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Baanam (2009) Online

Baanam (2009) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Action / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Chaitanya Dantuluri
Cast :
Akurati Ramhith,Bhanuchander,Randhir Gatla
Writer :
Chaitanya Dantuluri,Chaitanya Dantuluri
Budget :
INR 35,000,000
Type :
Time :
1h 55min
Rating :
Baanam (2009) Online

The story is set in the fictitious town of Ranasthali, in year 1989. Bhagat Panigrahi (Nara Rohith) is preparing for IPS. His father Chandrasekhar Panigrahi (Sayaji Shinde), a former Naxalite returns after 20 years before giving up his fight for the society for the reasons only known to him. He comes back home and questions his son's ambition of becoming a Police Officer. Meanwhile a local don, Shakti Patnaik (Randhir Gatla) is slowly building his empire, terrorizing police and anyone who opposes him. One day, Bhagat meets Subbalaxmi (Vedika) at the railway station and rescues her from the tragedy of her life. When her ex-husband involves Shakti's gang to abduct her, it triggers a series of consequences between Bhagat and Shakti. The rest is about how Bhagat never gives anything for his ambition, which inspires others to stand up for the fight against the tyranny of Shakti.
Credited cast:
Akurati Ramhith Akurati Ramhith - Bhagat Panigrahi - Childhood
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Bhanuchander Bhanuchander
Randhir Gatla Randhir Gatla - Sakthi Patnaik
Vajja Venkata Giridhar Vajja Venkata Giridhar - Vedamurthy
Rajeev Kanakala Rajeev Kanakala - Gadipudi Venkateswarao
Ragini Ragini
Nara Rohith Nara Rohith - Bhagat Panigrahi
Sayaji Shinde Sayaji Shinde - Chandrasekar Panigrahi
Sivannarayana Sivannarayana
A.V.S. Subramanyam A.V.S. Subramanyam
Vedika Vedika - TTBLSSS Subbalakshmi

This film is the debut for three people. Writer/Director Chaitanya Dantuluri, Producer 'Seshu Priyanka Chalasani', and Actor 'Nara Rohith'.

C.Ashwini Dutt was the first producer who agreed to make this script into a film, by the reference of his daughter Swapna Dutt. Nara Rohith was the first actor who readily accepted to do this film as his debut, after the first narration during Feb 2009.

Initially this script was narrated to producers Dil Raju, Nallamalupu Bujji, Pyramid Saimira Group & some other independent producers way back in 2007. Though D.Rama Naidu agreed to do this film in 2009, by then the director was committed to C.Ashwini Dutt.

Initially this script was narrated to actors Siddharth, Arya, Nitin Reddy & Gopichand during 2007. After which the director decided to go ahead with a new comer.

At one stage the director wanted to produce this film independently in his production house 'StartCamera Pictures' with Randhir Gatla as 'Bhagat' titled 'Naa Peru Bhagat Singh'. Later it was Randhir Gatla who took the director to meet Swapna Dutt for a script narration. He ended up doing the antagonist 'Sakthi'

Sayaji Shinde was the only choice for 'Chandrasekar' since the script was written. A.V.S.Subramanyam's neighbor character was the only one which was not there in the original script.

The director was very much influenced by Ram Gopal Varma's 'Shiva', Ayn Rand's 'The Fountainhead', Yandamoori Veerendranath's 'The Diary of Mrs.Saradha'& Francis Ford Coppola's 'The Godfather' to shape up 'Baanam'.

Peter Hein was the only choice to supervise the action sequences, who is a long time close friend of the director. But on the day when the director received the Cheque, Peter Hein met with an accident on the sets of Magadheera. So the director went ahead with Ram-Lakshman who are also his childhood friends.

Based on the suggestion by Ram the director of Kattradhu Thamizh debut director Chaitanya Dantuluri decided to shoot this film in Super 16mm. Later when the producer offered Super 35mm, the director and cameraman decided to experiment with Super 16mm for which they were already prepared.

As a policy the director insisted that no Video Assist will be used during the shoot. It was on the request of Ram-Lakshman that video assist was used for 7 days only for the two action sequences.

The principal shooting commenced on May 4th 2009. The entire film shooting was completed in 54 working days in two schedules.

User reviews

heart of sky

heart of sky

The film is set in 1989 at Ranasthali in Srikakulam district. Bhagat (Nara Rohith) is an idealistic youngster who aspires to become IPS officer, as he believes that only justice can be brought through 'legal system'. His father is a Naxalite leader but 'retires' from the movement to spend time with his son. One day, Bhagat happens to see newly wed woman (Vedika) sitting at Railway Station alone and he comes to know from her that her in-laws sent her away to bring dowry. On the same day, her father dies, her in-laws reject her, and so he brings her to his home. Soon a local rowdy eyes on her that makes Bhagat to fight with him. In the mêlée, the rowdy dies and Bhagat goes to jail. On the other hand, several police offices try to contain the activities of the rowdy's boss, Patnaik (Ranadheer), but couldn't do so. How our hero Bhagat does it being within the 'system' forms the rest of the story.

Banam is a sensible movie. Niche audiences who like films with different approach and offbeat stories can like it. Although it starts off pretty promisingly and sets you up rather well, it fails to continue the same till the end. Debutant director Chaitanya should be commended for treading off the beaten track in narrating the movie and in selecting the story. Despite slow pace of the movie, first half arrests you and intrigues you. The song, Kadile Padam , has good lyrical value (Vanamali). It is nice that débutant director Chaitanya Dantaloori has brought some realism into Telugu films at a time Tollywood increasingly falling into the trap of masala movies.

The script has been written well and the dialogues were the highlight. The screenplay was neat, the narrative of the film went smooth. Real credit goes to the gripping background score and also to the songs that added melody. Cinematography was standard but could have been better, editing was crisp, costumes were effective and the art department was natural.


Baanam is a sensible movie. The look and feel of the movie is of 1980's style and the director bought it well. The movie drags your attention for the dialogs. Nara Rohit, enters Telugu film industry with a bang !!! A newcomer always expects a regular commercial film to entertain the audience, to show that he can dance, fight and perform well. But Nara Rohit was totally contrast for this film. There are good action sequences and really good dialogs. His voice was the greatest asset in the movie.

Other than his performance, what interested me was the background score and the soundtracks of the film, though there are one or two songs in the movie, the re recording was by far the best in Telugu films. Mani Sharma who's known for his Music and soundtracks gives the best of his.

Vedika was the female lead of this film, she did the role of a Brahmin girl and she was apt to that role. Rajeev Kanakala and Bhanuchander did important roles in the film. Sayaji Shinde is show stealer for this film, The father son thread is quite interesting in this film. Sayaji Shinde is an anti social element and Nara Rohit is an aspiring IPS. Not just these characters, but the Shakthi character by Ranadhir was awesome. He was ruthless at times.

I loved the climax of the film, the director didn't reveal what actually happened to Shakthi. The movie's intention was made clear by the dialog of Nara Rohit. "Vaadu Chacchadu Ani Thelisthe Inko Shakthi Vasthadu, Vadini Champesaru Ani Thelisthe Vigraham Kadtharu" is one of my favorite dialog.

Chaitanya Danturluri should be commended for making an honest attempt, 9/10 for this film. Baanam stays in the top row of my all time favorite films. I will be curious to see the next film of this director.