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The Cardinal's Gift (1912) Online

The Cardinal's Gift (1912) Online
Original Title :
The Cardinalu0027s Gift
Genre :
Movie / Short / Drama
Year :
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The Cardinal's Gift (1912) Online

Original French title is undetermined.

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It is a story in costume of the time of Marie Antoinette and deals with a court intrigue, by means of which a very pretty countess gets possession of a diamond necklace. This had been offered to the queen by Cardinal Rohan, but was refused. The countess finds a girl who resembles the queen and uses her to obtain the gems from the cardinal. She is found out, captured, and branded. There are stately scenes, showing gold lace, silks, and brocade, and scenes in a beautiful park. The scene of the execution in which the countess is branded is sensational, but not beautiful. The audience watched it closely. The photographs are good. It is a good picture to show, but not a sure feature. - The Moving Picture World, April 20, 1912