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Young Students (1976) Online

Young Students (1976) Online
Original Title :
Young Students
Genre :
Movie / Adult / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Stu Segall
Cast :
Angela Haze,Vicky Lindsay,Linda Wong
Type :
Time :
1h 3min
Rating :

Students and staff get into carnal mischief at a boarding school for girls.

Young Students (1976) Online

This is a tale about a female doctor who runs a girls's school called Kent Manor. The girls are so horny that they can't wait to unzip any available male - including the school gardener, the new psychology professor, the laundry man and other assorted desirable targets.
Complete credited cast:
Angela Haze Angela Haze - Suzanne (as Suzie Muffet)
Vicky Lindsay Vicky Lindsay - Dr. McKenzie (as Vicky Lindsy)
Linda Wong Linda Wong - Wendy (as Sandy Stram)
Marsha Wolfe Marsha Wolfe - Missy
Beth Ruberman Beth Ruberman - Karen
Lewis Chas. Wolfe Lewis Chas. Wolfe - Hedge the Handyman
Joey Silvera Joey Silvera - David (as David Reisen)
Phillip Abbott Phillip Abbott
Paul Scharf Paul Scharf - Gary (as Vance Erikson III)

User reviews



YOUNG STUDENTS presents the usual sexcapades of teenage girls, professionally done and in arousing fashion. Hardly of classic status, it nonetheless is worth watching.

The functional script is uncredited, as is the well-done photography which employs many different angles for the sex scenes and impressive closeups during the fellatio footage. No reason to be ashamed, but none of the credits on-screen are real here.

Vicky Lindsay stars as Dr. McKenzie, the dean of a private girls' boarding school named Kent Manor. The teens all come from broken homes and have sorry histories of incest and abuse, but the film is relatively light & carefree compared to the back stories described.

Typical of the approach is an early scene where McKenzie is raped by the handyman/gardener after she informs him that he's been fired. Instead of the rough stuff fans have come to expect, she acquiesces to the rape and joins in wholeheartedly -not even commenting on the incident afterward.

New psychology professor Joey Silvera (credited as David Reisen for no good reason) has his share of sex with the students and McKenzie too. Linda Wong is barely recognizable as Wendy, a student who has sex in the kitchen -her highly noticeable tan lines being the most distinctive aspect of this scene. Wendy's supposed to be 15 years old but Wong was 25 at the time.

Most impressive cast member is Angela Haze (billed as Suzie Muffet) portraying Suzanne, supposedly a victim of rape by her natural father. Her deep throat technique is very impressive (later spotlighted in the fine movie DO YOU WANNA BE LOVED?), shot in extreme closeup and probably the film's highlight.

Beth Ruberman plays one of the other students involved in a threesome. I was expecting to see Donna Ruberman, perhaps her sister but who does NOT show up, an icon in teens-having-sex film history as the fantasy girl demonstrating deep throat at the beginning of the classic LITTLE GIRLS BLUE, a scene that is the best thing in that film yet for which she was not credited. My blunder -I saw the name and confused the two when I bought the film.

Film ends with a quickie "highlights" montage and Dr. McKenzie voicing over a phone call, noting "We've burned out another staff; could you send over some more help?".

Unusual aspect of YOUNG STUDENTS is a soundtrack of many original songs, credited anonymously to "Lonjohn Productions". Besides the title track, each sex scene has a ballad or folk-rock tune that's written to fit the on-screen action (even mentioning characters' names), ranging from "Eatin' Out" and "Now I'm Seeing Double" to an amusing "Baby You Can Crack My Nut" which is playfully in the "suggestive lyrics" vein of '50s/'60s underground song hits as played by Doug Clark & the Hot Nuts on the fraternity circuit.

It's the sex that counts here, as Lindsay's acting is not very convincing, reciting her dialog in monotone, Haze overdoes the seductive routine and even Silvera has little to work with. At one point he professes a predilection for being tied up and whipped, but no kinky action ever develops.

Director Stu Segall has a most checkered career, with several hits and well made films under his belt (I particularly enjoyed recently his unsung softcore opus TEEN-AGE JAIL BAIT) and additionally TEENY BUNS and SUMMER SCHOOL in the same genre. More recently he produced the trashily fun miniseries FASHION HOUSE, which not only starred Morgan Fairchild vs. Bo Derek but introduced an exceptionally sexy starlet Donna Feldman, currently scorching in a Visa TV commercial. Nice to see he didn't forget his sexy roots.