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Como Quien No Quiere La Cosa (2013) Online

Como Quien No Quiere La Cosa (2013) Online
Original Title :
Como Quien No Quiere La Cosa
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Family / Fantasy
Year :
Directror :
Alvaro Velarde
Cast :
Celine Aguirre,Karine Aguirre,Marisol Aguirre
Type :
Time :
1h 19min
Rating :
Como Quien No Quiere La Cosa (2013) Online

The evil doings of a bitter woman, who lives in a lighthouse, against her childhood sweetheart, who had longtime forgotten her and now runs a hotel by the beach, is the excuse for portraying human restricted perception of reality and a celebration of old film making, B movies and the naivety of vintage TV family series. Above all an aesthetic and humorous adventure.
Credited cast:
Celine Aguirre Celine Aguirre - Trinitita Del Faro
Karine Aguirre Karine Aguirre - Trinitita Del Faro
Marisol Aguirre Marisol Aguirre - Trinitita Del Faro
Anémone Anémone - Mrs. Lesoufache
Laura Aramburú Laura Aramburú - Paz Crespo
Bruno Ascenzo Bruno Ascenzo - Rovy
Carlos Belloso Carlos Belloso - Fortunato Crespo
Claudia Berninzon Claudia Berninzon - Senora Rumoretti
Mercy Bustos Mercy Bustos - Senora Bacarat
Diego Hidalgo Diego Hidalgo - Armando Guerra
Trevor Lock Trevor Lock - Mister Terrier
Pollyanna McIntosh Pollyanna McIntosh - Missis Terrier
Leandro Mikati Leandro Mikati - Senor Bravo
Gonzalo Molina Gonzalo Molina - Senor Rumoretti
Elena Romero Elena Romero - Constanza Crespo