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Regular Show Karaoke Video (2009–2017) Online

Regular Show Karaoke Video (2009–2017) Online
Original Title :
Karaoke Video
Genre :
TV Episode / Animation / Action / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Year :
Directror :
John Davis Infantino
Cast :
J.G. Quintel,William Salyers,Sam Marin
Writer :
J.G. Quintel,Sean Szeles
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Regular Show Karaoke Video (2009–2017) Online

Mordecai and Rigby have to destroy a promotional video tape of them at a Karaoke Club singing and making fun of everyone at the park, when the gang decides to go there.
Episode complete credited cast:
J.G. Quintel J.G. Quintel - Mordecai / Hi Five Ghost (voice)
William Salyers William Salyers - Rigby (voice)
Sam Marin Sam Marin - Pops / Benson / Muscle Man (voice)
Mark Hamill Mark Hamill - Skips (voice)
Richard McGonagle Richard McGonagle - Carrey O'Key (voice)

User reviews



I enjoyed the first season of Regular Show and was keen to continue with the second, even though if I am honest there were elements of it that were too perfectly targeted to the target audience. As a result I did get a feeling of it being a very crafted show, and perhaps not quite as relaxed as the tone of delivery suggested. This did continue in a few small ways at the start of this season, the most noticeable being things like having the clock in the first episode reading 4:20. Such obvious touches seem too engineered but mostly this season manages to avoid that and produces episodes that are able to be relaxed into and gone with.

I also liked that the episodes did not seem so uniform as before. This is not to say that anything is wrong with the episodes where the characters disappear into another dimension, or another dimension bursts into theirs, but it is nice to have variety. Must be said that most of the season are stories like this, but not all of them, and even when they do this, it does not seem so totally the episode as with the previous season. The best episodes are those that have more to them that just this device and in particular I think "A Bunch of Baby Ducks" is probably the best episode of the season simply because it allows the characters to be the focus more than an event (it also features Rigby acting more like Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer than he does normally). The animation remains of a high quality, while the voice work is good – I continue to like the more eccentric characters, but I also like the fairly normal voices of the leads.

So an enjoyable season, with a bit more variety in content, funnier episodes, good pop culture reference points (but mostly avoiding being too obvious). It seems to relax a bit more in this season and I hope that is something it continues into the third.


Even when the second season of Regular Show wasn't so consistent as the first season, it delivered some of the greatest moments of the series, such as "It's Time" and "Benson Be Gone" (Which started the character development of Benson in the story) introduced Eileen (Which is my favorite secondary character in "Regular Show") Even character that I don't like such as Muscle Man had some nice moments in this season (Particularly in the episode "Muscle Woman") "Karaoke Video" was a highly satisfying conclusion for this great season, being a highly entertaining closure with many amusing moments.

It also had an hilarious version of "Footloose", which was sung by Pops, no less.

Totally a must-see episode.