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Bu dao de de li wu (1995) Online

Bu dao de de li wu (1995) Online
Original Title :
Bu dao de de li wu
Genre :
Movie / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Wai Man Yip
Cast :
Fai-Hung Chan,Ekin Cheng,Yuk-San Cheung
Writer :
Jing Wong
Type :
Time :
1h 34min
Rating :
Bu dao de de li wu (1995) Online

Ekin Cheng is a young triad member who is betrayed by his boss, later he is back to HK with a police officer and a gangster to have his revenge.
Credited cast:
Fai-Hung Chan Fai-Hung Chan
Ekin Cheng Ekin Cheng - Water Lam (as Dior Cheng)
Yuk-San Cheung Yuk-San Cheung
Ka-Fai Ho Ka-Fai Ho
Wah Kong Wah Kong - Mountain Lam
Guy Lai Guy Lai
Dave Ching Lam Dave Ching Lam
Amanda Lee Amanda Lee - Sorry
Lei Lee Lei Lee - (as Jessica Li)
Chung-ming Poon Chung-ming Poon
Suk-Mui Tam Suk-Mui Tam
Michael Wong Michael Wong - Honey Chan
Chingmy Yau Chingmy Yau - Cher Lo
Lung Yau Lung Yau

User reviews

Elastic Skunk

Elastic Skunk

A wealthy businessman has been rendered impotent in an accident until one day when he sets eyes upon the lovely Cher (Chingmy Yau). He becomes obsessed with finding the one woman who can cure him, enlisting the help of his brother. Cher, meanwhile, needs money in order to save her father's business, so, when the brother finds her, she agrees that she will seduce the wealthy man for one night for $10 million. The brother brings in his gay friend to school her in the art of seduction, but complications ensue when the brother finds himself falling in love with her. This is a charming romantic comedy, surprisingly witty and well-acted, with an "Indecent Proposal" premise but a tone not dissimilar to a better American romantic comedy such as "Pretty Woman." And, having Chingmy Yau play the only woman who can bring life to an impotent man is nothing short of typecasting! Besides being a wonderful actress, she is a *very* sexy woman indeed. I highly recommend this film.


Typical Wong Jing crudity spoils what could have been quite a sweet romantic comedy. The film stars Chingmy Yau, and she's as gob-smackingly sexy as ever. She's the only cure for a rich businessman's impotence (!), and hired by his brother to 'sort him out', so to speak. For some reason she needs to be trained in the art of seduction (and sexy dancing) by fashion designer Honey Chan (Wong, camping it up to the max). Bad taste jokes abound, but you can't help watching it with a big dopey grin.

If nothing else, it's worth a view for Chingmy's dancing scenes!


This is another great entertainment from Wong Jin. A beautiful girl (Chingmy Yau) gets dumped by her fiancé of 7 years due to his infidelity with another woman. This part itself is pricelessly funny in the movie, but later that night, she meets a gay guy (Michael Wong) who thinks she's cute. Imagine a gay guy taking interest in a woman.

Wong Jin puts in even more twists to the story. Cher's (Chingmy Yau) father buys 600 luxury toilet seats and sinks for a high rise he's trying to sell to the mainlanders. The deal falls through, and he's in debt for 30M HK Dollars. The gay guy's friend's brother turns out to be a rich developer who's impotent. He's seen Cher and is looking all over HK for her. While Cher and her friend Sorry goes to see if this guy's company might be interested in buying the toilet seats (completely by coincidence), and his brother finds out that she's the girl his older brother is looking for.

The title of the movie roughly translates to "Indecent Gift" and hints at what Cher has to do to get the money she needs.

The movie is pretty middle of the road for Chingmy Yau and Wong Jin. It's not their best or the worst work, but amazingly consistently good quality their movies comes out to be.

Good comedy - romance - satire as usual from Wong Jin, starring the gorgeous Chingmy Yau. Even with glasses on she looks stunning. We probably won't see the likes of her for long time to come.


Basically a vehicle for the beautiful and sexy Chingmy Yau, this film is about a lady named Cher (Ms. Yau) who agrees to seduce Mountain Lam, who has been impotent for five years, though it appears more psychosomatic then physical. Running to catch a boat on a pier, Cher's dress blows up, and Mountain, in a wheelchair, is smitten (you will be too, she looks amazing). The film then takes on an "Indecent Proposal" type theme, with Cher agreeing to seduce Mountain for $30 million HK. This film is silly at times, sexist (Cher's friend Sorry, the sexy Amanda Lee, has fistfights with the openly gay Honey-thats a man) and even more than a bit illogical. However, again, its a film starring Chingmy Yau and that alone makes it worth the price of admission. Sort of a romantic comedy/farce. Leave your brains at the door and you'll probably like it, but not recommend it highly.