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Hi'Ya Chum (1943) Online

Hi'Ya Chum (1943) Online
Original Title :
Hiu0027Ya Chum
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Music / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Harold Young
Cast :
The Ritz Brothers,Al Ritz,Jimmy Ritz
Writer :
Edmund L. Hartmann
Type :
Time :
1h 1min
Rating :
Hi'Ya Chum (1943) Online

Entertainers get stranded in a small boomtown, and open up a restaurant.
Cast overview:
The Ritz Brothers The Ritz Brothers - The Merry Madcaps
Al Ritz Al Ritz - Merry Madcap
Jimmy Ritz Jimmy Ritz - Merry Madcap
Harry Ritz Harry Ritz - Merry Madcap
Jane Frazee Jane Frazee - Sunny Lee
Robert Paige Robert Paige - Tommy Craig
June Clyde June Clyde - Madge Tracy
Paul Hurst Paul Hurst - Archie Billings
Edmund MacDonald Edmund MacDonald - Terry Barton
Lou Lubin Lou Lubin - Eddie Gibbs
Andrew Tombes Andrew Tombes - Jerry MackIntosh, Cook
Ray Walker Ray Walker - Jackson

User reviews



I love the Ritz Brothers, but this film is horrible. It starts out fine and progresses to a point where Harry Ritz is about to become the sheriff of a western town. Then it all falls apart. There are a group of poor musical numbers and the brothers don't even get a good musical feature. The film never resolves. It just stops. The ending is a little hard to stomach. I guess Universal could not put any care into this Ritz vehicle. They were much too busy with Abbott and Costello.


....and you'll know why if you see it. Poor script, poor comedic material for the Ritz Brothers (with the occasional good line), poor production values. In the same year's "Never A Dull Moment", the Ritzes were backed up by a strong supporting cast, and there was at least one show-stopping number by a specialty dancing team. In "Hi'ya Chum" the supporting cast is just fair (with the exception of Robert Paige, who is simply dull), the songs are forgettable, and there are no real production numbers; near the end we are promised the arrival of "20 glamorous, beautiful showgirls" and are invited to "dance with them", but only a few of them appear, and they never dance. The entire film feels like a thrown-together quickie. *1/2 out of 4.