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Fredagen den 24 (2017) Online

Fredagen den 24 (2017) Online
Original Title :
Fredagen den 24
Genre :
Movie / Short / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Daniel Niklasson
Cast :
Linnea Pihl,Filip Waak,Johanna Smitz
Writer :
Mikael Laaksonen,Daniel Niklasson
Budget :
SEK 15,000
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Fredagen den 24 (2017) Online

20 years after her father was brutally slayed by a psychopath in a Santa suit Isabelle decides to celebrate Christmas once again. Little does she know that Santa is back to finish what he started.
Credited cast:
Linnea Pihl Linnea Pihl - Isabelle
Filip Waak Filip Waak - Leo
Johanna Smitz Johanna Smitz - Fanny
Leo Nielsen Leo Nielsen - Öberg
Emanuel Markskog Emanuel Markskog - Carl
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Johan Paulsson Johan Paulsson - Voice on Radio (voice)
Martin Sazesh Martin Sazesh - Man in Volvo 240
Marcus Östling Marcus Östling - Santa claus

Two alternative endings were considered. One involved a snowmobile chase and a hand-to-hand fight with Isabelle and Santa featuring handflares. The other would have featured Isabelle hiding in an abandoned boat frozen in a lake where she would have gotten into an axe fight with Santa and finally the boat would have exploded. These endings were cut due to budget and time constraints.

The blood and guts consisted of rose hip soup and cotton.

Director Niklasson admitted that he was drunk during most of the production, ranging from drinking way to many glasses of wine between takes too taking huge chunks of vodka with every take that he wasn't satisfied with.

The hardest role to cast was also the smallest. The role of the "man in the Volvo 240" was named Rolf in early stages as a homage to Rolf Lassgård and was also written with him in mind. The production did not manage to reach Lassgård. Being fans of the TV-series Skärgårdsdoktorn actress Ebba Hultqvist was also contacted but had to decline due to just having a child. The production did also try to get hold of Fredrik Wikingsson for the role but due to scheduling this also fell through. Martin Sazesh was eventually cast.

The script went through numerous drafts before it even centered around Santa and Christmas. The first draft differed seriously from the final film and revolved around shape-shifting aliens which spaceship had crashed in a mining town in the remote wilderness of Sweden where a group of kids would spend the night.

In one of the drafts Santa was revealed to be Isabelles brother who went psycho after her father was killed.

There were many suggestions on the song that plays on Isabelles freestyle right before she and Leo make out. One of the songs in consideration was Eric Carmens Hungry Eyes. When the production contacted Carmen for permission he responded "I'm not terribly interested in having 'Hungry Eyes'; associated with a 'horror/ comedy' featuring a 'psycho in a Santa suit.' If it would make you feel better, I turned Kevin Spacey down, when he wanted to use 'All By Myself' in a similar situation, for a film he was making, years ago"

The scene ended up using Swedish cult classic "TVå av oss" by X-models.