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For Honor (1909) Online

For Honor (1909) Online
Original Title :
For Honor
Genre :
Movie / Short / Drama
Year :
Type :
Rating :
For Honor (1909) Online

Original French title is undetermined.

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A Lux in which an invitation to a girl to meet a man at night is made the basis of some fair dramatic situations. If one doesn't know how this practice is frowned upon abroad this picture seems senseless. Americans will scarcely be able to comprehend why a man should be shot for asking a girl to meet him. The mistake of the father who finds the note is natural enough, and seems in harmony with the subject. The figures are not natural in their movements. They go much too jerky, a part of which is due to a poor operator, perhaps. The film is good pictorially, but does not hold the interest of the audience. - The Moving Picture World, May 22, 1909