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Sunaina Save the Restaurant (2008) Online

Sunaina Save the Restaurant (2008) Online
Original Title :
Save the Restaurant
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy / Fantasy
Year :
Cast :
Palak Jain,Umang Jain,Jayshree Soni
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Sunaina Save the Restaurant (2008) Online

Vijay decides to sell his restaurant with the famous restaurant chain 'Venus' run with one of his old college friend Mr. Aniruddh and his partner a builder Mr.Bajaj as a partner. A day before his restaurant's testing, his whole staff gets sick by food poisoning. Sunaina watches a dream that his father is cleaning the floor and Mr. Aniruddh is ordering him. Sunaina gets afraid about something crucial would happen with his father. She decides to prevent him from partnership. On the meeting, Nina and Ritu become waitress while Sunaina and Sohail become chef after fastening their chef Jugnu. They firstly tries to treat Mr. Shah the main owner of chain with very shrill soup but end up to give it to Vijay. Then they prepare a desert mixing everything thinking that Mr. Shah will not like that and will refuse to accept their restaurant, but it happens to be just opposite. He treats it as the best desert he has ever tasted and immediately accepts their restaurant to their chain.
Episode cast overview:
Palak Jain Palak Jain - Sunaina Mathur
Umang Jain Umang Jain - Nina Kutty
Jayshree Soni Jayshree Soni - Ritika 'Ritu' Bhattacharya
Devansh Doshi Devansh Doshi - Sohail Sheikh
Nitish Pandey Nitish Pandey - Vijay Mathur
Pragati Mehra Pragati Mehra - Geetika Mathur