» » In Search of... The Bermuda Triangle Pirates (1976–1982)

In Search of... The Bermuda Triangle Pirates (1976–1982) Online

In Search of... The Bermuda Triangle Pirates (1976–1982) Online
Original Title :
The Bermuda Triangle Pirates
Genre :
TV Episode / Documentary / Sci-Fi
Year :
Type :
TV Episode
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In Search of... The Bermuda Triangle Pirates (1976–1982) Online

Luxurious yachts are disappearing off the coast of Florida. Are pirates trafficking in drugs to blame?
Episode credited cast:
Carl Hiaasen Carl Hiaasen - Himself

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In Search Of... "Bermuda Triangle Pirates" (1978)

The legendary Bermuda Triangle is the subject of this episode but this here takes a different look at it. Instead of magnetic forces and other theories, this one here takes a look at pirates that stalk the waters and take people hostage for their boats and money. I'm sure pirates might have been a tad bit more mysterious back in the day but the theory is much more believable today. This was another entertaining episode that focuses in on a couple cases where experiences captains went missing without a trace. The interviews themselves are quite interesting and there's no question that the mystery aspect works very well.

Episode: A-


Like Unsolved mysteries before Unsolved mysteries. I believe after the Bermuda Triangle episode In Search of did another Bermuda Triangle episode as a favor for the U S coast guard. Triangle Pirates starts out with footage of the coast guard checking out an abandon ship. Likely used for contraband. Like the old Unsolved mysteries there is recounts of modern day Pirate mysteries. People and boats vanish as vulnerable crews become victims to the drug trade. Miami Vice before the T V series. Well narrates and interviewed. The format is done just like the Unsolved mysteries T V series.


Sequel episode(of sorts) to 'The Bermuda Triangle' is surprisingly strong, as it recounts more people and ships disappearing in that legendary region, only here is presented in a grounded approach, as it seems that modern-day pirates are responsible for hijacking the ships of vulnerable or unsuspecting crews, murdering them, then taking the ships and loot to either fund their illegal drug trade, or aid it, if the ships can be disguised so that the authorities wont discover them. The lack of any "supernatural" aspects is not at all an issue, and result is compelling and influential, and would have been right at home on 'Unsolved Mysteries".