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Heer & Meester de Film (2018) Online

Heer & Meester de Film (2018) Online
Original Title :
Heer u0026 Meester de Film
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Crime / Mystery
Year :
Directror :
Pollo de Pimentel
Cast :
Daan Schuurmans,Sophie van Winden,Hubert Fermin
Writer :
Mischa Alexander,Jochum ten Haaf
Type :
Time :
1h 26min
Rating :
Heer & Meester de Film (2018) Online

Valentijn Bentinck is a wealthy, charismatic man haunted by the mystery of his unknown past. He comes across a terrorist organization set to release a "selective" virus. In his investigation he discovers a link to his own past. {locallinks-homepage}
Cast overview, first billed only:
Daan Schuurmans Daan Schuurmans - Valentijn Bentinck
Sophie van Winden Sophie van Winden - Floor van Nijevelt Guljé
Hubert Fermin Hubert Fermin - Leo Coops
Ferdi Stofmeel Ferdi Stofmeel - Richard Frensdorf
Mark Rietman Mark Rietman - Harald de Vries
Azra Akin Azra Akin - Aysla
Karel Deruwe Karel Deruwe - Alessandro Visconti
Dirk Roofthooft Dirk Roofthooft - Reinhard Boden
Robert de Hoog Robert de Hoog - Danny Torenaar
Ron Cornet Ron Cornet - Dieter Schwartz
Stefan de Walle Stefan de Walle - Professor Kessens
Damian Hollander Damian Hollander - Jonge Valentijn
Elisa van Riessen Elisa van Riessen - Mevrouw de Vries
Beppe Costa Beppe Costa - Procureur Generaal
Valerie Dekker Valerie Dekker - Emilia

The movie follows season 2 of the series Heer & Meester (2014)

In the opening sequence, Valentijn is skydiving towards the coastline of Scheveningen, the coastal part of The Hague. The harbour is visible at first, but he seems to target the Pier which extends out in to the sea about 2 miles to the north of the harbour.

Valentijn lives at the famous "Hotel des Indes" on the Lange Voorhout in the Hague. The bar of Schwarz, said to be at the Denneweg, is literally around the corner to the left when leaving the hotel.

The fencing scene flashback is shot at the entrance hall of the Gymnasium Haganum at the Laan van Meerdervoort. Possibly as a hint to the plot, this is a school at the highest academic level in the Netherlands, catering typically to students 12-18 with high iq.

User reviews



This is really the movie of the TV series (20 parts) it's very tongue in cheek, sort of a slightly comedic rip off of the saint series. Some episode are better than others, I found this film version slighty "darker" than the series.


Poor attempt to imitate James Bond. Special effects like B-movies back in the sixties; dialogues like they are taken of the Teletubbies-series and a very skinny scenario. The movie confuses whether it is a comedy or a serious action movie.


It's difficult to explain why I disliked the movie so much without spoilers.

The series was fun. The movie wasn't. It was convoluted and stupid and less believable than the series, but not in a good way.

By the end, we find out that Harald was the bad guy who wanted Valentijn dead. But what isn't mentioned is that, if he wanted Valentijn dead, there's a good possibility that he's behind Suze's death too. I'm short, the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth. I'd love to have that hour-plus of my life back.


I am sad to have just seen the end to this tale and these characters! If you haven't watched the two seasons of TV shows, I highly recommend you do. We don't have enough engaging intrigue-type shows like this, that don't include gratuitous angst and violence. There is thievery and trickery, seldom murders, and we help get to the bottom of them. The action scenes take you back to classic movies, they can be tongue in cheek, but I love that. There are occasional fight scenes that are cool, but don't go on forever like American shows make them.

I applaud all those who put together this show, including the actors! I love every one of the regular characters. Everyone wants a Leo. Most of us have felt like a Frensdorf. The ladies are strong, the men are vulnerable... oh, and the scenery is a great bonus!

Without spoiling, I'll say we get the answer Valentijn has been seeking. He manages to work with all the justice department characters to foil the biggest challenge yet. There is some natural anti-climactic feel when you're done, of course... the show has ended. As another reviewer said, this one is darker (the menace AND the lighting!) than any previous episode. All the regulars are in this finale, which is great. We don't get much epilogue, which is fine with me.

If you haven't watched the show, this movie may not be much fun for you because it doesn't backtrack to tell you why he's doing what he's doing. But for those who have watched the show through two seasons, it's an obvious can't-miss. Thank you for making this one last romp! We will miss you.