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Wings Over Honolulu (1937) Online

Wings Over Honolulu (1937) Online
Original Title :
Wings Over Honolulu
Genre :
Movie / Drama / Romance
Year :
Directror :
H.C. Potter
Cast :
Wendy Barrie,Ray Milland,Kent Taylor
Writer :
Mildred Cram,Isabel Dawn
Type :
Time :
1h 18min
Rating :
Wings Over Honolulu (1937) Online

Adapted by Isabel Dawn and Boyce de Gaw from a "Redbook Magazine" story by Mildred Cram with, apparently, none of the three understanding much about military trials or else the Ray Milland character would have ended up with a dishonorable discharge and twenty years in the slammer. Story begins at a birthday party given for Virginia deb Lauralee Curtis by her adoring aunts Nellie and Evie Curtis. Wealthy Yankee Gregory Chandler claims the first dance and spends the night unfolding dazzling vistas of yachts, wealth and far-off romantic places and asks Lauralee to marry him. She declines, as properly brought-up southern girls do not accept first-night proposals or, most of the time, propositions. But this changes when navy flyers Lieutenants Stony Gilchrist and Jack Furness make a forced landing on the Curtis plantation, and it is a case of love at first sight when Lauralee meets Stony,evidently because Lauralee and Stony are the only two people at the party with British accents. She ...
Credited cast:
Wendy Barrie Wendy Barrie - Lauralee Curtis
Ray Milland Ray Milland - Lt. Samuel Gilchrist
Kent Taylor Kent Taylor - Gregory Chandler
William Gargan William Gargan - Lieutenant Jack Furness
Polly Rowles Polly Rowles - Rosalind Furness
Mary Philips Mary Philips - Hattie Penletter
Samuel S. Hinds Samuel S. Hinds - Admiral Furness
Margaret McWade Margaret McWade - Nellie Curtis
Clara Blandick Clara Blandick - Evie Curtis
Joyce Compton Joyce Compton - Caroline
Louise Beavers Louise Beavers - Mammy
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Ralph Steed Garrison Ralph Steed Garrison - Admiral Furness' Daughter's Escort

Universal Pictures production number 871.

User reviews



Normally I only glance at the summaries of films on IMDb. However, I am very glad I read the one by Les Adams as it not only explains the film but does it in a funny and wonderful way!

The film begins in Virginia, as Lauaralee (Wendy Barrie) is celebrating her 20th birthday. Her beau asks her to marry him but she declines as she's not in love with him. But soon a dashing and marriageable man literally comes dropping out of the sky as aviator Lt. Sam Gilcrist makes a forced landing on her property. When Lauralee sees him, it's the proverbial love at first sight. Soon they marry...though they know nothing about each other AND he's a Navy flier. However, shortly after they marry she becomes disenchanted with the life of a Navy wife and makes Sam's life very difficult. What will come of all this?

I noticed one review complained about how sexist the movie was. Well, let's say we should agree to disagree. After all, Sam was a naval officer and yet his wife constantly is complaining about how often he needs to work. Well, this DOES go with the territory and listening to the character whine and complain and demand her husband be home when he's ordered to go on maneuvers just makes her character seem like a spoiled baby. Sexism? Nah...these are just the demands the military put on a man and his spouse. Is it an easy life? No way...but sexist, I just don't see it.

Now if the complaint was that the movie was STUPID...well, that I could have agreed with wholeheartedly. Not only was the wife ridiculously naive, but the Lieutenant's reaction when his wife left him is INSANE. Additionally, he probably would have been sent to federal prison for what he did...yet magically everything works out just fine!! But he stole and then wrecked a Navy airplane-- something that cost a fortune!!! Huh?!


A spoiled debutante (mannered & shrill Wendy Barrie, the poor man's Katharine Hepburn) has trouble adjusting to life as the wife of a Navy flyboy (the always-overrated Ray Milland). This woman's-magazine storyline is terminally boring, and aviation buffs attracted by the title will be disappointed, as barely 5 of the film's excruciating 80 minutes are given over to aerial footage. Oscar nominee for Best Cinematography in the era in which every studio was invited to put up a title in the tech categories, and this was the best Universal could come up with.


Well, not really, and I had no idea what they had mice in Hawaii. It's the only real standout detail in this military romance that starts off in the stereotypical ideal of the old south and ends up in the land of pineapples and sugar cane. Ray Millard is a navy pilot who falls instantly in love with spoiled Wendy Barrie and takes her from the plantation of cotton and collard greens to the more tropical Pacific island where she gets a quick lesson in responsibility and growing up. Their romance moves so fast that the two actors don't have the chance to establish any chemistry. The sudden twist of her apparent infidelity comes out of nowhere.

Barrie's character has to deal, not only with no servants and a piano playing mouse, but nosy neighbors, strict naval rules and a husband who doesn't let her get away with any nonsense. There are some tense flying moments (including a crackup that really gets no serious reaction from Milland) and another aviation sequence that seemingly has Milland on a suicide mission after Barrie takes off with his rival (Kent Taylor), followed by a court- martial trial. Character actors like Clara Blandick and Louise Beavers representing the old south and Samuel S. Hinds representing the Navy makes this seem like two different films.