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The Red Green Show Hurricane Doug (1991–2006) Online

The Red Green Show Hurricane Doug (1991–2006) Online
Original Title :
Hurricane Doug
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
William G. Elliott,Rui Feliz
Cast :
Bob Bainborough,Gavin Crawford,Joel Harris
Writer :
Rick Green,Richard McDonald
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
The Red Green Show Hurricane Doug (1991–2006) Online

Possum Lodge is threatened by a Force 5 hurricane.
Episode credited cast:
Bob Bainborough Bob Bainborough - Dalton Humphrey
Gavin Crawford Gavin Crawford - Dale
Joel Harris Joel Harris - Walter
Bobby Inksetter Bobby Inksetter - The Kid
Patrick McKenna Patrick McKenna - Harold Green
Gordon Pinsent Gordon Pinsent - Hap Shaughnessy
Wayne Robson Wayne Robson - Mike Hamar
Jerry Schaefer Jerry Schaefer - Ed Frid
Steve Smith Steve Smith - Red Green

Red's reference to a "rainbow day" when conversing with the super-peaceable-minded Dale is a snide hint that he sarcastically views Dale as being "un-manly bordering on gay" (i.e., the rainbow flag outside of gay-friendly bars); Hap Shaughnessy even makes a reference to male sexual-orientation in the skit directly prior to this one.