» » Coronation Street Episode #1.1422 (1960– )

Coronation Street Episode #1.1422 (1960– ) Online

Coronation Street Episode #1.1422 (1960– ) Online
Original Title :
Episode #1.1422
Genre :
TV Episode / Drama / Romance
Year :
Writer :
Peter Tonkinson,Tony Warren
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Coronation Street Episode #1.1422 (1960– ) Online

Ray constantly picks at Deirdre's work at the Yard. Minnie tells the Hopkinses that the self-service shop in Bessie Street is closing. Granny sends Idris to verify the rumour. Jerry tries to dissuade the Ogdens from riding the tandem but Hilda is adamant. Granny decides to buy the shop now the competition has gone. Deirdre agrees to go on holiday with Billy. Idris grows tired of his night-shift work. Gordon tells Granny that he's not had any offers for the shop but she thinks he's lying. Alf suggests Albert take on the caretaker's job at the centre full-time. Granny's unit trusts go down in value and she can't afford the shop.