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Lockdown Inside Maximum Security (2007– ) Online

Lockdown Inside Maximum Security (2007– ) Online
Original Title :
Inside Maximum Security
Genre :
TV Episode / Documentary / Reality TV
Year :
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
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Lockdown Inside Maximum Security (2007– ) Online

Lockdown goes inside one of the country's most secure prisons - Oak Park Heights Supermax.

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Since I watched this on an internet provider (ending with flix), I had no idea this is a series of different prisons being visited and evaluated. So I can't compare this to the other prisons. I can say that this feels like quite a crazy movie. And prisons can be a scary place. If you listen to the stories about this one, you may wonder what is going on.

So we heard and maybe also have seen US prison movies (or documentaries) - this goes that way and maybe even beyond. If you don't mind being disgusted with some very explicit details, if you are not too sarcastic (or maybe that helps coping with the evil things happening) and take all in: This will be one hell of a ride. Fortunately a short one. And hopefully also one, you won't ever have to be in the front row of