczny sklep z kwiatami (2006)

Fantastyczny sklep z kwiatami (2006) Online

Fantastyczny sklep z kwiatami (2006) Online
Original Title :
Fantastyczny sklep z kwiatami
Genre :
Movie / Short
Year :
Directror :
Pawel Partyka
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Fantastyczny sklep z kwiatami (2006) Online

User reviews



Really... "Fantastic" doesn't come close to describing this masterpiece. The skill of Pawel Partyka and his entire crew need to be commended. Spools of wire come to life, flowers awaken to enjoy the "dance" of this wonderful film. Animation only begins to describe the craft applied to this film. This film should be in a genre all its own. The use of stop motion and movement are mesmerizing. The craftsmanship with which these characters move, combined with the fine representation of many forms of dance go well beyond anything I've ever screened. One can only imagine the chaos on set as they posed these characters frame by frame, taking care to show smooth movement and the flair of each dance. You'll never think of your florist in the same way.