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The Grid: Zombie Outlet Maul (2015) Online

The Grid: Zombie Outlet Maul (2015) Online
Original Title :
The Grid: Zombie Outlet Maul
Genre :
Movie / Animation / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi
Year :
Directror :
Linda Andersson,MJ Lallo
Cast :
Thea Gill,Harry Ford,Leah Ann Cevoli
Writer :
Linda Andersson,Linda Andersson
Type :
Time :
1h 31min
Rating :
The Grid: Zombie Outlet Maul (2015) Online

Electrical devices come to life after a nuclear plant explosion forcing a power struggle between the evil Voltz Gang battery chargers, and Hazel Switch (Thea Gill) and her electrical friends.
Credited cast:
Thea Gill Thea Gill - Hazel Switch (voice)
Harry Ford Harry Ford - Remo, Bar Patron, Sports Reporter (voice)
Leah Ann Cevoli Leah Ann Cevoli - Sgt. Filament, Gennie The Generator (voice)
Larry Altmayer Larry Altmayer - Bud Lava (voice)
Danny Pardo Danny Pardo - Mane, Utility Supervisor (voice)
Mary Anzalone Mary Anzalone - Fannie, Breaker 10 (voice)
Theresa Grasso Theresa Grasso - Drusilla, Hal, Breaker 14, Waldo Outlet (voice)
Deborah Stewart Deborah Stewart - Creative Outlet, Disco Lucille Ball, Telly, Cashier, Bare Wire Bartender (voice)
Maxwell Chase Maxwell Chase - Rex Voltz, Jenkins, Macro Watts, Lightbulb Customer (voice)
Michelle Ehlen Michelle Ehlen - Angry Bottom Outlet / Bottom Outlet / Breaker 19 / Lightbulb Customer (voice)
Onika Pointer Onika Pointer - Deckah Voltz (voice)
MJ Lallo MJ Lallo - Auto d'Fuse, Bartender (voice)
Jere B. Ford Jere B. Ford - Knightlight (voice)
Ryan Gawel Ryan Gawel - Joe Lava, Alarm Clock, Gage / Gayge Powers, Electric Drill (voice)
Heather Alpert Heather Alpert - Airielle, Shopper Girl, Walk / Don't Walk, Bar Patrons (voice)