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Original Title :
Dragon Ball GT: Doragon bôru jîtî
Genre :
TV Series / Animation / Action / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Cast :
Elise Baughman,Andrew Chandler,Masako Nozawa
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TV Series
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After Goku is made a kid again by the Black Star Dragon Balls, he goes on a journey to get back to his old self.

Dragon Ball GT Online

After Goku is made a kid again by the Black Star Dragon Balls, he goes on a journey to get back to his old self.
Series cast summary:
Elise Baughman Elise Baughman - Pan 65 episodes, 1996-2003
Andrew Chandler Andrew Chandler - Narrator / - 65 episodes, 1996-2003
Masako Nozawa Masako Nozawa - Son Gokû / - 64 episodes, 1996-1997
Yûko Minaguchi Yûko Minaguchi - Pan / - 64 episodes, 1996-1997
Jôji Yanami Jôji Yanami - Narrator / - 64 episodes, 1996-1997
Caitlynne Medrek Caitlynne Medrek - Pan (Blue Water Dub) / - 64 episodes, 1996-1997
Jeremiah Yurk Jeremiah Yurk - Adult Goku (Blue Water dub) 64 episodes, 1996-1997
Stephanie Nadolny Stephanie Nadolny - Young Goku / - 61 episodes, 1996-2003
Eric Vale Eric Vale - Trunks / - 49 episodes, 1996-2003
Matthew Erickson Matthew Erickson - Gill / - 49 episodes, 1996-1997
Takeshi Kusao Takeshi Kusao - Trunks 48 episodes, 1996-1997
Sonny Strait Sonny Strait - Giru / - 45 episodes, 1996-2003
Shinobu Satouchi Shinobu Satouchi - Giru / - 44 episodes, 1996-1997
Kyle Hebert Kyle Hebert - Gohan / - 32 episodes, 1996-2003
Hiromi Tsuru Hiromi Tsuru - Bulma / - 31 episodes, 1996-1997
Christopher Sabat Christopher Sabat - Vegeta / - 29 episodes, 1996-2003
Daisuke Gôri Daisuke Gôri - Mr. Satan / - 28 episodes, 1996-1997
Tiffany Vollmer Tiffany Vollmer - Bulma 28 episodes, 1996-2003
Cynthia Cranz Cynthia Cranz - Chi-Chi 27 episodes, 1996-2003

Contrary to popular belief, there IS a manga of Dragon Ball GT. However, it came AFTER the anime and was not created by Akira Toriyama, therefore making it unofficial to the official Toriyama-verse.

GT was the brainchild of Toei Animation and was not based on a manga by Akira Toriyama . However, Toriyama did make some contributions to the series, namely sketches of the main characters, their spaceships, etc.

Dragon Ball GT's intro sequence is the only Dragon Ball series intro ever to feature nudity (Goku's genitals can be seen as he rises from the water, wrestling a fish.)

Since the release of the new Dragon Ball Z movies "Battle of Gods" (2013), "Resurrection F" (2015) and the new T.V. series "Dragon Ball Super" (2015), Dragon Ball GT is no longer canon to the original series, however Dragon Ball creator Ajira Toriyama said, he saw Dragon Ball GT as a good Alternate Ending to the original series.

Sean Schemmel, the voice of Adult Goku, confirmed at ComiCon 2012 (London) that he passed out while recording a Super Saiyan 4 transformation.

The show debuted in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia in 2011, as a stunt by the channel Animax Central Europe to boost its ratings and reach out to Dragon Ball fans. When the channel was terminated on March 31, 2014, this series, specifically episode 43 ("The Resurrection of Cell and Frieza") was the last program to be aired, replacing the originally scheduled programming as a final farewell to anime viewers in those countries.

With the release of the DRAGON BALL SUPER (2015) Manga adaptation, the Super Saiyan 4 transformation of this series is not canon officially, since in the manga Goku mentions in one Chapter, that he has reached the God Super Saiyan phase, but he usually prefers to call it the Super Saiyan 4 to simplify the name.

Despite that Akira Toriyama considers this series as no canon to the original story, he still added some Easter eggs and tributes to this series in Dragon Ball Super (2015).

User reviews



This show is taking a lot of heat from die-hard fans of the popular manga and anime Dragon Ball Z, because it is a revisitation to and - in some fashion - a retelling of the original dragon ball series, on a much grander scale and in increasingly obfuscated terms. The basic plot and premise of the beginning of this series is simple; a trio of child heroes disembark from earth in a rocketship to find powerful magical artifacts called 'black star dragon balls', that have been scattered across the galaxy. The result, known under the name Dragon Ball GT, is an anime series that is fair in its own right, but succumbs to its ambition. Not only does the fact that GT has been written by a large number of different storyboard writers cause the whole to be diffuse and incoherent, but the series had been canceled before its due date as well, making watching GT a laborious effort for some.

Despite this, it's hard to blame GT for how it might or might not have turned out, because the series is at its very core a large marketing exercise, a service to fans worldwide who were not ready for their favorite anime series to be decommissioned just yet. The moral of the story behind GT, then, is that trying to please everybody at the same time is a fool's errand.

GT incorporates the playfulness and adventure-element of the early Dragon Ball series, as well as the high-octane fighting from Dragon Ball Z. Fans of the former may just end up complain about the latter, and vice versa. At the same time, the resulting series is neither as original nor as exciting as either Dragonball or Dragon Ball Z. The first half of GT utilizes the same archetypical main characters as in Dragonball - Goku, Trunks and Pan in GT, compared to Goku, Yamcha and Bulma from Dragonball. The 'new' character of Pan, although often fun and rebellious, is not always interesting and may at times test the limits of your patience with her pre-pubescent levels of self-reliance. GT is a mixed bag, a mutt amongst anime that you either learn to like or love to hate.

What vexes many Dragon Ball afficionados the most is that GT introduces a lot of plot holes to the formerly reasonably tight storyline of its predecessors. Many of these storytelling oversights can be attributed to alterations of the original plot. Resultingly, GT can be considered somewhat of a retcon because of it, if not a downright non-chronicle addition to the Dragonball universe. BUT...

... let's be fair now and consider that Dragon Ball Z itself isn't exactly famous for its storyline depth to begin with. One might even argue that if it weren't for the Saiya-Jin and Freezer sagas, and the thoroughly interesting and well-developed character of Cell, Dragon Ball Z wouldn't have enough story to wrap around on itself and make a hole in the first place. What GT doesn't fail to bring, then, is an engaging little plot, even if it diverges from the canon. Said plot is interspersed with a myriad of interesting locales, characters and villains, and allows for a variation not seen since the early stages of Dragonball (I am of course referring to the recurring theme of high-octane battles over barren mesas). Also, perhaps by virtue of their absurdity, GT boasts less emphasis on the by then truly cyclopean power levels of the characters it features, whether that is for the better or worse.

In conclusion, GT is definitely worth a once-over. Find out for yourself if you love or hate it, but don't think it isn't worth watching, because it is. 6/10


So, I really hadn't heard of GT until later on. I was very familiar with DBZ in the early 2000s, when they began to show on Cartoon Network in the USA. I got one of the games later on and saw a few characters that I never heard of; Baby, Super Android 17, etc... I eventually purchased GT and started watching. The first part of the show was funny, especially with the Para Para brothers (LOL). But, once we started getting to the Baby saga, I was really getting hooked. Super Android 17 was another really interesting saga, as well. The dragon saga was a little goofy at first, but was OK. Some people didn't like the character development, but I think the all the show up to the dragons was very entertaining. If you go in there expecting Frieza, Cell or Majin Buu sagas, you may be a little let down. But, if you open your mind and enjoy for what it is, you won't be disappointed!


Dragon Ball GT was one of my favorite anime's growing up, the story had decent writing in my opinion, the new villains including baby, super 17, and the shadow dragons were very exciting to me with their enormous power and various forms, and the super saiyan 4 looked incredible and their power was amazing even though they were incredibly cocky in that form.

But all of these events except for baby's attempt to rule the galaxy happened in the second season of the series. The first season was my least favorite part of GT, don't get me wrong it had its moments but for most of it i didn't like it. pan absolutely drove me crazy with her bossiness and overconfidence, trunks barely helped at all with goku and pan, and the para para brothers made me want to pull my hair out, and before i found out how to change the DVD set soundtrack i had to stick with the Japanese one and the over abundance of the show's theme song got annoying very fast.

stick with the second season for the better part of the series but if you want the full story be prepared for a lot of repetition and annoying characters


Many people bash Dragon Ball GT for being simply a commercial hit by Toei Animation, because it's not made by Toriyama, and because Z is 100000 times better. I can agree on these points, they are all true, but GT is not as bad as it could have been.

Biggest Dragon Ball fans know full well that after GT ended, fans were so wanting for more, even if GT wasn't quite the big deal - it was even cancelled after only 64 episodes, compared to the total of over 400 of the previous 2 series. Many, many fan-fictions were made (at times, I even made a few, I so loved the world created by Toriyama). Dragon Ball GT, in a way, is a fan-fiction, as it's hardly even related to Toriyama, if not for a few concepts like the SSJ4. So, a Dragon Ball made purely to make the crying fans shut up, by different authors who didn't properly follow the previous events of the series? Well that sounds just terrible. The series though, isn't all that bad.

The Dragon Ball fan-base was always split in 2 - those who preferred the comicity and absurdity of the 1st Dragon Ball series, and those who loved the sci-fi macho fights between ubermuscle'd saiyans of Z. GT obviously tries to give bread to both fan-bases, making the 1st part of the GT series a tribute to the 1st series with all the searching of the Dragon Balls - some plots even rip-off completely previous plots from the 1st series! Even the trio, Goku, Trunks and Pan seems a homage to the Goku - Yamcha - Bulma trio of 1st series. In fact, the 1st part of the series is actually pretty lame. It gets interesting in some parts, but only the Baby part really changes the things for the best, thus making GT actually worth a watch.

This part is obviously a homage to Z, more like to Buu series, and it's the longest enemy in GT, lasting quite some episodes - which is good, because I find this part far the most interesting in the series. Here we get some insane combats, some actually pretty inventive, but most of them kind of missing the thrills of DBZ, but with many situations that are resolved by luck and not by skills. This thing happens later on as well, in the following enemies, which are far less interesting than Baby in fact. The way Toei tries to continue the android-saga over 3-4 years after it ended is quite mad, as it really adds no depth - except for the final words about it maybe, which I won't spoil. The last part of the series focuses on a situations that fans were "what-if-ing" from several years - what would happen if the Dragon Balls turned against our friends? Well, despite the logical happening of that, this part is actually very boring, and only at the very end it gets any interesting, even thought it's very much like the Janemba movie of Z. The ending is fairly logical, but it's not worth the wait, and I think a better ending should have been made.

At the end, GT is not bad, considering. The core fighting is still very good, and some fights are really well-done, especially for the time. Some parts though fail very hard, because they completely rip-off earlier plots. The characters aren't as good as before either, with Pan being so whiny that it's often annoying. Goku turned out to be stupid as well. And there's some heavy plot-hole. But at the core, this is Dragon Ball. If you liked the mindless combats in Z, there's no reason for you to miss GT either. Just be prepared that GT is a cheap and unofficial way to end an amazing series, and while it's not bad compared to general animes, it's quite a downfall for Toriyama.

A must for hardcore fans, otherwise you won't be missing much.


Im not sure if anyone reads this Thread anymore but i would just like to say dragon ball dragon ball z and gt was the best thing i every watched on TV and I'm very sad that it has finished especially with such a poor ending in gt i was very confused about the ending but Apart from that It was a excellent series and the Only Animation i have ever enjoyed. And people saying there fans and they complain about the dub etc please if you really enjoyed the series you wouldn't care about that. And yes even till this day i still watch Dragonball z and hopefully I can one day see all the movies

Just thought id say that


There are many complaints against DragonBall GT. Many people complain about the lack of characters who get things to do, the lack of favourite characters from the first two series, and the mix of styles from the first two series. The first DragonBall was a very comedic show that centered around Goku growing up as a child, while DragonBall Z introduced many new characters, evolved the existing ones and took itself a lot more seriously. Both shows worked fine in their individual styles, but did feel slightly contrasting next to each other.

DragonBall GT is also disregarded by many fans, as the series original creator did not work on this series other than having the job of character consultant.

But looking past the complaints, and regarding it as a series in it's own right, DragonBall GT is very fine. The first step it takes is noticeable - reducing Goku back to the state of a child. The second is probably more noticeable - reducing the regular cast list to only 3; only two of which were favourites from DragonBall Z. In later episodes, an all new fourth party is also added - Gil, a robot who swallowed the Dragon Radar from the original series - unfortunately, he generally slows things down, but at least there has been innovation, which is commendable.

What this series does - and very successfully, it's worth noting - is consistently merge the comedic DragonBall with the action-laden DragonBall Z. Everyone is a winner here, even if their favourite style is not featured as much as in their favourite of the two original series. Reducing Goku to a child was a sensible move, as it allowed fans of the original who drifted during Z's adult-Goku to become interested in the series with the character they knew and loved again. The series utilises it's license to the fullest - resurrecting Emporer Pilaf from the original series (noticeably absent from DragonBall Z), and recreating the importance of the DragonBalls (who were generally merely aesthetic in DragonBall Z). The series also introduces the character of Pan - who showed a lot of potential at the end of DragonBall Z. Perhaps the most controversial aspect of the show, Pan does take up a lot of the screen time, but her character is a direct descendant of Bulma from the original series (despite family tree relations), with the role of 'growing up' given to Goku in DragonBall and Gohan in DragonBall Z.

The series is not perfect, however. Early episodes are generally unengaging, with sometimes uninteresting villains and often farcical situations. The early episodes seem to focus mostly on the DragonBall style over the DragonBall Z one - and because of this the series feels alienated to those who have only experienced DBZ (which is probably a large percentage of the fanbase). Animation has dropped noticeably in quality from DragonBall Z - feeling a bit more 'clunky' and hard-edged. Character re-designs are generally awful; Vegeta starts off the series with a moustache, Gohan's glasses now dominate his face, Trunks has been given an odd suit that really can't be categorised, and Krillin is almost completely unrecogniseable from the first series.

On a redeeming note, though, some character redesigns are good - Pan's costume suits the feel of the show, and Bulma looks exactly the same as in DBZ, save a few wrinkles. Goten also looks great as the skinny teenager, and his role is well written. Hercule also looks much better than expected with a bald patch.

Fans of DBZ will be disappointed that many of the characters are left out of the action - Gohan, Goten and others seemingly never get to fight at all, or do anything of utmost importance. Krillin is annoyingly underused, but he was becoming like that in DragonBall Z as well. Yamcha, again, is noticeably missing. And most surprisingly, Vegeta gets considerably less screen-time in DBZ - though of all the supporting cast, he probably does the most, so it's not all bad.

So what is DragonBall GT? It's a decidedly mixed bag - many good features, and many bad. But as a series in it's own right, it is very good, and a few steps above many other action animes that have all action and barely any substance. The light humour adds a lot, too, and feels very much a part of the DragonBall continuity. And because of the linked styles from the first two series, which works very well in the later episodes, the series really does take on a new perspective, and truly does feel like a DragonBall series. It's not perfect, but for fans of the series it's more of the same - repetitive fight after repetitive fight, with Hercule throwing in some overused (but still welcome) cameos here and there.

A good follow up, if not perfect. Definitely worth investing in if a fan of either original series - or if DBZ left you begging for more - which it did for many people.


Still, it was a nice series, I do believe the main problems the show has are both rather easily fixed. Granted, it is to late to do that now. The first problem is the show needed more development. A good twenty episodes more could have helped this show immensely. That way some fights could have lasted longer, Vegeta could have had more face time and new characters explored a bit more. The other problem is the problems in the stories plot. These are not mistakes I am used to seeing in a Japanese animation, but rather the type found in American animation of the type found in a lot of the cartoon shows I watched in the 80's. Like they said let's forget about what happened here, and try this idea that does not fit in the universe anyway. However, complaints aside there is still a lot to enjoy about this series. It starts out like "Dragonball" with Goku being reduced to child form by black star dragonballs that for all purposes should not exist (see the plot problems complaint). These balls are scattered across the universe and Goku, his granddaughter Pan and Trunks must track them down or the earth will be destroyed. Why they pick Trunks is a mystery, I would have rather seen Vegeta tag along as seeing his and Goku's friendship continue to develop after the Z series would have been nice, not to mention Trunks is virtually a non factor once the fighting portion of the show begins with the battle between Goku and Baby. During the search portion of the series the adventures tend to be on the humorous side and sometimes the annoying side as you wonder why Goku and Trunks do not simply turn into super saiyans during some of their fights as that would have simplified things immensely. Once Baby enters the picture the show shifts to more of a "Dragonball Z" feel to it. Then Android 17 reenters the fray and finally there are numerous battles with what are called shadow dragons with the final battle against a rather tough foe called Omega Shenron. Piccolo is almost a no show through the whole series only really making a contribution in the short Super 17 saga. Vegeta was needed more too, but he really makes an impact during the final battle with Omega as he fuses with Goku and Gogeta is born, for like a half an episode (a place where another episode would have worked). All in all though the fighting once Goku begins his battle with Baby as a Super Saiyan 4 is nearly nonstop the rest of the way. Shame it had to end the way it did, I would have liked to seen more, however as the original creator had stopped doing anything Dragonball at this time it was time for this show to be laid to rest.


While dragon ball and dragon ball z are two of the best animes ever created the pitiful ending that it was given doesn't do it any justice.Dragon Ball GT was clearly poorly written while it was some what entertaining it is a utter disgrace to previous dragon ball sagas.The fact that is was canceled was shame enough.The creators should have just ended it with Dragon Ball Z as the original plan was.Another thing,Goku in his super saiyan 4 form is as cocky as Vegeta since when Goku has the cockiness of Vegeta.All he is babbling about is what he is capable of when really there doesn't seem to be much strength in that form.Its Super Saiyan 4 for God sakes at Super Saiyan level 1 he seemed to had more power.How the hell you could get trashed so much at level 4?Very disappointed in this stupid end to a brilliant anime saga.


I feel like I am the only person that sees how incredibly pathethic weak they made the characters in GT. I'm not sure if you have forgotten how powerful people were in DBZ, example in freezia saga they were able to make nuclear type blasts just by lifting a finger. In DBZ they would move at like 5000mph and punch each other with force that makes the earth crumble around them. DBGT IS PATHETIC! They are supposed to be super powerful SS4 or whatever, but the explosions and speed was far to little to even be slightly believable. Some times it looks like they move at 10mph and when they punch, no effect to the ground around them, just a simple very slow weak looking punch with no effect to anything. Its a freaking SS4, when a punch makes contact it should make a huge shockwave and make the ground crumble. The biggest blasts in GT were nothing compared to DBZ's. People need to stop basing how powerful guys are by how powerful they saythey are, and how powerful they ACTUALLY are animated as. In the freezia vs guku, they were by far animated strongest. SS3 was animated too weak in DBZ, it actually felt at times more of a downgrade in speed and power than an upgrade.

Dubbing was bad. Anyone that is satisfied with DBGT needs to watch the ss1 guku vs freeiza fight right now just to refresh your memory on the power the series is based on.(English dubs are poor though)

DBGT- 1/10


There are so many logical errors in this show it's barely worth me stating. 1) Mystic Gohan is non existent 2) Uub is as powerful as MAJIN BUU yet plays absolutely no role in the show, somehow he is easily overpowered by every bad guy 3) The whole Super Saiyan 4 idea is retarded and it's appalling that he loses to super 17 (which is the worst idea for a DB villain EVER) 4) Super Saiyan 4 Goku is no match for Super 17 but non transformed Goku using a move he learned in a movie that wasn't supposed to happen, kills him with ease 5) Vegeta is utterly useless 6) No character other than Goku has any impact to the outcome of the battles 7) The series ends with a spirit bomb...come on 8) Goku invincible? absorbs dragonballs? lame 9) Gotenks?...better yet Goten??? Trunks??? they both suck 10) Super Saiyan 4 involves a magical transformation into an adult 11) Goku is a kid 12) Goku is a kid 13) No super saiyan level 2 (characterized by electricity) 14) No imagination with the animation of Gogeta 15) Gogeta utterly useless 16) Big Bang Kamehameha is the biggest let down in anime history (not really logical but I'm going off on a tangent) 17) Shortest character fights ever

I could go on longer if I hadn't repressed the majority of memories associated with this show. When I make enough money I am going to fund the remaking of this series.


[Semi Spoilers]

I liked Dragonball. And DBZ. The only reason I even watched GT is because maybe I held some little flickering light of hope within me that this show would be more like the original Dragonball's comedic adventures.

Luckily for all you big-time Akira Toriyama fans, you have nothing to worry about, because this pathetic end to the Dragonball saga won't be tarnishing your favorite show's name. This is because Akira Toriyama, past scribbling a few robot designs, had absolutely nothing to do with this show. This was created by the TV people, more specifically Toei Animation, because Toriyama wanted to give Dragonball a rest and move on with his career, but Toei wanted more green (or whatever color Japanese money is). I heard this show was actually cancelled before it even finished its run, which is practically unheard of with anime (the only other instance I've heard of is the original Gundam's mid-series cancellation, and those 70's people didn't know a good thing when they saw it).

Though some anime fans don't realize it, the average Japanese viewer is not like an American fan. American fans are typically fairly intellectual people, often young people in college or grown adults. Average Japanese viewers, on the other hand, are just like average American viewers, which means that if something was cancelled, that means it must have been REALLY bad (This is why there can be such a big difference between what's popular in Japan and what's popular among US fans).

Now on to Dragon Ball GT. Since the story and characterization and so on are just a continuation of Dragon Ball Z, this review will be less categorical than most of mine are. What's been created here is a true spectacle of what horrors marketing can wreak on a work. This is even more of a perversion than Yugioh, since the second Yugioh starts on the screen you can see it was created for the sole purpose of marketing tie-ins. It was made to be a commercial, and it is, but Dragonball wasn't, and now it's been made into one.

Coming from the side of a fan, I can say that if Toriyama had actually wanted to carry on Dragon Ball Z, I'm sure he would've found some way to do it. It may not have been as stupid as this, but this is only a small step up from some of the things he did do. It isn't the actual lame contrived "plot" twist used to drag on this concept that really makes this show worthless; it's the execution. Much as I complain about the parts of Dragon Ball Z that Toriyama actually created, I can see how much he really does for it when something he wasn't involved in comes around (in this case, I'm talking about the worthless movies or the abysmal Garlic Junior Saga in the TV show). Those were boring beyond all logical comparison (more boring than Dune combined with Boogiepop Phantom combined with Ghost in the Shell, and without the other appeal). I don't know what it is; something to do with the fights, or the designs, or the overall feel, but something Toriyama does takes Dragon Ball Z from unbearable to mediocre (or in the mind of a fan, from mediocre to excellent).

Actually, I was lying; I do know what it is Toriyama does (Warning: Corny Artistic Rant Ahead). When he makes Dragon Ball Z, even if the story is nonexistent, even if the characterization is painfully simplistic, and even if the fights drag on lamely for eight hundred episodes, he injects his soul into it. Every scratchy, mysteriously empty panel of the manga has concentrated soul of Akira Toriyama in it, and the movies, Garlic Junior Saga, and GT have the concentrated soul of marketing in them, which basically means they're crap.

Dragon Ball GT marks the introduction of a new character: Pan, Goku's granddaughter. She appeared at the age of five in like the last three episodes of DBZ, and if I thought Lum Cheng from Silent Mobius was a superfluous character, was I in for a surprise. Pan brought a new meaning to the word "superfluity." In this one she's like twelve years old and she travels the galaxy with Goku and Trunks. Of course, in true Dragonball style, she's both the weakest and stupidest character for no discernible reason, since she's the only female character (by the way, her name means "bread" in Japanese). She's the most dull Dragonball character since the Supreme Kai in the Majin Buu saga. No characterization can hold up for the ungodly episode count this series is breaching unless every episode is sort of the same, like Pokemon, and this is where Dragonball's collapses.

I thought the bad guys in previous Dragonball shows were kinda boring, but at least they looked unique and had the gigantic planet-shattering steroid beams that engraved them into your memory. The bad guys in Dragonball GT all just look exactly the same as someone in previous Dragonball shows, and they don't do anything to set themselves apart. General Rilldo and Doctor Myu want to turn every life form in the galaxy into robot mutants! Whoopee! And how exactly do they plan on doing this when their doomsday weapon is the kid form of Majin Buu with a palette swap whose big ability is that, when he runs off with his tail between his legs, he can run into other people's bodies? Not a single steroid beam can come out of his hand, mouth, eyes, lower extremities, or any other part of his body, and previous Dragonball shows have proved that the only way to beat steroid beams is with steroid beams.

As a fan, there were a lot of things in Dragon Ball Z that I thought were utterly ridiculous. I won't go into them right now, because it would take an entire review, and they don't really matter anyway. But Dragon Ball Z always managed to keep enough of a grasp on its roots in Dragon Ball that it never ended up taking itself too seriously, which would have been a disaster. Now we get to see how much of one, because that's one of the worst things, even with everything else how it is, that Dragonball GT does wrong! I laughed until I cried when Goku and General Rilldo stopped fighting so General Rilldo could proclaim "Soon all lifeforms will be robot mutants!", even more so because General Rilldo has an "accent" that sounds vaguely British, so "robot" came out like "robət" (with an upside-down e). It's good that they tried to actually come up with some reason for the heroes to fight the bad guys, which they never even tried to do in Dragon Ball Z, but come on--you can do better than "I want to transform all life into robət-mutants!"

Dragonball GT is the one of the most godawful anime I've ever had the displeasure of seeing. Everything about it is worthless, including the spirit behind its creation. The thing it most favorably compares with is Gatekeepers Full Throttle, since both of them were made to drag on the popularity of something else, both of them had high production values, and both of them were totally worthless. The only difference is GKFT had Miyu Menazure (yeah, it's ru not re, but who cares?). And DBGT has Pan. Pan isn't smart enough to outsmart Miyu, but isn't stupid enough to outstupid her. And that basically sums up the entire show. However, if you could care less about the weird bad guys and endearingly two-dimensional characterization of Dragonball and Dragonball Z, and only watched them so you could see two hulking muscleheads beating the living $*!% out of each other, you'll probably love this show.

Rating: 0.5 -- Narrowly avoids being lumped in with Beyblade and Medabots.

Production Notes Definition

This really should have gone on that review, but here now in its complete unabridged form is the reason why I call Gatekeepers 21 "Gatekeepers Full Throttle"! Well remember Charlie's Angels Full Throttle? It was the sequel to something, had three female main characters, and it sucked. (I also refer to Final Fantasy X-2 as Final Fantasy X Full Throttle for the same reason).

This probably should have gone in the actual review, but there is one big story continuity issue with Dragon Ball GT. Waaaaay back when Goku was training under Kaio-sama, he learned about the history of the Saiyan race and how they destroyed the technologically-advanced Tuffles to gain control of their planet. However, it seems Baby (the big evil thing) is actually supposed to be a Tuffle or something (I was only partially paying attention by this point). I suppose the fact that all the Tuffles are supposed to be dead can be excused (since all the Saiyans but Goku and Vegeta were supposed to be dead, but in the movies a new Saiyan just showed up every time. You'd think with all these Saiyans still lurking around there'd be some lady Saiyans to help them repopulate their race), but whoever was supposed to be a Tuffle is portrayed as being extremely powerful. And Kaio-sama expressly said back in DBZ that the Tuffles only ruled the planet because of their technology, they were no more powerful than regular humans. But I'm sure the creators didn't care about things like that as long as DBGT kept selling T-shirts and action figures.

BOTTEM LINE: Read the DBZ manga [Comic] (Because of people complaining about the Drag-On thing) or the DB Anime.


Dragonball GT began life in 1996 as the immediate 'sequel' to Dragonball Z. However, its creator Akira Toriyama was only used as a character consultant and its clear from watching the show that it has taken on a new creative and artistic spin.

For the first 25 episodes the show returns to its roots with the original Dragonball, filled with oddball humor, various locales (and its denizens), and of course the hunt for the black star dragonballs. The premise of the whole series is that Son Gokuh has been turned into a little boy again by the evil Pilaf, and now must beat the clock to recover the black star dragonballs which have now spread out across the galaxy (as opposed to merely the Earth).

As they wrap up their dragonball hunting, they unleash a mutant machine named Baby whose goal is to get revenge on Gokuh and take control of everyone on Earth. I won't spoil the plot from here on.

What I truly enjoyed about this series was that all the characters seemed to have evolved and changed, although not in a way that alienates their original personality. Vegeta is still a hardass who wants to be the strongest fighter ever, but (as he had conceded at the end of DBZ) knows Gokuh is #1 and has made a life for himself with Bulma and his two kids. Trunks has turned from an arrogant brat into the mature Future Trunks we saw back in the Cell saga. It is this great attention to detail and plot that made this a joy to watch.

The final two episodes are filled with raw emotion- deservedly so, for it represents the end of three generations of great anime. So long, Gokuh!


DBGT starts of ten years after the end of the Dragon ball z series, with Goku training on Kami's lookout. Gohan is an adult now , married to Videl, and has a slightly out-of-control adolescent daughter named Pan.

The series, being the only one NOT based off a comic series by its creator -Akira Toriyama, tries to be a balance between the previous two. Keeping the goofy fun of the first series, with a group of youngsters (Goku gets wished back to a child in the first ten minutes) on a quest for the Dragon balls, and mixes it with the action packed fights of the DBZ series.

Its decent and its kinda nice seeing ur favorite characters getting a little older, if youre a fan. And Basically thats what it comes down to, if you're a fan, you'll like this series. If not, it probably wont be the one to convert you (but it could).


It's hard to be unbiased when you talk about anything with the "Dragon Ball" name slapped onto it. If your a fan, as I am, you'll say it's great, and if your not, you probably won't get it. Understandably so, as DBZ and it's predecessor are both series so filled with twists and turns and a boatload of characters that if your brain isn't wired to hold mountains of trivial information, you probably won't be able to comprehend it all.

However, I think there's one thing that non-dragon ball fans and the majority of Dragon ball lovers can agree on. The sequel series to Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, is sub-par, to say the least.

The flaws with this show do not simply stem from the irritating changes made to beloved characters, like making the protagonist Goku into a little kid again and making the beloved Trunks into an annoying pest, the show just...well, it just doesn't FEEL right. The hectic action of DBZ is nowhere to be found in this series, replaced only by tired fight scenes that you've probably seen in a thousand anime series by now.

Perhaps that's the biggest hurdle that GT fails to leap over. DBZ was a cartoon so influential to how action cartoons have been made since the late eighties that the bar has been set too high for anyone to leap over. You can see this in the GT's story lines and villains, who have very little life to them and fall far short of the memorable bad-guys of yesteryear, like Cell or Frieza. Heck, the fact that those two actually RETURN in this series, along with every villain from DBZ and DB, is a definite sign that the writers were "jumping the shark," to coin the phrase.

GT is not a terrible series on it's own, but the fact that it bares the name "Dragon Ball" immediately demands for a high level of quality it just doesn't possess. Many of the characters fans have learned to love are reduced to practical cameos, and none of the bad-guys really feel that threatening. Just because a character says "We've never fought anyone as strong as this guy before" can't immediately convince the audience that that phrase is actually TRUE. In the wake of Majin Buu, easily the most powerful villain in DBZ, (he did blow up the Earth after all) villains like "Baby" or a girly haired version of Android 17 fall far from the mark (I mean, c'mon. Android 17? The guy who Cell ate back when slap bracelets were considered cool?)

I could be nice and say GT had a lot of potential, but I'd be lying a little. Some masterpieces are best left alone, and the Dragonball series was one of them. This pitiful tack-on series is little more than a means to make money, and it wears this on it's sleeve the whole time. There was no reason to create a "Super Saiyan 4," which is really little more than a red gorilla suit with pants, especially when it doesn't follow ANY of the conventions of the previous super-saiyans (Green eyes, gold hair. How do you get a red-furred monkey from THAT?) SSJ 3 IS the ultimate Saiyan form for many DBZ fans, and I'm inclined to agree with them. It's hard to feel respect or awe towards a guy who looks like he wants to pick ticks off his scalp.

To end this little review, only watch Dragon Ball GT for one of two reasons. A, your a ravenous, bloodthirsty, "must complete the series" die hard DBZ fan, or B, you really don't care what cartoon you watch. Everyone else, don't set your hopes up too far. You'll be in for a hell of a disappointment.
Silver Globol

Silver Globol

I was a die hard fan of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. I loved Goku and his friends. The hype online for this show made it sound pretty cool. Super Sayian 4 looked amazing. I couldn't wait. Then the show hit and all the great things that the first two held was gone. So many mistakes happened. 1. It seems like the creators just ripped off Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z and combining the campy fun of Dragon Ball, and the action of Dragon Ball Z. What do you get? Crap. Each show was special for being different. GT brings nothing special of it's own to the table because honestly, there is no story left, just some people who want money. 2. Why is Goku a kid? I loved Goku as a kid back in the day but that was then, this is now. I want the adult Goku. I really can't take little Goku seriously. I mean I understand that's how they figured they could bring back Goku's tail which meant he could go Super Sayian and be monkey, which turned him Super Sayian 4 but then why doesn't he return a kid at Super Sayian 4? 3. The villains in this are horrible. Baby looks like a combination of Buu and Cell. Can't anyone make a new villain??? Super 17???? Android 17 could very well be my least favorite villain in DBZ next to Garlic Jr.(I did like him a little cause it was Gohan, Krillen and Piccolo that fought him and not Goku) The Dragons could have been cool but just were another version of Buu. 4. Our old friends were worthless. Goku and Vegeta are the only heroes in this entire show. In Dragon Ball Z, the others (Gohan, Krillen, Piccolo, etc.) hung around and fought the villain to make time for Goku to arrive. Now they sadly, have been overlooked. Most are old or just gave up fighting. Gohan once had some spotlight but now is nothing but an idiot. Goten I had such high hopes for. While Gohan had always been pretty weak in DBZ, Goten could have been greater then Goku but of course, Goku can never be beaten. One of my biggest problems is Trunks. I remember future Trunks from DBZ and the later kid Trunks and they were awesome. This Trunks is stupid. He's about as intimidating as a paper bag. Pan is beyond annoying too. Pan could have been the female hero of the show which would have given the show a female audience. Instead she's weak and annoying. She can't even go Super Sayian.

Sadly the only good part this show is the end which was sad cause it was the end to one of my favorite series. GT was horrible. I think me and my friends could have done a better job. Too bad......it could have been great.


Out of the DB Trilogies, DBGT is definitely the worse pile of crap composed. The show takes off 10 years after Dragonball Z where Goku and Uub (The Reincarnation of Buu) train and apparently an Old enemy from the Original Dragonball makes a wish using the black star dragonballs for the Dragon to turn Goku into a kid. The story follows unless Goku collects the black star dragonballs the earth will be destroyed. Stupid isn't it? Well things become worse when Goku goes an journey in space with his granddaughter Pan (Who becomes a whiny annoying teenager) and Trunks (Who was so much cooler in DBZ). The show pretty much becomes stale and the first 20 episodes of the series neither feature Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo or any of the famous DB/Z characters. One after another each idiotic saga fails to implement a stable balance of action and plot like the previous sagas and instead become DBZ copycats with less heart on interest. The show even added another level of Super Saiyan which obviously didn't help. Overall it was very poor,at times un-entertaining, the action didn't match DBZ, the plot didn't even come close and the characters from previous series were basically unused or wasted. DBGT was a poor effort that was created to milk the DBZ series despite the fact the Original Creator left the series. It's no wonder this is the shortest DB series of the trilogy and only lasted 64 points.
Stylish Monkey

Stylish Monkey

Living in the UK, I've had to put up with watching some poorly dubbed DragonBall Z and DragonBall GT with some of the worst acting known to man.

But Funimation Productions is another story, their dub for the DragonBall series is more than impressive with some great performances from the cast.

Now that I've had the chance to actually own the DVD's, I have to say that DragonBall GT is by far my favorite of them all. As with Z, the guys at Funimation really give it their all by producing excellent scripted episodes and some very powerful and very moving scenes.

Along with Mark Menza's new soundtrack which is so much better than the original Japanese soundtrack, the music adds to the action, suspense and drama which we want to see.

And while some people are annoyed with the new Hip-Hop style theme tune, well..... I generally like it.

A lot of people dislike Funimation's work on this brilliant Anime series but I say, Keep up the good work you guys!


The creators had some interesting concepts, such as the villains Baby and Super 17, both of which I found to be compelling characters, and the idea that the dragon ball's amass negative energy as wishes are made (though I didn't like the dragons that resulted from this). However, the execution of these plots I found to be often contrived and ill-conceived. What was most maddening for me while watching GT was the glaring discontinuity that seemed to be throughout the show. All too often when watching I would think to myself, "That detail doesn't seem to match DB and DBZ." As far as I could tell, the creators seemed to lack sufficient knowledge of the Dragon Ball universe resulting in a failure to keep a good continuity between GT and its predecessors.

The saving grace of GT is the fact that we get to have more adventures with the characters we've come to love. But again, even this falls short for me because I didn't like the direction they took most of the characters. With the almost complete exclusion of Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, etc., it's hard to be content when we've come to expect them to play such major rolls. I don't even want to think about the new hairdo they gave Vegeta!!!. Pan was a fun character, but an example of the inexplicable story telling is why we never see her transform into a Super Saiyan even though she holds her own against enemies who Goku and Trunks have difficultly with, and they've been Super Saiyans for years.

I say GT is worth a watch for fans of DB and DBZ, but don't expect to be as captivated as you were by the earlier shows. Poor execution, flawed storytelling, and very little character development made GT irritating for me at times, but then again I'm a sucker for those kamehameha waves and Bulma's blue hair so I admit that I like the show.


In English sucks because English language is too "gay" ..Preferred in Japanese with subtitles. Excellent continuity from where Dragon Ball Z ends. Best Manga ever. Hope to see more of this. Goku has became a legend. But for somebody to truly live this manga, he has to watch from the very start all the story ( from Drabon ball) ... Then you love it. ALthough little childish at the beginning it ends up with your heart bouncing and your adrenaline to its maximum. Worth every single minute i spent on it. Every other manga is not even close enough to this fantastic piece of art. Can't wait to see if there is going to be more of Goku!


I just don't. The plot is pointless and not understandable, and most of the characters are unlikeable and useless. I despise Pan. I don't like the fact that Goku turned into a kid, or what they had done with Android 17 (one of my top favorite characters). I can't write a full out review because I haven't watched it in so long and I REFUSE to. Bad insult to the whole series. I wish they stopped with DBZ.

(((((OPTIONAL- YOU CAN READ THIS IF YOU WANT I'd say the same with another show, Total Drama, mainly season 5.1, which is Total Drama All-Stars (I cringe every time I think of the title). I hate it with the same reasons. Again, unlikeable characters (Mike), character derailment, stupid and confusing plot, terrible ending... )))))

I know this is just a review of Dragon Ball GT, but whenever I think of it, it reminds me of TDAS because they're both terrible series to franchises that I truly adore.

Rating for this show: 3 out of 10. Booooooo
heart of sky

heart of sky

I tried really hard to get into this. Instead I was continuously horrified at the new direction of this show. I understand that the main man Akira Toriyama wasn't behind this but that gives them no right to taint a great series such as this. It had become a comedy with an awful story line. Dragon ball had comedic elements also but that actually worked and on top of that it's an excellent series. Here is the spoiler. There are these characters named the Parapara Brothers that have the power to beat box and rap and dance and control their opponents through interpretive dancing. This left me feeling quite sad about what had happened to Dragon ball. I couldn't believe they had stooped to this level of cringe-worthy status. I finally realized that they were just trying to stretch this series as far as it possibly could and then some. Gt even got off to a decent watchable start but it rapidly went downhill in a matter of a few episodes.


Eh it's not really as good as the other Dragonballs. The villains are actually rip-offs of other Z villains like Cell, Frieza, and even Majin Buu. With Baby being Frieza's clone, Super 17 being Cell's clone, and the Shadow Dragons being Buu's clone(s). The story is also very bad as it deals with Goku shrinking. SHRINKING!! It deals with him SHRINKING to like the size of an eight year old just to get it going. Let us not forget how weak the characters become. Gohan can't go mystic anymore and is even weaker than Pan.(It's sad I know). Speaking of Pan she was so cute at the end of Z now she's lost all that cuteness and become an irritating,whiny little girl whose sole purpose in this series is to get in the way. Goten doesn't even have a purpose in the series and Trunks... well I don't know what to say about Trunks. GT is just an attempt to milk the popular Dragonball franchise. If you really like Dragonball then avoid this series. It doesn't even feel like Dragonball. I will be fair though as the ending however was really good and is actually pretty sad (At least to me) and the theme songs both ending and opening are better (Japanese, not American). Might've been better if Toriyama san worked on it.


It pains me to give this show one star... but I must be honest! Let me start by saying that Dragon Ball Z has had a major impact on my life. I grew up watching it, and years later as an adult keep coming back to it as such a classic, wonderful series. Admittedly, I never really got into Dragon Ball, but GT draws far more from Z (or at least tries to..).

In any case, here are some words that capture my reaction to GT: frustration, disappointment, nausea, betrayal. Plain and simple, GT is an insult to Z. If we fed the two series' into a machine which could objectively compare quality, I have no doubt Z would be atop a peak, and GT in a valley (or should I say gutter..).

For years after falling in love with DBZ, I longed to watch GT. I saw glimpses of it, Super Saiyajin 4 Goku / Vegeta / Gogeta? How could a DBZ fan not be intrigued? And so it began.

First few episodes: *optimism* Okay, this is pretty interesting, let's see where things go...

The next 40 episodes: *nervousness* This is just early filler right? They must have been working on the main course during this fluff! I must not abandon my beloved DB friends...

Final 20 or so episodes: *agony* WHEN WILL IT END!? NO, there has to be redemption somewhere here... I've come so far... PLEASE...

Ultimately, I just felt drained and utterly betrayed... my faith that I ever even enjoyed DBZ to begin with was shaken. And now I am cursed to remember the nightmare that is GT alongside a truly great creation.

If you're a hardcore fan, thinking "How bad could it be?" I'm begging you, RESIST! Don't fall into the same trap I and so many others have... cherish DBZ (or even DB), and if you feel like you won't be able to hold out forever, at least wait for Dragon Ball Online and maybe that will give you the fix you're looking for..


I don't care what your opinion is about Dragon Ball Z, whether you think it's a great show, not a good show, or overrated. In my opinion, Dragon Ball Z is the greatest show/cartoon of all time. You can't deny the legacy of the Dragon Ball Universe with mind bottling statistics like it grossing almost 4 billion dollars in merchandise and being the #1 watched show of all time (cable) through ages 9-24.

It was clear that fans always wanted more of Dragon Ball Z. As Akira Toriyama wanted the series to end after the Frieza Saga but fans wanted more. We got the Android/Cell Saga but fans wanted... MORE! And then we got the closing chapter of the show which was the Buu Saga which ended the perfection of Dragon Ball Z. It was clear that Akira was done with the show after the show pretty much over stayed it's welcome. Akira then dumped everything to Toei Animation in thus, creating the mutation disaster sequel that we all know as... GT.

GT is a lackluster sequel that fails on all cylinders where almost everything in the entire show is inconsistent with the Dragon Ball universe. Not to mention that all the characters lacks personality and emotion as if they were robots. Every single plot in GT was already used in its predecessors, they basically turned Goku into a child again and sent him off on a journey to find Dragon balls just like Dragon Ball. The show makes the Z warrior's powers look absolutely trivial as if they aren't the strongest fighters in the entire universe as accomplished at the end of Dragon Ball Z, to where they act like they can't even fly (THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENS) and the fighting is absolutely appalling.

The only reason people actually watched this show was for one reason.


Nothing more. We wanted more of Dragon Ball! The Dragon Ball universe holds a special place in everyone's heart who watched it. We watched the show just to see our favorite characters. So we tuned in every week hoping this show would get better but it didn't... That's why it was cancelled after one measly year. The bottom line is that GT is a disgrace to the name of Dragon Ball which is why there's a huge controversy of it being cannon. The only small upside I can give to this show is that the animation was pretty stellar at the time, the show had this really dark aura surrounding it and the soundtrack (American) wasn't bad at all.

The only advice I can give to the people who watched this show is move on. Pretend it didn't happen and let's all re-live the moments of Dragon Ball Z that we all love.


I downloaded every episode i could find of gt a few years years ago. they were all mostly in Japanese and English subtitled a few were dubbed in English(some underground dub, filled w/bad words and definitely had the gist of the episodes, they were done pretty alright).

the whole gt series was actually pretty good except for the ending in which everyone died, including pan(due to old age, to my recollection), and goku was alive eternally or something and talked to one of pans kids(or something, haha). it was all pretty dope.. dragonball, z, gt...

I've seen dbz episodes from canada and the u.s. and i know they cut out *beep*... not to mention characters go by different names and there are different voices and duologue i guess in every country you go. i've seen episodes in the u.s. that sensor the blood, they cut it out. but i never seen the dvds they recently came out w/of gt and i'm seeing people that say they didn't like gt here, but i must of seen a different, uncut gt series that was worth watching and ended like *beep*... (s-h-i-z-n-i-t)