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For Love of You (1933) Online

For Love of You (1933) Online
Original Title :
For Love of You
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Musical
Year :
Directror :
Carmine Gallone
Cast :
Arthur Riscoe,Naunton Wayne,Franco Foresta
Writer :
Selwyn Jepson
Type :
Time :
1h 17min
Rating :
For Love of You (1933) Online

Cast overview:
Arthur Riscoe Arthur Riscoe - Jack
Naunton Wayne Naunton Wayne - Jim
Franco Foresta Franco Foresta - Carlo Salvadore
Diana Napier Diana Napier - His Wife
Pearl Osgood Pearl Osgood - An American Girl

The second of two "Jack and Jim" musicals, starring Arthur Riscoe and Naunton Wayne.

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This is a very early film appearance for Naunton Wayne. He and Arthur Riscoe are a couple of young Englishmen in Venice for Carnevale, but the couple next door, famous tenor Franco Foresta is unreasonably jealous of his wife, Diana Napier, so the two blokes, being good chaps, decide to help her out in a Crazy Comedy manner....

There are many bright spots in this movie, including extensive background shooting in Venice, some excellent operatic interludes, including Offenbach's Baccarole performed on a canal, and even the sort of silly-ass humor that the Brits excelled in during this period. It's not at all well integrated, although apparently this movie was popular enough to be re-issued over the years -- the copy I saw had pre-credit titles that indicated it dated from some time late during the Second World War.

Perhaps it was because by this time Wayne had become indelibly identified with the role of the Englishman abroad, traveling with a buddy. Fortunately, paired with Basil Radford, he was no longer distracted by women, but had his mind on higher things, like cricket.


This film stars Argue Riscoe and Naunton Wayne.The former had a career in films which started in the silent era.Wayne had a career which was just starting and would continue till shortly before his death.His real success came when he joined up with Basil Radford as Charters and Caldicott in Night Train To Music. They play Jack and Jim two Englishmen abroad in Venice during carnival time.They share an apartment,all very innocent,adjoining a temperamental tenor and his dissatisfied wife.She plays up to Jack and cajoled him into taking her to the carnival.Lots of operatic extracts ensue before a happy ending is reached.