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Ma femme et ses enfants (1948) Online

Ma femme et ses enfants (1948) Online
Original Title :
Family Honeymoon
Genre :
Movie / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Claude Binyon
Cast :
Claudette Colbert,Fred MacMurray,Rita Johnson
Writer :
Homer Croy,Dane Lussier
Type :
Time :
1h 30min
Rating :
Ma femme et ses enfants (1948) Online

Grant Jordan, bachelor botany professor, marries Katie, a widow with three kids, despite the machinations of Grant's former girlfriend Minna. But on the wedding day, Aunt Jo, who was to babysit, breaks a leg; so the kids come along on the honeymoon. After misadventures en route, they make it to the Grand Canyon, only to find Minna there, still scheming.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Claudette Colbert Claudette Colbert - Katie Armstrong Jordan
Fred MacMurray Fred MacMurray - Grant Jordan
Rita Johnson Rita Johnson - Minna Fenster
William H. Daniels William H. Daniels - Arch Armstrontg (scenes deleted) (as William Daniels)
Gigi Perreau Gigi Perreau - Zoe
Jimmy Hunt Jimmy Hunt - Charlie
Peter Miles Peter Miles - Abner
Lillian Bronson Lillian Bronson - Aunt Jo
Hattie McDaniel Hattie McDaniel - Phyllis
Chill Wills Chill Wills - Fred
Catherine Doucet Catherine Doucet - Mrs. Abercrombie (as Catharine Doucet)
Paul Harvey Paul Harvey - Chancellor Fenster
Irving Bacon Irving Bacon - Mr. Webb
Chick Chandler Chick Chandler - Taxi driver
Frank Jenks Frank Jenks - Gas Station Attendant

"Lux Radio Theater" broadcast a 60 minute radio adaptation of the movie on April 4, 1949 with Claudette Colbert and Fred MacMurray reprising their film roles.

Last of seven movies that paired Claudette Colbert and Fred MacMurray.

"The Screen Guild Theater" broadcast a 30 minute radio adaptation of the movie on December 15, 1949 with Claudette Colbert and Fred MacMurray reprising their film roles.

Gigi Perreau and Peter Miles (Gerald Perreau) are real-life brother and sister.

User reviews



I saw this movie once on TV and have not forgotten it. It was entertaining with the strained relationship of Colbert and Fred McMurray and the back and forth snipping that the old comedies were so famous for. Let's face it, these two just have great chemistry together and are masters at that kind of domestic comedy. The honeymoon with the kids at the Grand Canyon is everyone's nightmare and you have to laugh at their plight with the honeymoon sabotaged by those out of control kids. What I loved so much were the views of the Lodge at the South Rim and just the opportunity to see the Grand Canyon from a time lost forever. Some of the shots are amazing. If this one ever came out on DVD I would buy it because it is fun light hearted entertainment done only as these two know how to do it.


Let me just start by saying that Claudette Colbert and Fred MacMurray were two of the finest romantic comedy teams of the 30's and 40's. In more than half a dozen films, they proved themselves to be a perfect match on screen. They are best remembered for "The Egg and I" made by Universal right before this film. Although that film (which lead to the "Ma & Pa Kettle" series) had its flaws, it is a masterpiece compared to this. The story is this: Colbert, a widow with three young kids, is all set to marry MacMurray, but the kids (especially the baby daughter) are against it from the start. They nag and complain every change they get. When Colbert's mother breaks a leg during the ceremony, the newlyweds are forced to take the kids on their honeymoon since no one else wants to look after them. From there, the kids cause all kinds of trouble that threatens Colbert and MacMurray's happiness. What weakens this comedy is the fact that the kids are so bratty and the adults are too wimpy to put their feet down. Colbert and MacMurray are fine, and Hattie McDaniels, as the maid, gives a very funny performance as well. However, the children simply just aren't funny, no matter how "cute" their schemes try to be. They have absolutely no motivation for what they do: they are just simply brats. And of course, we have a scheming "other woman" as well thrown in for good measure. Missing the charm of "The Egg and I" (where at least the newlyweds had to battle nature), "Family Honeymoon" is a mediocre film that the talented stars can't even save.


It's ridiculous and not because of the kids but because of the ex- girlfriend who is able to fool Fred. I love all the other films where Claudette Colbert (one of my favorite actresses) and Fred McMurray (one of my favorite actors) team up together because it's always a winning combination but it was beginning to get annoying mid-way and I would rather watch another film with them in it again than waste my time on this. Sorry, but it's the truth unfortunately.