» » The Edge of Night Episode #1.6271 (1956–1984)

The Edge of Night Episode #1.6271 (1956–1984) Online

The Edge of Night Episode #1.6271 (1956–1984) Online
Original Title :
Episode #1.6271
Genre :
TV Episode / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Romance
Year :
Directror :
John Sedwick
Cast :
Laurinda Barrett,Tony Craig,Terry Davis
Writer :
Steve Lehrman,Henry Slesar
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
The Edge of Night Episode #1.6271 (1956–1984) Online

Molly argues with Leo that it's better to continue the lie about Draper for Emily's sake and admits she's lied to herself about being the mistress of the Gault home. Leo leaves for Springfield to get a copy of the newspaper article about Draper's "death" in the train crash. Emily tells Draper that she thinks destiny drove them to the Scott home, which she feels is enchanted. Draper reminds Emily that they can't afford a home of their own. Deborah brings Logan news that she and April found the adoption letter. Logan reveals to April that he won the proceeding proving his paternity as Jamey's legal father. Deborah laments to Calvin that she might never become "the marrying kind". Raven arrives at the penthouse unannounced, just as April is getting ready to meet Logan and give him the adoption letter. Raven lays a heavy guilt trip on April when April admits she's giving the letter to Logan. Leo returns with a copy of the newspaper article about Draper. Molly begs Leo not to break Emily's...
Episode uncredited cast:
Laurinda Barrett Laurinda Barrett - Molly Sherwood (uncredited)
Tony Craig Tony Craig - Draper Scott (uncredited)
Terry Davis Terry Davis - April Cavanaugh Scott (uncredited)
Frances Fisher Frances Fisher - Deborah Saxon (uncredited)
Joe Lambie Joe Lambie - Logan Swift (uncredited)
Irving Allen Lee Irving Allen Lee - Calvin Stoner (uncredited)
Margo McKenna Margo McKenna - Emily Gault (uncredited)
George Wallace George Wallace - Dr. Leo Gault (uncredited)