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Love Games (1990) Online

Love Games (1990) Online
Original Title :
Modern Love
Genre :
Movie / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Robby Benson
Cast :
Robby Benson,Karla DeVito,Rue McClanahan
Writer :
Robby Benson
Type :
Time :
1h 45min
Rating :
Love Games (1990) Online

Modern marriage is examined in this comedy drama about Greg, an anxious guy who must deal with the pressures and responsibilities of marriage, pregnancy, fatherhood and family life in general.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Robby Benson Robby Benson - Greg
Karla DeVito Karla DeVito - Billie
Rue McClanahan Rue McClanahan - Mrs. Evelyn Parker
Burt Reynolds Burt Reynolds - Colonel Frank Parker
Frankie Valli Frankie Valli - Mr. Hoskins
Kaye Ballard Kaye Ballard - Receptionist
Cliff Bemis Cliff Bemis - Dirk Martin
Louise Lasser Louise Lasser - Greg's Mom
Lyric Benson Lyric Benson - Chloe
Debra Port Debra Port - Annabell
Stan Brown Stan Brown - Dr. Reed
Lou Kaplan Lou Kaplan - Greg's dad
Lori Tate Lori Tate - Delivery nurse
Beth Meadows Beth Meadows - Mary Miller (as Beth Meadows Calvert)
Sharyn Greene Sharyn Greene - Shayne

User reviews

in waiting

in waiting

This really is a good film, provided you're in the right mood. The 'mood' being one of relaxation and contentment. If you're not, you'll probably hate this film, or least you'll hate the way it makes you feel. But if you are already somewhat subdued and in the mood for a little 'none-too-heavy' movie entertainment, this is a superb choice. It examines life, love, marriage and parenting from various angles and perceptions. It starts a wee bit slow so bear with it. It goes down smooth and leaves a satisfyingly sweet after taste. Karla DeVito's 'sweet smile' is worth the price of admission alone. Sadly, this film's poor reception and the advent of DVD technology will most likely relegate it to dusty shelves and Beta machines-if it hasn't already. 8/10.


This is a really surprising film. If you are looking for a good mother-daughter night movie I would highly recommend this one. The first thing that made a good impression on me was the chemistry between the characters. Of course, this made sense after I found out they were a real-life family as well. The inter-action between Greg and Chloe were heart-warming. The range of emotions expressed on Robby Benson's face really show-cased his acting abilities. Burt Reynold's portrayal of Mr. Parker show a sensitive side of him you seldom see, and Rue McClanahan made me want to slap her and hug her at the same time. Another pleasant surprise was Franki Valli as Mr. Hoskins. I look forward to seeing this one again!


"Hold on...It's gonna be a bumpy ride"... Yes indeed. Why isn't this movie available on DVD ? I've seen this probably 20 times, and it still cracks me up-a funny, sad,tender look at love and life and marriage. Just watching Robbie Benson's facial expressions of a man who has no clue of what he's getting himself into is priceless.. That the cast includes his wife and children give this movie realism and tenderness that would otherwise not be possible. Karla DeVito is amazing both as his girlfriend, then as his wife. I only wish that she had been more visible over the years as an actress,because her talents have been sorely missed. The supporting cast is perfect-especially Kaye Ballard as his wife's office secretary. Burt Reynolds adds a classy touch-and to me, this movie is a overlooked gem that needs to be on DVD...


I love this film. It rarely comes on television and is very hard to find on video. It was romantic and sweet and leaves you with a good feeling afterwards. If you don't have children it might make you want them and if you do have children you can understand the joy and excitement.


Very, very funny. This movie made me laugh out loud. I very seldom do more than smile when watching a movie. Wonderful movie full of insight and irony. Obviously the writer Robby Benson has been through many of the experiences he parodies. Very realistic but with a fun house mirror distortion just enough to let you see the funny edge.


Bill Arvay's portrayal of the doctor is brilliantly and sensitively done. It is one of the most dramatic moments in a film that is primarily a comedy.

His character tells Burt Reynold's character that his wife did not survive the surgery. Part of the scene is nonverbal and relies solely on body language, and I found it amazing how much emotion Mr. Arvay was able to convey without any words. These are brief scenes, but they make you want to see more of that character. In my opinion, he dominates those scenes with Burt Reynolds. Incidentally, he also had a terrific role in the television miniseries North and South. Let's hope we'll be seeing him in bigger roles in the future.

I must also add (July 2006) that Mr. Arvay is a very handsome and captivating gentleman, and is a real pleasure to watch, in person as well as on the silver screen.