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Ausgerechnet Alaska Soapy Sanderson (1990–1995) Online

Ausgerechnet Alaska Soapy Sanderson (1990–1995) Online
Original Title :
Soapy Sanderson
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy
Year :
Directror :
Stephen Cragg
Cast :
Rob Morrow,Barry Corbin,Janine Turner
Writer :
Joshua Brand,John Falsey
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Ausgerechnet Alaska Soapy Sanderson (1990–1995) Online

Dr. Joel Fleischman is depressed when grumpy old patient Soapy Sanderson completely ignores his medical advice, and is stunned when he and Maggie are named joint executors of his 140 acres forest estate where only wolves live. Maggie wants to turn it into a nature reserve, however un-required it is in this part of Alaska. Joel is rather tempted by the Indian chief Ronkomkoma's idea to turn it into a tax shelter by formally drilling for oil which everybody knows isn't there, hoping it may pay his way back to New York. Later Joel learns Soapy was a spirituality college professor for 20 years. Soapy also left them a $200 Lafitte-Latour for their trouble, which nearly works a romantic wonder, and a journal. Meanwhile the press gets interested.
Episode complete credited cast:
Rob Morrow Rob Morrow - Dr. Joel Fleischman
Barry Corbin Barry Corbin - Maurice J. Minnifield
Janine Turner Janine Turner - Maggie O'Connell
John Cullum John Cullum - Holling Vincoeur
Darren E. Burrows Darren E. Burrows - Ed Chigliak
John Corbett John Corbett - Chris Stevens
Cynthia Geary Cynthia Geary - Shelly Marie Tambo
John McLiam John McLiam - Soapy Sanderson
Christa Miller Christa Miller - Laurie Batan
Darryl Fong Darryl Fong - Kim Cheng
Elaine Miles Elaine Miles - Marilyn
Phil Lucas Phil Lucas - Accountant
Nick Ramus Nick Ramus - Chief
John Murray John Murray - Surveyor

Although she had appeared in the previous two episodes, this is the first time where Cynthia Geary actually has any dialogue.

User reviews

I am hcv men

I am hcv men

Soapy Sanderson is the first episode where it really feels like all the disparate elements of this gem of a television series are finally starting to come together - interesting characters, outlandish plots and, at the center of it all, Morrow's causticly petulant Dr Fleischman. And, as a true testament to how great this show is, it's not the main plot (Fleischman's attempts to duplicitously sell off land that he and Maggie have just inherited), that garners the praise here, but, instead, it's the subplots and secondary characters that really start to come to the fore, foreshadowing the strong ensemble character that this show will eventually take on. Case in point: Ed's introduction to film making by a documentary film crew, as well as how we get to learn more about the citizens of Cicely through their interviews. High points here include the first time we get to hear David Schwartz' beautifully contemplative piano theme that would serve as a sort of leitmotif for Maggie's character throughout much of the series, as well as an early television role from guest star Christa Miller.