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Producing 'Slaughterhouse' (2017) Online

Producing 'Slaughterhouse' (2017) Online
Original Title :
Producing u0027Slaughterhouseu0027
Genre :
Creative Work / Documentary / Short
Year :
Type :
Creative Work
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Producing 'Slaughterhouse' (2017) Online

Credited cast:
Jerry Encoe Jerry Encoe - Himself

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Producing 'Slaughterhouse' (2017)

*** (out of 4)

Producer Jerry Encoe talks about his 1987 film SLAUGHTERHOUSE in this five-minute featurette. There's nothing ground-breaking with this featurette but I actually really enjoyed it since Encoe basically covers everything dealing with money. He starts off talking about their idea of making a movie and then we get into the original budget, their attempt to raise the money and various problems that came up throughout the production including the production being shut down for a time. Again, at just five-minutes there's nothing too greatly detailed here but at the same time it's fascinating getting to hear stories like how the money was raised and of course what they did when it came down to selling the picture.