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Compass Rose (1967) Online

Compass Rose (1967) Online
Original Title :
Compass Rose
Genre :
Movie / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Andy Milligan
Cast :
Anthony Moscini,Hal Borske,Anne Linden
Writer :
Josef Bush
Type :
Time :
1h 13min
Rating :
Compass Rose (1967) Online

In this bizarre character study drama played as a satire of the Cafe Cino/La Mama/Andy Warhol sub-culture, Dewey is a young actor/hustler who has just had sex with an older woman actress, named Miss Gloria, who talks about her lifestyle as a 'compass rose'. After Dewey leaves the apartment, Gloria has over some 'medical doctors' who give her 'medication' involving a blood transfusion. Dewey goes home where his girlfriend, Olive, arrives and shows off some of her latest wardrobe and plays around with him, despite his lack of interest in her. Dewey phones his friend Allen, a hippy who is also a struggling actor and sells drugs on the sides in wanting to look to finance his first directing gig. Meanwhile, Brandex is another bare-chested actor who flirts with Cathy, a dim-witted actress/stoner who debates which blouse to wear for the upcoming show. {locallinks-homepage}
Cast overview:
Anthony Moscini Anthony Moscini - Dewey (as Robert Service)
Hal Borske Hal Borske - Doctor
Anne Linden Anne Linden - Miss Gloria
Candy Hammond Candy Hammond - Olive
Joe Davies Joe Davies - Stew
Kenny Burgess Kenny Burgess - Sergay
Gerald Jacuzzo Gerald Jacuzzo - Allen
Matt Baylor Matt Baylor - Brandex
Minette Minette - Drag Queen
Jenneth Webster Jenneth Webster - Rozzili
Maggie Rogers Maggie Rogers - German Woman
Robert Patrick Robert Patrick - Waiter

This uncompleted movie was partially shot in New York's legendary underground theater, the Caffe Cino. The footage, much sought-after by Caffe Cino scholars, now belongs to Andy Milligan's biographer, Jimmy McDonough. In 2009, he offered it for auction on E-Bay. There were no takers.

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Compass Rose (1967)

As of me writing this, Andy Milligan's COMPASS ROSE is technically a lost film. If you look at the right places (ala YouTube) you will find an unfinished workprint that fans of the cult director will want to check out but I'd say others will want to wait in hopes that a complete version is found.

As far as the film goes, it's impossible to fully judge this workprint because it's incomplete for starters but there are also some major issues with what is available. The dialogue at times is impossible to understand so trying to really judge this film is rather pointless.

I must say that a lot of the characters were quite annoying to me and incredibly over-the-top. I'm not sure what Milligan was going for but there are a couple moments that really caught my attention. One was a scene towards the end when a group of characters are basically having a fit that turns into some violence. The madhouse sequence was quite effective and packed a nice little punch.

There's another scene where a man and woman lock themselves into a room while doing drugs. Just listen and watch the craziness that follows when another man finally gets into the room. The entire second half of the 73-minute running time is pretty bizarre and nutty and it was honestly some of the most entertaining things I've seen from the director. The first half, well, that there was rather annoying and boring.