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Manifest Destiny Down: Spacetime  Online
Original Title :
Manifest Destiny Down: Spacetime
Genre :
Movie / Comedy
Directror :
Jonathan Baker
Cast :
Jonathan Baker,Lexie Lowell,Jeff Kenny
Writer :
Jonathan Baker
Type :
Rating :
Manifest Destiny Down: Spacetime Online

Toby, an awkward OCD physics genius, and Kara, a hot ex-Catholic sorority girl, wake up after blacking out Halloween night to discover they missed the evacuation of Earth. A mysterious agent pursues the feuding couple as they figure out how to work together to solve the recently entangled multi-verse and ultimately save humanity. Based on real science, Manifest Destiny Down: Spacetime takes the audience on a wild, ridiculous ride into Quantum Mechanics and religion, and where the two eventually see eye to eye. A quirky "Physics for Dummies," with real lessons along the way, the story starts out with the recent and very real discovery by CERN of what's known as "The God Particle" - the missing link in the standard model of Quantum Mechanics. The greatest challenge of our scientific times is that the physics of Einstein - the large bodies in our solar system - does not connect to the physics of the small, particle physics, ultimately leaving a giant gap in our understanding of the ...
Credited cast, sorted by IMDb STARmeter:
Jonathan Baker Jonathan Baker - Agent
Lexie Lowell Lexie Lowell - Kara (as Alexandra Winter)
Jeff Kenny Jeff Kenny - Toby