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Original Title :
By Way of the Stars
Genre :
TV Series / Adventure / Drama / Family
Cast :
Zachary Bennett,Gema Zamprogna,Christian Kohlund
Type :
TV Series
Rating :
By Way of the Stars Online

Spring, 1865. The last spring in the childhood of Lukas Bienmann. Nothing forebodes the calamities about to befall the 13-year-old boy and his family in the peaceful town of Liebenberg, Prussia. Nature awakens to new life, and Lukas is happy, for his mother is about to give birth to her second child, and Lukas' grandfather, Brunneck, is coming from Canada for the event. Brunneck, however, brings only discord to the family. Though Lukas is excited by his grandfather's plans to take the family back with him to Canada, his father Karl will hear none of this. Tempers flare and Lukas' mother, deeply troubled and frightened, goes into early labor - and dies. Brunneck blames Karl, and demands to take Lukas with him. Bewildered, Lukas flees into the night. Lukas accidentally witnesses an altercation between a local nobleman, Count Otto von Lebrecht, and a gambling partner to whom he owes money. When Otto kills the man in a rage, Lukas tries to flee, but is caught by the murderer. Otto ...
Complete series cast summary:
Zachary Bennett Zachary Bennett - Lukas Bienmann 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Gema Zamprogna Gema Zamprogna - Ursula von Knabig 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Christian Kohlund Christian Kohlund - Karl Bienmann 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Anja Kruse Anja Kruse - Maria Bienmann 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Dietmar Schönherr Dietmar Schönherr - Friedrich Brunneck 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Hannes Jaenicke Hannes Jaenicke - Otto von Lebrecht 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Jan Rubes Jan Rubes - Hausierer Nathan 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Dominique Sanda Dominique Sanda - Christina von Knabig 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Günther Maria Halmer Günther Maria Halmer - Heinrich von Knabig 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Volker Lechtenbrink Volker Lechtenbrink - Diener Jürgen 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Andrew Bednarski Andrew Bednarski - Helmut 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Michael Mahonen Michael Mahonen - Ben Davis 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Gavin Magrath Gavin Magrath - Mathias 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Toby Proctor Toby Proctor - Franz 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Jiri Dolanski Jiri Dolanski - Hans 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Damon Redfern Damon Redfern - Dietrich von Brabent 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Dennis Strong Dennis Strong - Virgil Johnson 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Tantoo Cardinal Tantoo Cardinal - Franoise 6 episodes, 1992-1993
John Neville John Neville - Professor Billby 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Albert Millaire Albert Millaire - Renauld 6 episodes, 1992-1993
R.H. Thomson R.H. Thomson - Priest 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Frances Bay Frances Bay - Annie Pyle 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Michelle St. John Michelle St. John - White Feather 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Jan Nemejovský Jan Nemejovský - Piet 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Katarina Krizanova Katarina Krizanova - Charlotte von Brabent 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Suzanna Jeserka Suzanna Jeserka - Johanna von Brabent 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Miroslav Donutil Miroslav Donutil - Albert 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Vlado Durdík Vlado Durdík - Baron Lyczinsky 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Peter Debnar Peter Debnar - The Magistrate 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Chris Wiggins Chris Wiggins - Captain Harris 6 episodes, 1992-1993
John Gilbert John Gilbert - Captain Hébert 6 episodes, 1992-1993
David Fox David Fox - Mr. Passlinger 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Eric Schweig Eric Schweig - Black Thunder 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Devon Codrington Devon Codrington - Tomorrow 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Carol Greyeyes Carol Greyeyes - Forest Beautiful 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Richard Maracle Richard Maracle - The Chief 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Arnie General Arnie General - The Old Sage 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Gordon Tootoosis Gordon Tootoosis - The Cree Chief 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Mardy Lucier-Porte Mardy Lucier-Porte - Sioux #1 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Vern Harper Vern Harper - Cree's Sorcerer #1 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Denis Lacroix Denis Lacroix - Cree's Sorcerer #3 6 episodes, 1992-1993
John Bourgeois John Bourgeois 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Victor Ertmanis Victor Ertmanis - Sam 6 episodes, 1992-1993
Stephen Hunter Stephen Hunter - Port Official 5 episodes, 1992

User reviews

Longitude Temporary

Longitude Temporary

I bought this movie because I love Road to Avonlea and many of the actors from this series are in this movie. After watching the movie however, I was left scratching my head at a few of the plot twists and turns. Turns out after reading the summary (which is a FULL summary with spoilers FYI) that there are indeed scenes missing on the DVD that were part of the original movie that were most likely cut to fit on the DVD.

Plot twists that weren't intended aside, this is a good movie that spans a few continents and has something for the whole family to enjoy. Although there are death scenes in this movie, they are done delicately enough for the younger audience to still be able to watch. From Prussia, to the sea, to the wilderness to the prarie: this movie has every landscape one could want and a nice story to intermix all of them.


Nice story. The story has many twists and turns. Set in the mid 19th century it gives an insight to 19th century Prussia. Watch Zachary & Gema travel across continents. The movie features Prussian - European 19th century living, Post American Civil War, wild Canadian prairies, American Indians, and so much more. It has great background scenes.

A movie perfect for a summer afternoon.