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Peep Show Funeral (2003–2015) Online

Peep Show Funeral (2003–2015) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Jeremy Wooding
Cast :
David Mitchell,Robert Webb,Alice Arnold
Writer :
Andrew O'Connor,Jesse Armstrong
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Peep Show Funeral (2003–2015) Online

Jeremy's uncle dies from terminal illness, providing the perfect opportunity for Mark to ask Sophie to be his date to the funeral. Jeremy finds out his uncle died from a hereditary illness and worries that he might have it.
Episode cast overview:
David Mitchell David Mitchell - Mark Corrigan
Robert Webb Robert Webb - Jeremy Usborne
Alice Arnold Alice Arnold - Auntie Liz
Olivia Colman Olivia Colman - Sophie Chapman
Patrick Driver Patrick Driver - Uncle Ray
Neil Edmond Neil Edmond - Paramedic
Daisy Haggard Daisy Haggard - Practice Nurse
Alexander Kirk Alexander Kirk - Keith
Elizabeth Marmur Elizabeth Marmur - Toni

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Mark is once again attempting to ask Sophie out, but fails miserably, he's telling Jeremy who isn't particularly listening, his Uncle Ray is seriously ill, Mark advises him to pay him a visit at the Hospice. The next day he's passed away, Jez uses the opportunity to try and get off with Toni, Mark invites Sophie to the Funeral as a date. It pays off as he finally gets to share a kiss with Sophie. Jez is scared as he may have inherited an illness, Mark decides it's a good idea to go away with Sophie, guilty they invite Jez along.

The eulogy is hilarious, oh Enya. He deserved a round of applause for that speech.

A somewhat more serious episode in tone, not as funny as the last few, which have been insanely funny, this was a bit more serious, bit still great fun. Still it does have its moments, it's a great way to sign of Series 1. 8/10


Interesting to go back and watch the first season of this show to see that so much of what is good about is in place right from the get-go. The internal thoughts of our two characters allow for an honesty that is accurate while also being hilarious in its exaggeration of reality. Jeremy and Mark live together, the former being a bit of a deadbeat artist, the latter being an uptight and awkward office worker; the series follows them as they seek relationships and anything else which they believe will give them happiness.

This season starts out pretty slow and sets up some of the relationships that will carry through all the rest of the seasons, it also establishes the "point of view" tool as a device and it pretty much works out of the box. It seems a little awkward at times but generally it makes sense and the good lines delivered in the inner thoughts mean that the whole package works. There are no weak episodes in this opening 6, although it must be said that none had me consistently rolling with laughter either – it was just a very assured and very confident start. The moral weaknesses of the characters and their different forms of social awkwardness really work and are funny but also believable. Webb and Mitchell are both really good as well – convincing in their characters and with strong timing.

Season 1 is not the high point for this show but it is impressive how well it starts itself out on the right path and does so much well from the very start.