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Leave It to Beaver Wally's Weekend Job (1957–1963) Online

Leave It to Beaver Wally's Weekend Job (1957–1963) Online
Original Title :
Wallyu0027s Weekend Job
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy / Family
Year :
Directror :
Norman Abbott
Cast :
Barbara Billingsley,Hugh Beaumont,Tony Dow
Writer :
Joe Connelly,Bob Mosher
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Leave It to Beaver Wally's Weekend Job (1957–1963) Online

Wally wants to get a weekend job so that he can have some pocket money without always having to ask his father for it. Wally manages to get a job as a soda jerk at Mayfield Drugstore. Wally, already a popular guy, becomes even more popular with the girls who think he looks even cuter wearing his uniform. Eddie and Lumpy, on the other hand, neither like the fact that Wally is attracting all the girls, or that, in even having a job, he is looking more responsible to their own parents. Eddie devises a plan to make Wally look bad, using the fact that Mary Ellen Rogers is having a slumber party that evening. Wally exacts his own form of revenge.
Episode complete credited cast:
Barbara Billingsley Barbara Billingsley - June Cleaver
Hugh Beaumont Hugh Beaumont - Ward Cleaver
Tony Dow Tony Dow - Wally Cleaver
Jerry Mathers Jerry Mathers - Theodore Cleaver
Ken Osmond Ken Osmond - Eddie Haskell
Frank Bank Frank Bank - Clarence Rutherford
Cheryl Holdridge Cheryl Holdridge - Julie Foster
Rich Correll Rich Correll - Richard Rickover (as Richard Correll)
Stephen Talbot Stephen Talbot - Gilbert Bates
Pamela Baird Pamela Baird - Mary Ellen Rogers (as Pamela Beaird)
Tim Graham Tim Graham - Mr. Gibson
Bill Baldwin Bill Baldwin - Mr. Rogers
Donna Conn Donna Conn - Jan
Rita Norma Somers Rita Norma Somers - Ann

Although Wally never had a steady girlfriend during the course of the series, the two girls he dated most often were Mary Ellen Rogers and Julie Foster. This is the only episode in which they both appear.

When trying to pay for his soda, Gilbert empties his pockets on the counter and a number of baseball cards spill out. These are all Topps cards from the 1959 set even though the episode was filmed in 1961. The cards are #383 Words of Wisdom (Don Larsen and Casey Stengel), #392 Whitey Herzog, #416 Haywood Sullivan, #418 Gino Cimoli, #437 Ike Delock and #484 Willie Kirkland, all from the sixth series. Larsen threw the only perfect game no-hitter in World Series history (1956), Stengel and Herzog are Hall of Fame managers and Sullivan was a former Boston Red Sox executive.

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This will eternally be remembered as the episode in which Wally enacts sweet (I use the term advisedly) revenge upon Eddie and Lumpy. It all comes about because Wally got a weekend job working behind the counter at Mr. Gibson's soda shop. Wally has become quite the glamorous figure in his white coat serving up malts and ice cream, and the girls are buzzing around him. This makes Eddie and Lumpy jealous, and so they plan a nasty practical joke on Wally; it is perhaps the lowest Eddie ever sank, and his comeuppance is well deserved. The big scene in the soda shop is masterfully done, almost like a stage play. And it's heartening to see such a wealth of choice in cream flavors in Mayfield. Maple Walnut, Black Raspberry, Mocha Pecan, Banana Eggnog, Peppermint: not quite as extravagant as Ben and Jerry's, but still surprisingly varied!


Wally's looking for a part time job; Eddie is planning on going to MIT. If you are familiar with the show then the non-sequitur is clear without explanation. Wally gets a position as a soda-jerk at the drugstore, much to Eddie's dismay: Wally looks too good to Eddie's father, and a job will just make Wally look even better. Beaver thinks the job is great, eat all the ice cream you want. And the girls think Wally having a job is great too, and they are happy just sitting there watching Wally while they have a soda. Wally and Lumpy drop by and as usual try to give Wally the business; they also overhear Mary Ellen is having a slumber party. Eddie hatches a plan to embarrass Wally. No way can Wally have a job that makes Eddie look bad, and makes Wally look even better to the girls.

Lumpy calls pretending to be Mary Ellen Rogers father, and orders six quarts of ice cream. Wally shows up and the girls make a fuss, and Mary Ellen's father chases him away. The ice cream is ruined. Wally goes over to Lumpy's and dumps pistachio on his head; Eddie gets the vanilla poured down his sweater; and Wally tells him that he owes $3.60 for the ice cream. Ward isn't completely pleased with what happened, what bothers them the most is that Wally lost his temper. I was surprised too; but, good for Wally. Wally explains he was surprised at himself too, and it won't happen again. Uncharacteristic for Wally for sure; but certainly, deserved as Eddie and Lumpy have stuck it to Wally many times. Perhaps this was the straw to reassure us (kids watching the show) that even Wally had a breaking point. There is good, and then there is being a saint. And there was the problem of the order placed over the phone. Mr. Gibson should have known something was wrong when the man making the order introduced himself as Mary Ellen's father. Perhaps Mr. Gibson ended up "kicking himself" when Wally told him of the incident the following day.

Beaver thinks he can get free sodas for himself and his friends; and brags to them of this ability. When Beaver shows up with Richard and Gilbert, they are about to leave when Wally asks for the money for the check. The boys panic but Mr. Gibson, the owner, overhears and nods to Wally it's OK. Wally lets the boys go; but warns them not to try that again.

Not familiar with the series? As usual, when Eddie stops by to see Wally, he always brags to Mrs. Cleaver about his own plans and intentions. This time it is he can't think about a job because he has to attend to his studies, now that he going to MIT. Of course, upstairs he reads the riot act to Wally. Who does he think he is getting a job so he won't have to ask his old man for money. He's just ruining life for Eddie and the rest of his friends. One of the great mysteries of this show is Wally and the guys he has picked as friends.