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L'odeur de la mandarine (2015) Online

L'odeur de la mandarine (2015) Online
Original Title :
Lu0027odeur de la mandarine
Genre :
Movie / Drama / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Gilles Legrand
Cast :
Olivier Gourmet,Georgia Scalliet,Dimitri Storoge
Writer :
Guillaume Laurant,Gilles Legrand
Type :
Time :
1h 50min
Rating :

During World War I, a home care nurse treats a man who lost one leg on the front lines. A strong bond arises between them and evolves into a passionate love affair.

L'odeur de la mandarine (2015) Online

During World War I, a home care nurse treats a man who lost one leg on the front lines. A strong bond arises between them and evolves into a passionate love affair.
Cast overview:
Olivier Gourmet Olivier Gourmet - Charles
Georgia Scalliet Georgia Scalliet - Angèle
Dimitri Storoge Dimitri Storoge - Léonard
Hélène Vincent Hélène Vincent - Emilie
Marine Vallée Marine Vallée - Louise
Fred Ulysse Fred Ulysse - Firmin
Romain Bouteille Romain Bouteille - Le notaire
Michel Robin Michel Robin - Le curé
Alix Bénézech Alix Bénézech - La prostituée
Urbain Cancelier Urbain Cancelier - Le sergent

User reviews



Olivier Gourmet gives here one more awesome performance as an ex soldier wounded because of the war - the story takes place in the early days of 1918, in France - an officer who lost his leg and who hires a waitress, a female caretaker for his big family mansion and estate, and also to take care of his horse. Of, course, as you can guess, our lead will fall in love with the young woman, mother of a eight years daughter and single too, widow from war. It's a very moving, sensitive film here, and I repeat, carried by convincing performances. The perfect feature for large audiences. An excellent piece of work.

I don't know the director, nor the female lead. A very good actress who looks like Marion Cotillard.


I have really liked Gilles Legrand's precedent movie ,"Tu Seras Mon Fils" ,one of my favorite French movies of the last ten years ,and I was looking forward to watching his latest.

Perhaps not as convincing as his third effort -which I urge all the users to see-,a bit too long,with an implausible deserter character (it was WW1 ,all the same!and Gourmet portrays an officer !) .There's also a tendency to enter the well-known "Lady Chatterley's lover" territory ,which ponderous symbolism such as horses (complete with covering) does not help.

That said,Gilles Legrand is a promising director :"Tu Seras Mon Fils" was so impressive a movie that almost any follow-up would fatally be a letdown.His 2015 effort ,in spite of some reservations,is well worth watching.

1918: last year of a massacre which is still present even now that Charles,who has had one leg off ,is discharged :they hint at mustard gas and lice ,and Charles does not want any child ,for fear he may be a boy who would die ("feed the worms)in the name of the homeland : a rather modern point of view for an officer !ditto for nurse Angele whose attitude puzzles the governess (portrayed by marvelous Helene Vincent who reportedly accepted this small supporting part to have the opportunity to play opposite Olivier Gourmet ,one of the Frères Dardenne's favorites )

This is a rebuilding story :a man and a woman have to rebuild their lives ,and if Charles does not believe in an artificial leg to be a man again,he will spend the whole movie just to discover that sex is not all :the last scene is revealing ,enhanced by a splendid cinematography : the country landscapes are lovingly filmed ,as though they wanted to make the soldier forget about the horrors he'd been through.