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Gay in Amsterdam (2004) Online

Gay in Amsterdam (2004) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Tom Six
Cast :
Hugo Metsers,Joris van de Sande,Nienke Brinkhuis
Writer :
Tom Six
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 40min
Rating :
Gay in Amsterdam (2004) Online

Follows the story of Karl Tångballe in his adventures around Amsterdam.
Credited cast:
Hugo Metsers Hugo Metsers - Max
Joris van de Sande Joris van de Sande - Pascal
Nienke Brinkhuis Nienke Brinkhuis - Snoes
Dean Reinick Dean Reinick - Guy
Adriaan Adriaanse Adriaan Adriaanse - Nol
Casper van Bohemen Casper van Bohemen - Ken
Josefine van Asdonk Josefine van Asdonk - Stefanie
Serge-Henri Valcke Serge-Henri Valcke - Dierenarts
Nada van Nie Nada van Nie - Juryvoorzitter
Hummie van de Tonnekreek Hummie van de Tonnekreek - Journaliste
Kelly van der Veer Kelly van der Veer - Lesbienne (as Kelly)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Herald Adolfs Herald Adolfs - Mickey
Damien Largey Damien Largey - Rent Boy #04
Mark Schröder Mark Schröder - Bartender Café April
Wouter Zweers Wouter Zweers - Roderick

User reviews



I saw this movie at the Amsterdam Gala Premiere and although I didn't have high hopes for it, it turned out to be even worse. The film, which is supposed to be a reflection of normal gay life in Amsterdam, is filled with stereotypes, clichés and stuff that no gay man will find recognizable.

The story is bad (the main plot a total rip off, as the main character has the same kind of problems with the words I love you too as Patrick Swayze's Ghost character), camera is bad, lighting is bad and guess what acting is bad.

If you are into "bad" b-movies, gather your friends, open up lots of alcohol and you will have a night filled with laughter. Especially the more dramatic parts of the film brought loads of tears (because I was laughing so hard) to my eyes.

I heard Tom Six is planning a sequel (this time with lesbians), but after seeing his first, getting the feeling of crawling back into the closet, I hope he reconsiders before he damages gay acceptation even more.


The plot of this movie is cliché. The characters are at best one dimensional. The way the gay-scene is pictured borders on the ridiculous, and would be insulting if it weren't so stupid. The dialogue is beyond bad. The photography has the quality of your average home movie. The acting is wooden. The direction is direction-less. Why do the characters switch from Dutch to bad English all the time in the dialogue? Why was this film made? Why? But: I enjoyed watching it. To see just how bad a really bad movie can be. Compared to this, "Intensive Care" (another Dutch gem) is a masterpiece. "Gay" is unbelievably bad, bad, bad. Rent it, just for a few laughs. and who knows, maybe Mr. Six will come up with a new movie! Could be fun!


As a Dutch gay man I am ashamed that this movie was made here. There is not one good thing about it. And the other review here is simply nonsense. This movie isn't even worth mentioning in the same sentence as the other movies referenced there, and I won't.

The acting is horrible, the story is retarded and the poster art is offensive.

Please do not watch this movie, you might get a very wrong impression of the Dutch gay scene. Also please do not think anyone involved with this movie has any respect in the Netherlands.

This might just be the worst movie ever made...


i watch whatever gay themed thing comes out and i tend to enjoy even the slated ones. This movie is awful, it goes no where and there was absolutely no point in making it or in anyone of us watching it.

Don't bother even watching it to check how awful it was, just save the hours of your life for something else. Try, Beautiful Thing if your English or 'O Fantasma' (The Phantom) if your into something that you want to be left thinking about and you don't mind subs.

People have suggested that its funny but it really doesn't come across as that in the English bits or the subtitled bits.

I imagine that it was written by a gay dutchman who had experience of these most important things going on in his life. He sadly didn't think about the fact that no one would care cause there not important.


Absolutely bad but funny enough watchable. And again the clichés are going on and on and on. In a way the characters played as they were meant to be (absolutely sissy (nichterig -Dutch-)) in this context were not that bad. The shots were perfect the light was good (seen on a TFT Flatscreen) and also the music as background was tolerable. So in general you can say a good movie with good (looking as well) actors but a bad script. It's a movie to sit back and think of all the other good movies you've seen. To much gay... is this possible? yes it can, this film is. I'm looking forward to see another film of this director Mr. Tom Six maybe he must see the British movies "AKA" or - it's an old one but superb - "Another Country" first.


This film was given bad reviews by both the gay and straight press. I don't understand why as there are some terrible Dutch films that are rated more highly. (Karakter; Wilde Mossels; De Grot) These were truly awful films without ANY real narrative structure to make you want to continue from frame to frame. Unfortunately one of them got an Oscar and so the Dutch have continued to produce pretentious unwatchable films that even their own population run away from.

In this context 'Gay' had all the basic simplicity of a high class soap opera (think Dynasty) and over the top characters that with more intelligent handling could have come out of Fassbinder. In fact the first two thirds of the film were harsh in a way that could only alienate both heterosexuals and homosexuals. I mean what straight man is capable of sitting in a cinema and watching so much male kissing or so much gay sex? Not many! And for a mainstream homosexual audience self-criticism does not often come easy. The men lead shallow, selfish lives and seem to live on a diet of sushi and champagne. This was not 'Another Country' and neither was it a wish fulfillment fantasy about finding the ideal boy next door.

Unfortunately after this promising start the film fell apart in the last section as soon as one of the characters put on a dress and we entered 'La Cage Aux Folles' territory. It seemed to me that the director had suddenly thought ' Oh my God what of the straight audience and their reactions?' A man of course, in a dress, being hysterical is not a threat.

This was not a bad film and certainly given its limitations was far more watchable than most Dutch efforts. It had a few laughs which is rare in a Dutch film and it made you want to see how it would work out. The fact that the working out was a disappointment was just a pity. I think it's time the Dutch made another homosexual film but not call it 'Gay' which is plain boring and which leaves nothing for those who have a queer perspective.


What an excellent movie! The acting was good, and the plot, well, what can I say! Mal! Great! I shed tears, I laughed, this movie is just excellent! It has it all! It was a very good movie, the directing was very good. It wasn't an Oscar (Academy Award) winning movie, I know that, but it was very good nonetheless. I felt the lead actor (I forget his name) portrayed his role with brilliance. I'd definitely recommend it to everyone! Except homophobics. (the movie is called 'Gay', which may annoy them/turn them off) If I were a school teacher, I'd give it an A+! Watch it and prepare to laugh!

However, some scenes may not be suitable for young children. They may have an influence on their young minds. It's more suitable for a teenager or older, maybe someone coming-of-age.



I saw the film in the Dutch cinema's and I liked it very much. It's controversial but that's exactly what I like about film, it does something with an audience. This film provokes a lot of different reactions. The movies feels like a extravagant soap episode and I can absolutely recommend this film to men and woman. It's funny, controversial and unique. I want to applaud Tom Six for this daring movie. I hope to rent this movie abroad and I also look forward to his next film about a lesbian love. I am sure it is gonna be even better than Gay in Amsterdam! Enjoy the movie and don't take it too serious like so many people do!