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Unforgettable Day of the Jackie (2011–2016) Online

Unforgettable Day of the Jackie (2011–2016) Online
Original Title :
Day of the Jackie
Genre :
TV Episode / Crime / Drama / Mystery
Year :
Directror :
Paul Holahan
Cast :
Poppy Montgomery,Dylan Walsh,Dallas Roberts
Writer :
Ed Redlich,John Bellucci
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Unforgettable Day of the Jackie (2011–2016) Online

Carrie and Al are unable to discern why a businessman was murdered in his hotel room until it's discovered that his death was collateral damage in a larger plot to assassinate a diplomat.
Episode credited cast:
Poppy Montgomery Poppy Montgomery - Carrie Wells
Dylan Walsh Dylan Walsh - Al Burns
Dallas Roberts Dallas Roberts - Eliot Delson
Jane Curtin Jane Curtin - Joanne Webster
Annika Boras Annika Boras - Jackie
Oliver Litondo Oliver Litondo - Okoro Dimka
James Hiroyuki Liao James Hiroyuki Liao - Jay Lee
Tawny Cypress Tawny Cypress - Cherie Rollins-Murray
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Eric L. Abrams Eric L. Abrams - Emcee
Alanna Blair Alanna Blair - MCS Detective
Lauren Blumenfeld Lauren Blumenfeld - DeeDee / Barista
Lauren Blumfield Lauren Blumfield - Server
Jake Choi Jake Choi - Waiter / Undercover Agent
Donovan Christie Jr. Donovan Christie Jr. - ESU
Robert Farrior Robert Farrior - Paul Dirkson

User reviews



I have now watched several episodes of this series and after watching agent Carrie Wells (star Poppy Montgomery) overtake a Russian trained assassination expert named Jackie (Annika Boras) thus this episodes title "Day of the Jackie" I have come to realize that this particular episode's corny title spin off of the more critically acclaimed 1973 movie version "The Day of the Jackal", is a pretty lame TV crime/drama series.

Agent Carrie Wells utilizes her unique and very rare ability called "hyperthymesia" or total recall memory to review her crime scenes and very quickly recall what appear to be non consequential items that are key to solving her crimes. I understand that the series writers are under time constraints to write new material each week, but come on man, at least give your audience something interesting besides some dramatic music more akin to the 1960's Mission Impossible TV series.

As I said I have watched several episodes now and this episode which is so corny has sealed its fate. I'm done. There is little to no uniquemess or value in the acting, series story lines, but especially the lack of the TV episode 60 minute flow (e.g. crime committed, review the crime scene(s), gather suspects, cat and mouse chase, and explanation of how the crime is eventually solved, and of course the arrest). I was more intrigued by the commercials than any of this series content. How this series lasted for four (4) torturous seasons I have no idea except maybe Poppy Montgomery has a lot of sex appeal, but the series itself based on this episode and the others I have watched is a dud.


Very good episode where some Russian lady is a hit-woman who has successfully carried out 8 assassinations and her 9th victim appears to be a West African diplomat in N.Y. to address groups.

All this starts when a business executive is murdered in his posh hotel room and the crew is able to link the murder to the guy being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

This lady is something else. When a motel clerk comes by to ask to share a joint that she claimed to have, she responds by putting a bullet between his eyes.

At the restaurant, our killer dresses up and at first I thought she was dressing as if she were odd ball medical examiner Jane Curtin.

The oriental guy who works with Al and Carrie sounds like actor Mark Ruffalo when he speaks.

You'll be disappointed when this episode ends, but there is plenty of room for just as excellent sequel.